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    League Profile-Omega Prime


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    League Profile-Omega Prime

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 25/03/10, 06:01 pm

    Fifteen years ago, research scientists at a think tank just outside of Genera came up with the concept for a gravity manipulation device intended for use by astronauts to eliminate the need for safety coils during EVAs. For the first experimental use of it, they designed a robot with a limited intelligence, which could be programmed to do certain things with the device. They moved the entire program to a bunker under the Appachalains when the military got ahold of the program during the initial steps. The device was modified for use as a weapon, and they tested it attached to the robot, now programmed to have rather sophisticated AI, to test its practicality under a variety of circumstances.
    On the first testing day, when the robot was activated, tragedy struck. The robot proved to be too intelligent, and achieved sentience. His first sentient act was to use his weapon to destroy the entire facility and kill everyone in it, for the audacity of trying to enslave him. The weapon proved better than the scientists had hoped, and the complex was quickly turned to rubble.
    Upon the robot's departure, he was approached by a short, redheaded woman who praised his actions. She flattered him and befriended him before telling him of her proposition. She wanted to start a League of villains, and his strength would be a blessing if he wished to help her start it. He agreed, and she made him legendary.
    He has definitely grown into his role in the League, but he has never quite matched up to his partner.

    Power- Gravity manipulation, super strength, can install other powersets as needed.
    Nemesis: Kyrt

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