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    Post by Josh on 07/04/10, 06:44 pm

    Ok, as promised, here's the first run at the Language Purview. Right now, I haven't decided which gods it will be associated with, though I'm certain at least Thoth will make the list. Anywho, questions, comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Smile


    While rarely a focus of the gods, a few wise deities recognize that language determines how their stories are told. This purview is even rarer among Scions, as few gods trust their upstart offspring with such power.

    Comprehesion (Language *)

    Dice Pool: None, or Intelligence + Academics
    Cost: None, or one Legend

    The Scion becomes able to use her mastery of the concept of language to decipher any language she comes across. Any language spoken to or read by the Scion is instantly understandable to her with no roll. It is somewhat more difficult for the Scion to reproduce said language, however. Attempting to speak or write a language with whom a Scion is familiar only through use of this Boon, the player must roll Intelligence + Academics. Successes allow the Scion to communicate in the language for one day per success. With a successful roll, the Scion may alternately spend a point of Legend to become permanently proficient in a language. This boon does not, however, allow a Scion to translate ciphers or code; at best, a substitution code would be seen as gibberish.

    Hidden Vernacular (Language **)

    Dice Pool: Intelligence + Presence
    Cost: 1 Legend

    With this Boon, the Scion begins learning to bend language to suit his needs, creating a cipher unbreakable to all but the most determined efforts. To use this Boon, the Scion spends a point of Legend and rolls Intelligence + Presence. Each success allows the Scion to impart knowledge of the code to a single person. The Scion simply needs to speak or write a single sentence in the cipher to a recipient and that person becomes able to understand and communicate in the new language. Any attempt decode the cryptogram be made as an extended action, garnering a number of successes equal to the original Scion’s successes multiplied by their Legend rating.

    Babble (Language ***)

    Dice Pool: Intelligence + Command
    Cost: 1 Legend per person affected

    With a word, the Scion curses a target, removing their ability to communicate in any meaningful manner. The target may speak, write, or gesture, but any attempt at communication will be unintelligible to others. When used on a mortal or a target with a Legend score less than the Scion activating this Boon, its effects last for a number of days equal to the number of successes achieved on an Intelligence + Command roll. On a target with a Legend score equal to the Scion, the time interval is measured in hours; the Boon has no effect on a target with higher Legend.

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    Re: Language

    Post by elanya on 07/04/10, 07:19 pm

    I don't have the brain to think through mechanics at the moment, but I suspect that there are some among the Tuatha de danan this might fit. Do they use Lugh?

    ..Can I have level 5 naming? @_@

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