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    Nils' Character Sheet


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    Nils' Character Sheet

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 30/03/10, 12:29 pm

    Name: Nils Anthony
    Player: Ella
    Nature: Visionary
    Pantheon: Aesir
    God: Loki

    Str: 1
    Dex: 3
    Sta: 3 [E: 1]

    Cha: 4 [E: 1]
    Man: 4 [E: 1]
    App: 2

    Per: 4 [E: 1]
    Int: 3 [E]
    Wits: 3 {E:1]

    Academics: 4
    Art(theatre): 2
    Awareness: 3
    Control (Motorcycle): 3
    Craft (Sewing): 4
    *Empathy: 4
    Fortitude: 1
    Integrity: 2
    Investigation: 1
    Melee: 3
    *Occult: 3
    Presence: 2
    Science: 1


    Watson- (Animal 3) Loki stole one of the Aztec's prized Coatl as an egg and slipped it to Nils' family when Nils was a kid. Watson is still maturing, and will eventually be able to talk.

    Flar Gaefa(False Luck)- (relic 2) This birthright is the coin Loki stole from John F Kennedy in the Greek Underworld, meant to pay Charon. With a little tweaking from Loki, it will always fall whichever way Nils calls it. In addition, if he can convince someone to allow a coin toss to determine a decision and it is sealed with the coin, the parties involved are fatebound to honor the agreement

    (Death's Voice)- (Relic 3) This sword cane is made of a sword stolen from Oggun and a cane stolen from Baron Samedi. Loki combined them and added his own flair to create a morbid weapon whose hilt is a skull. The cane/sheath is made of ebony, and the sword itself is simple but very sharp. If the sword is thrust into a corpse, the skull will animate and answer questions as the person whose corpse the sword is embedded in.

    (Unnamed ring)- (Relic 1) This is a fairly simple looking ring made of a chunk of catseye fastened to a gold band. Loki stole it from Bastet. It carries a simple charm that keeps the wearer clean.

    Hyrrstiga (Firestride)- (Relic 1) Unknown origin, these leather boots grant immunity to fire

    Hyrrsyn (Firesight)- Unknown origin, these bronze opera glasses allow Nils to see out of fire.

    Benefit of the Doubt
    Know it All
    Refined Palate
    Social Chameleon
    God's Honest
    Raise Your Glass (sta)

    Willpower: 6

    Legend: 3
    Legend Points: 9

    Expression: 3
    Endurance: 3
    Valor: 2
    Loyalty: 1

    Eye of the Storm (Chaos 1)
    Hornet's Nest (Chaos 2)
    Shield of Righteousness (Justice 3)
    Wakeful Spirit (Japanese 1)
    Subtle Knife (Illusion 1)
    Comprehension (Language 1)
    Bolster Fire (Fire 2)

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    Re: Nils' Character Sheet

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 27/04/10, 04:57 pm

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