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    Esperanza's Character Sheet


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    Esperanza's Character Sheet

    Post by tuck on 05/03/10, 12:39 pm

    Name: Esperanza Maria Sanchez DeLeon
    Player: Tuck
    Calling: Hawt stripper with bewbs
    Nature: Caregiver
    Pantheon: Aesir
    God: Baldur

    Strength: 2
    Dexterity: 3 (2 epic)
    Stamina: 3 (2 epic)

    Charisma: 4 (1 epic)
    Manipulation: 2
    Appearance: 4 (3 epic)

    Perception: 3
    Intelligence: 3
    Wits: 3

    Academics: 3
    *Art (Dance): 3
    *Athletics: 3
    Awareness: 2
    *Brawl: 0
    Command: 1
    Empathy: 4
    Fortitude: 2
    Integrity: 3
    Investigation: 2
    Larceny: 1
    *Marksmanship: 1
    Medicine: 1
    *Melee: 0
    Politics: 1
    Presence: 3
    Science: 1
    Stealth: 2


    Trenchcoat (Mersinghud) (*****)
    Armor (**)
    Sun (***)

    Killed in battle with the titanspawn Jormungandr The World Serpent several years ago, Baldur's boar Gullinbursti had a hide of bronze that shone with the light of the sun. Upon the death of his noble companion, Baldur welcomed him into Hel's domain and sent instructions to his mortal followers on Earth to retrieve Gullinbursti's hide. The hide was then taken to a dwarven smith named Eitri, who fashioned a flowing brass coat from it. The coat, named Mersinghud, is as hard as bronze but as flexible as leather and is capable of emitting a bright blast of sunlight that confuses and blinds the wearer's enemies.

    Peacemaker Revolver (Mistilteinn) (****)
    +2 Accuracy (**) -1 Speed (*) Never needs reloading (*)
    Accuracy: 4
    Damage: 4
    Speed: 4
    Clip: N/A
    When Baldur was slain by the plot of the treacherous fire-giant-turned-god, Loki, it was with a sprig of mistletoe (the only substance in the world that could harm him) that pierced his heart. After traveling to Hel's domain to wait for the coming of Ragnarok, he had the dwarf Eitri forge a revolver with iron from deep within Hel, beneath the third root of the world tree, implanting the very sprig of mistletoe that had pierced his heart into the grip of the weapon. The enchanted revolver never needs reloading, and always strikes true, seeking out the hearts of the guilty.

    Leather bag (Verdrjafnadr) (***)
    Justice (* and **)
    Crafted by Frigg upon the death of her son Baldur, Verdrjafnadr appears to be a small, unremarkable leather pouch. It was made, however, from the skin of Narvi, Loki's son who's entrails were used to bind him to the rock beneath the World Tree for his heinous crime. Filling the pouch is a never-ending supply of a powdery mixture of ash gathered from the remains of Baldur's funeral pyre and the gleaming white petals of the Mayweed plant, also known as "Baldur's Brow". When tossed at a person suspected of a crime, the mixture will swirl about them, and if they are guilty it will cling to them for a number of days. Any attempt to remove it, short of stripping the flesh from their bones, will prove futile. If they are innocent, however, it will settle to the ground without ever touching them. While under the effects of the mixture, the guilty party will be wracked with occasional random hallucinations related to their crime until the effect wears off or until they admit their crime or otherwise make amends for it.

    Trick Shooter - Double aiming bonus and no penalty for disarming with a ranged attack

    Self-Healing - Heal one Bashing or Lethal health level for 1 legend

    Charmer - Convinces someone to help you, if you can say the right words. Lasts one scene. Costs 1 legend.

    Center of Attention - All eyes turn to your entrance. Supernaturals can spend 1W to resist the knack for one minute. Costs 1 legend/minute.

    Come Hither - Anyone seeing you (even a picture) and being asked to join you will make all due haste to join you. Does not work on Scions with more dots of Epic Appearance than you. Cost 1 legend.

    Serpent's Gaze - Force someone to maintain eye contact as a diceless action. Targets with Legend >= your own can escape one action after the gaze starts by spending 1 willpower. Costs 1 legend.

    Under Pressure - Never harmed by pressure or atmospheric changes.

    Game Face - Target flees until sunrise. Does not work on beautiful Scions with more Epic Appearance.

    Escape Artist - Add +1 success / Epic Dex dot to escaping clinches, Can spend 1L to escape bonds while not directly being watched

    Health (*) - Assess Health / 0 / N/A / Automatically assess the medical condition of a living person in your presence. Tells health levels, addictions, and illnesses or diseases.

    Health (***) - Heal/Harm / 1L or 1W / Sta + Medicine / Heal (activation successes) bashing levels for 1L, or downgrade that many levels of lethal to bashing. Can also cause bashing or upgrade it to lethal at the same rate. Works once per day per target.

    Guardian (*) - Vigil Brand / 1L / (to brand) / Per + Empathy (to check) / Touch a person to lay a mystical brand upon them. Thereafter when they are in physical danger you receive an intuitive warning. Success on the roll gives a clearer understanding of the danger. Can check up on them at any time, but only one at a time.

    Guardian (***) - Ward / 1W + 1L / Sta + Fortitude / Create a ward that bars entrance to a certain type of threat. The ward is a sphere with a surface area of 500 sq. ft. per dot of Legend and lasts for 1 day per activation success. Characters of higher Legend can attempt to break the ward. It has Hardness equal to the Scion's Legend and can take a number of health levels equal to [(Legend x 5) + successes]

    Justice (*) (Bag) - Judgement / 0 / Per + Empathy / Intuitively tell whether a suspect is guilty of something the Scion suspects. Failure gives an indeterminate reading and prevents trying again for 24 hours. Botch gives a false result.

    Justice (**) (Bag) - Guilt Apparitions / 1L / Man + Integrity / If guilt is known, the target will be cursed with periodic guilty hallucinations. They are randomly timed, last for (successes) days, and prevent regaining of Willpower. The effect ends early if the offender makes amends or confesses his crime.

    Sky (**) - Wind's Freedom / (1W +1L) / N/A / Movement (including dashing) now works vertically as well. If the Birthright item channeling the boon is dropped, the Scion falls immediately. Lasts for a scene.

    Sun (**) - Divine Radiance / 1L / N/A / For one scene, emit sunlight (100 watts or lower) in a radius or beam. Alternatively, can flash bright enough to give one victim a -2 penalty until the Scion's next action. Finally, can focus it tight enough to light flammables.

    Sun (***) (Trenchcoat) - Heavenly Flare / 1L / App + Presence / Speed 4. / Flash of sunlight visible to all in line of sight. This forces a (Sta + Fortitude) roll vs (successes). Exact success causes a -2 distraction penalty until the Scion's next action. Failure causes blindness and the Inactive condition instead. Afterwards, a blinded victim suffers a -3 distraction penalty for (Scion's Legend) actions. Extras automatically fail the roll.


    A-2 L-4 B-5

    A-2 L-2 B-4

    Valor: 3
    Endurance: 3
    Expression: 2
    Loyalty: 3


    Eperience points: 11 (69 spent)

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    Re: Esperanza's Character Sheet

    Post by tuck on 01/04/10, 02:43 pm

    Spent 10 XP to buy the level 2 sky boon, Wind's Freedom.

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    Re: Esperanza's Character Sheet

    Post by tuck on 04/10/10, 03:24 pm

    Updated character sheet with stuff I had previously purchased. Also, I went ahead and bought Guardian (***), which can take effect after this storyarc.

    I think that uses up all but 1 of my XP.

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    Re: Esperanza's Character Sheet

    Post by tuck on 04/10/10, 11:50 pm

    Edit: Just talked with Josh. I wasn't counting my points from the board. I actually had 23 left. I also upped her loyalty to 3 after all the stuff with Nils, so that leaves me with 17.

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    Re: Esperanza's Character Sheet

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