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    League Profile-Zyzzyx


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    League Profile-Zyzzyx

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 25/03/10, 06:23 pm

    Five years ago, Samkiel built a device designed to interfere with sattelite communications, but a flaw in the transmitter sent instead a transmission out into space. The project was modified, perfected, and implemented before anything came of that transmission. Within a year, however, they got a response. Samkiel cautiously responded, and got another response even faster.
    Three years ago, that response turned into something greater. Zyzzyx landed outside of the city and met up with Samkiel, who had gotten a group of minions together to meet him. As it turned out, Zyzzyx was the scout for a full landing party that would arrive within the century. He has elected to ally himself with the League in the meantime.

    Power: Super speed, regeneration, gadgetry

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