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    You know you're a gamer when...


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    You know you're a gamer when...

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 13/04/10, 04:16 pm

    So, I've done this on other forums in the past, and this is the sort of thing that crosses my brain when I get bored. The game is simple. When something strikes your brain that fits the criteria, put it up. It's like Jeff Foxworthy for nerds.

    ...when you honestly spend time playing with animals going 'God, I must have a really high animal ken score-and it really is useless'

    ...when someone asks you what you did this weekend, and your first impulse is to respond 'Oh, I broke into the MSC and almost got eaten by a bunch of mechanical spiders' Then you realize they meant what you actually did in real life, and are sad because that's not nearly as interesting.

    ...when you're watching Watchmen, and the scene with multiple Manhattans comes up, and you sit there wondering... 'Why is she griping? Alatea liked it.'

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