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    Solo Log: Lil and Addie talk about boys


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    Solo Log: Lil and Addie talk about boys

    Post by elanya on 28/04/16, 09:57 pm

    * Lil will probably try and text-badger Addie into coming over the next day or so
    <Lil> (I need to talk 2 u about stuff and phones are stupid, etc)
    <Addiepants> (sure dude omw)
    * Addiepants rolls up... on her bike, wearing her Perv Glasses, with various snacks in the rear baskets
    <Lil> Oh score you even *brought* snack, you are the fuckin' bomb
    <Addiepants> Shit yeah I am
    <Lil> come on then, I'll grb drinks and we can go up to my room
    <Lil> Dad's in his studio though :p
    <Addiepants> Coolio
    * Addiepants lowers the shades and wiggles her eyebrows
    <Addiepants> It's on the way up
    * Lil rolls her eyes dramatically
    <Lil> come on
    * Lil will secure drinks and drag you upstairs
    * Addiepants settles in on the floor, granting you the Comfy Chair
    * Lil flops and grabs a back of chips
    <Lil> okay so. >.>
    <Lil> I had a kind of stupid.... not really a fight.... thing? with Den?
    <Addiepants> Whaaaaaat? What hhappened?
    <Lil> It was stupid...
    <Lil> One of those things where he said somethign and I didn't understand what he meant things and then I got really pissed off :p
    <Lil> or, ugh, I don't know
    * Lil scowls, angrily eats chips
    * Addiepants nods understandingly
    <Addiepants> Well, that is a thing that happens. I mean, shit, we've done it.
    <Lil> yes, so you know I can be a giant asshole :p
    * Lil sighs, scowls
    <Addiepants> So like, am I allowed to know what the things said and misunderstood were, or would you rather not talk about it? S'cool either way.
    <Lil> We were talking abot how once you know enough, weird magic shit just keeps poping up in your life
    <Lil> Like, i told him that before, but I don't think he believed me until the whole thing with Martin and Hannah
    <Addiepants> Well, I mean, you DID tell him this happens, and that is exactly how that goes
    <Addiepants> it's not like it's gonna stop popping up just because you don't want it to
    <Lil> right?
    <Lil> Anyway, then he was all like "well you just jumped right in, but can someone just back off from it instead?"
    <Lil> but like
    <Lil> they *way* he said it
    <Lil> it was like, fuck this, nope I'm out, right?
    <Addiepants> And you took it as a 'you're weird and I'm out'?
    <Lil> kinda?
    <Addiepants> No, I could see that
    <Addiepants> like, if he didn't make the connection that weird shit = also Lil
    <Lil> Like part of it was like " you asshole are you dumping me because you can't handle this shit?"
    <Lil> but like - not just me either
    <Lil> Like, his ffriends too, right?
    <Lil> And his fuckin' grandfather.
    <Addiepants> It would be a dick move
    <Lil> yes!
    <Lil> A coward dick move
    * Lil scowls
    <Addiepants> BUT, if he was a cowardly dick, would you even want him around?
    <Lil> no.
    <Lil> but like....
    * Lil makes faces
    <Addiepants> or is he just still in the total freak-out mode and trying to figure out what the fuck the world even IS now?
    <Lil> yes, basically
    <Lil> and like, he *is* scared
    <Lil> but that is fair?
    <Lil> It's kinda scary, I guess
    <Addiepants> Yeah, I mean, there has been mauling
    * Addiepants rubs her shoulder
    <Lil> yeah
    <Lil> and Maddie was in the hospital like all of Christmas
    <Lil> shit doens't fuck around
    <Addiepants> But it's not like there's gonna be LESS mauling just because you're scared
    <Lil> right!
    <Lil> That's what I said
    <Addiepants> Ugh, did he do the dude thing where when a girl tells him to nut up he gets all defensive and weird? I hate that thing.
    <Lil> ugh.... Like - you know me, right - I've been waiting to find out this is just some mean joke being played on the fat girl for like... weeks now >.>
    <Lil> no, he didn't.
    <Addiepants> That's good at least - and I would totally help you hide his body if there was even a HINT of that shit
    <Lil> he totally just copped to being scared and not knowing what to do
    <Addiepants> like probably that creepy-ass cave
    <Addiepants> shit we *actually* have a place to put a body, which is just kinda terrifying on its own
    <Lil> damn, I didn't even think of that
    <Lil> or maybe that weird inbetween area we went through to get out of the library >.>
    <Addiepants> I am not even remotely ready to think more about that right now
    <Addiepants> Man what even WAS that shit?
    <Lil> nope
    <Addiepants> and like, can WE use that? Is that a thing you or David could do?
    <Lil> uh, somewhere we probably shouldn't have been, is all I got
    <Lil> well I did use it?
    <Lil> But I got the feeling it was not realallly a great plan
    <Addiepants> I mean like, to make our own one of whatever
    * Addiepants sighs
    <Addiepants> Yeah, probably not
    <Addiepants> All of the cool shit isn't
    <Lil> other than in an emergency and where your other option is to get chased and murdered by cranky werewolvs
    <Addiepants> Could we put the werewolves in it?
    <Addiepants> then like - 100% less werewolf problems
    <Lil> hah
    <Lil> well
    <Lil> I dunno
    <Addiepants> I mean like aside from the that's a terrible idea and they would probably die and that would DEFINITELY be murder parts
    <Lil> if the stuff in thee is *less* scary than werewolves, at lest if you're being careful, it might not be good enough
    <Lil> ugh
    <Addiepants> Yeah
    * Addiepants takes a sip of her drink
    <Lil> I... don't know if there is a way through this that isn't going to wind up with someone getting really hurt
    <Addiepants> Yeah, it's something I've been trying to not think about too much
    <Addiepants> cause like
    * Addiepants points to herself
    <Lil> And I'm more scared that it is going to be someone that I care about
    <Lil> yeah
    <Lil> like you
    <Lil> or my dad
    <Addiepants> Fuck, I didn't even think about parents
    <Addiepants> This is why fucking superheroes wear masks and shit
    <Lil> Neutral
    <Addiepants> Probably too late on that front
    <Addiepants> plus, like
    <Addiepants> Werewolves
    <Lil> eyah
    <Addiepants> Scent
    <Lil> track by scent :p
    <Lil> we just need to invest in Axe and learn to live with hating outselves :p
    * Addiepants snorts
    <Addiepants> We might win, but at what cost?
    <Lil> exactly.
    <Lil> but like....
    <Lil> a couple of for serious things though
    <Lil> So, uh
    <Lil> My dad
    <Lil> has been.... kinda maybe dating Noah's mom?
    <Addiepants> IS PREGNANT
    <Addiepants> sorry, had to WAIT WHAT
    <Lil> yeah
    <Addiepants> Shit, is he gonna like
    <Addiepants> catch the werewolf?
    * Lil eats another handful of chips
    <Lil> no more than maddie is :p
    <Lil> but like
    <Lil> I was a bit worried before, becuase the rest of Noah's family are dicks?
    <Lil> but like, now...
    <Addiepants> godDAMN thats gotta be weird
    <Addiepants> oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, yeah
    <Lil> Dad doesn't need this shit, like, at all
    <Lil> any of it
    <Addiepants> like, I don't want to be a dick here, but if you don't want supernatural shit, maybe don't date a werewolf
    <Addiepants> fuck, does he KNOW?
    <Lil> yeah
    <Addiepants> did he know before they started dating?
    <Lil> I told him all about this stuff after Christmas
    <Lil> yeah
    <Addiepants> Man how fucking weird must that dinner date have been
    <Addiepants> pass the salt and also I know you're a werewolf
    <Lil> I don't even know if they are really dating, so much as 'have maybe gone on some dates" - I dind't press for details, and it hasn't been that long
    <Addiepants> not gonna lie, I honestly don't know what the difference is there
    <Lil> I think.... like, they got that far 'cause they'd already been talking?
    <Addiepants> so like, oh man, that's gotta be even weirder
    <Addiepants> heyyyy, our kids are friends, you don't know me, but I know the biggest secret in your entire life?
    <Addiepants> jeez
    <Lil> I thought it was good for him to have someone to talk to who knows more about stuff, right?
    <Addiepants> No, it makes sense
    * Addiepants suddenly sits up in a panic
    <Addiepants> Shit you don't think he told MY folks?
    <Lil> No.
    <Addiepants> Oh thank god
    * Addiepants collapses in relief
    <Lil> I asked him not to - I think they
    <Lil> wuld have said somethig to you by now?
    <Lil> I guess he probably told them *something*...
    <Addiepants> Yeah, you'd THINK so, but like
    <Addiepants> on the other hand, I found this 'how to prevent pregnancy and STIs' packet in the condom bowl at the house, so
    <Lil> hah.
    <Lil> YOur parents, man
    <Addiepants> Right?
    * Lil rolls her eyes
    <Addiepants> I figure I'm just lucky it's not, like, a ziploc baggie of dental dams and a printed-out lecture on reciprocity
    <Lil> ah ha ha ha!
    <Lil> you don't know, maybe they slipped it into David's bag
    <Addiepants> Oh goddddddd
    <Lil> he just hasn't noticed becuse he never actually looks in there ;p
    <Addiepants> that is JUST the kinda shit dad would do too
    * Addiepants shudders
    <Addiepants> but yeah, so you can dig why I haven't really wanted to tell my folks about all this shit
    <Addiepants> I'm like 60% sure they think we're all just big into LARPing these days or something
    <Lil> yes.
    <Lil> Like, totally, I get it
    <Addiepants> of course, my mom hasn't conveniently busted out the sewing machine for mother-daughter craft day, so maybe not
    <Lil> when she does
    <Lil> you need to make david some sweet Wizard robes ;p
    * Addiepants chews on a twizzler thoughtfully
    <Addiepants> Pointy hat and everything
    <Lil> super pointy
    <Lil> with stars and moons
    <Lil> I don't know
    <Lil> Like, I don't know if ignorance is enough to protect them, right?
    <Addiepants> ugh. yeah.
    <Lil> That's why I told dad, way back
    <Lil> that and like.... well, I don't want to ahev to lie to him
    <Lil> But... that's different than with your parents
    <Addiepants> Yeah, lies are like a member of the family!
    <Lil> and I don't know if I did the right thing, either
    <Addiepants> "We're certainly not growing and smoking up in the old gardening shed, Addie"
    <Addiepants> "no reason for you to ever go in there, that padlock's just for safety"
    * Lil rolls her eyes
    <Lil> yeah...
    * Addiepants sighs again
    <Addiepants> I think for your dad, you made the right call
    <Lil> maybe you shoudl talk to Joan, or Mr Winters, or some real adult and say like ' is telling them worth the danger'?
    <Addiepants> I mean, he worries about you a lot in general, even though you're like a super mega badass
    <Lil> >.>
    <Addiepants> Yeah, okay, but like
    <Addiepants> Mr. Winters?
    <Addiepants> If I tell him my folks DON'T know?
    <Addiepants> I won't even finish that sentence before he's got them on the phone
    <Lil> I don't know about that
    <Addiepants> Well, I don't know him like you guys do, I guess
    <Addiepants> which, you know, would also make the getting advice from parts more awkward
    <Lil> he acts like Captain Dad, and he'd like to be, but I don't think he would actually narc you out
    <Lil> yeah, I guess...
    * Addiepants uses a twizzler as a straw for her soda
    <Addiepants> Do you think Joan would be mad at me that I hadn't told them yet?
    <Lil> No.
    <Lil> I guess, like... I want to find out if there is some way we can keep people safe, at all
    <Lil> at least from soe things
    <Lil> there will always be things that break the rules
    <Lil> and like
    <Lil> I've been trying to learn warding magic
    <Lil> but that works on places right?
    <Lil> It's like with tha.... sickness demon thing
    <Addiepants> Yeah
    <Addiepants> Somebody should be, like
    <Lil> people still have to go outside to go to work, or whatever
    <Addiepants> Like a magical architect
    <Addiepants> putting that shit up all over the place
    <Addiepants> Why is that not a Thing
    <Lil> well
    <Lil> Unless you're doing like... your own house or whatever, it takes somethign out of you to do it
    <Lil> at elast as I understand it
    <Addiepants> Didn't they do a thing in Good Omens where the roads made a giant fuck-you sign of evil? Couldn't somebody do that, but like a fuck-you to evil things instead?
    <Lil> Maybe?
    <Lil> But like, where do you draw the line for what's evil, right?
    <Addiepants> Murder and maiming seem pretty good
    <Addiepants> but I get you, like if it was fuck-you-ing all the werewolves out of town or whatever, then Noah would be boned
    <Lil> yeah
    <Lil> ugh
    <Lil> there's got to be something though
    * Addiepants ponders
    <Addiepants> So hey, like
    <Addiepants> okay
    <Addiepants> what you said earlier, with wizard robes for David
    <Addiepants> wasn't robes all full of signs and shit a thing?
    <Addiepants> could you, like
    <Addiepants> put them on the inside of hems or whatever?
    <Lil> yeah - that woudl be like those bracelets David made, maybe?
    <Addiepants> Yeah, like that
    <Lil> its the same sort of thing, where it costs you
    <Addiepants> Hmm....
    * Addiepants sighs yet again, and decides that this is clearly a two-twizzlers-in-a-moustache problem
    <Addiepants> I'm gonna have to tell them, aren't I?
    <Lil> Probably :/
    <Lil> but like....
    <Lil> are you really all in for this?
    <Lil> I know you're not into the magic stuff
    <Lil> Did you want to, like, start taking those martial arts courses again?
    * Malqatar (uid133395@2604:8300:100:200b:6667:5:2:913) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
    <Addiepants> Well, like
    <Addiepants> like we said earlier
    <Addiepants> weird shit doesn't STOP happening just because you want it to
    <Addiepants> so I guess that means I should start on the classes again
    <Lil> okay
    <Lil> Lilke
    <Lil> man, my magic is pretty useless where there is an angry monster right there
    <Addiepants> So you wanna come with, then?
    <Lil> but hopefully we'll get less random shit wandering into town if Joan does..whatever she's planning
    <Lil> uh yeah
    <Addiepants> Sweet
    * Addiepants sits back, considering
    <Addiepants> So like
    <Addiepants> you gonna invite Den?
    * Lil sighs
    <Addiepants> Because if he's in the Shit Gets Real radius, it might be a good idea
    <Lil> yeah
    <Lil> Like
    * Lil makes a face again
    <Addiepants> Word
    <Lil> I get that he doens't want to jump into things, come along with us, whatever
    <Lil> he'd rather support form the sidelines, I guess?
    <Addiepants> Which is legit
    <Lil> make sure there are tacos after a ong day of magicing monsters away or whatever
    <Lil> be our getaway car
    <Addiepants> That's pretty much what I do, only I also have a crowbar
    <Lil> yeah
    <Lil> but you....want to?
    <Lil> I think?
    * Addiepants ponders briefly if she's ready to handle a cattle prod
    <Addiepants> Oh shit yeah man
    <Lil> yeah
    <Lil> You want to be there when there is shit going down, and he doesn't think he does
    <Addiepants> Like, even if it wasn't that it's, you know, all of my friends jumping off this bridge
    <Addiepants> it's still better to KNOW
    <Lil> yeah
    <Lil> i have like wayb mixed feelings
    <Lil> like
    <Lil> it is important to know your limits and set boundaries, right?
    <Lil> I shoudl respect that
    <Lil> plus I don't *want* people>.> getting in hrms way
    <Lil> (harm's)
    <Addiepants> No no, I totally hear you there
    <Lil> ugh
    <Lil> probably if he did want to I'd be telling him to sit the fuck down :p
    <Addiepants> hah, pobably
    <Lil> I'm such an asshole -_-
    <Addiepants> Eh, whatever
    <Lil> okay so
    <Lil> here is a thing with this
    <Addiepants> okay
    <Lil> i feel liek there is an expectation tat I can or will keep him safe of keep him out of things?
    <Lil> and I.... don't know if he really things that
    <Lil> (thinks)
    <Lil> but a: I don't know if I can and b:L is that my job?
    * Addiepants ponders
    <Addiepants> Well, for one thing, that should not be your job
    <Addiepants> when shit's going down, you have to watch your own ass first
    <Addiepants> and especially since we ALL kinda don't know what we're doing, that wouldn't be fair to put on anybody
    <Addiepants> like I don't expect David to save my ass from things
    <Addiepants> that's why I carry a crowbar
    <Addiepants> also i'm pretty sure if he tried, we'd end up in some kind of worse situation probably
    <Addiepants> like that's just science
    <Lil> heh
    <Lil> okay
    <Addiepants> So, okay, maybe you should put all this in an email or something for him
    <Addiepants> like, something where you can sit down and get all your shit organized
    <Lil> yeah
    <Lil> I'll write something up
    <Lil> I don't know if I'll email or just try and talk to him though
    <Lil> ugh
    * Addiepants chews her twizzler-straw
    <Lil> is David this much work?
    <Lil> Is it worth it, Addie? >.>
    <Addiepants> Nah, he's like the easiest pet ever, not gonna lie
    <Addiepants> I mean, I'm a little less yell-y so there is that
    <Lil> So it is just me? >.>
    <Addiepants> It's just people, man, like
    <Addiepants> when you get stress, you shove it all out of you, and some of it comes out in yells
    <Addiepants> when I get stress, it settles into the foundation and shit, and I have to go after it with trowels
    <Lil> Neutral
    <Addiepants> sorry, I was helping mom out with the garden today, that's where all my metaphors are right now
    <Lil> nah, it's cool
    <Addiepants> also will you let your dad know some of those .... whatever, the climbing things with the purple flowers, we put some of those in pots, I think he said he wanted some
    <Lil> clematis?
    <Addiepants> but like, so with me and David, when shit happens, yeah, there's panic and flailing and shit, and then when we're not actively shitting our pants, we have to stop and go okay what the fuck is actually going on
    <Addiepants> I think that's the one
    <Addiepants> and sometimes that part sucks, because it's hard to, like
    <Addiepants> well it's hard to own your shit in general
    * Lil steals a twizzler and listens
    <Lil> word
    <Lil> well, I guess I'll figure it out
    <Addiepants> But like, it's hard to, you know, figure out the shit that's in all your squishiest places and then offer it up to someone, you know?
    <Addiepants> like heyyyy here's all my anxiety
    <Addiepants> fun fact! there's more of it than you think
    <Addiepants> and some of it exists because I'm showing you the rest
    <Lil> It just feels like.... giving them a weapon
    <Addiepants> Right?
    <Addiepants> Sometimes I envy you, because when you get hurt from that shit, you go right for the punching, and that's awesome
    <Lil> ugh
    <Addiepants> I just make, like, the sad puppy noises
    <Lil> no, it isn't its just survival, that's all
    <Addiepants> but AT LEAST the other party is getting punched, is what I'm saying
    <Lil> if all I had were ssad puppy noises i don't think I'd be here
    <Addiepants> Yeah, well
    <Lil> and it's just.... hard to believe
    * Addiepants toasts with her glass
    * Lil lifts her twizzler
    <Lil> but like - I have a hard enough time talking aboutb any of this with *you*
    <Addiepants> Yeah, for reals
    <Lil> I haven't even kissed him - liek, haw fuckin' sad is that?
    * Addiepants shrugs
    <Addiepants> Honestly, I don't know how fast I would've gone with David if I hadn't also been preeeeeeetty sure I was gonna kick it
    <Lil> fair.
    <Lil> That.... actually makes me feel better.
    <Addiepants> I mean, now that I did, I like it a lot, but that is definitely something that happened
    <Addiepants> plus I still feel kinda grody sometimes from My Chemical David
    <Lil> :/
    <Addiepants> I mean, like, it was also definitely funny!
    <Lil> no, i get you
    <Addiepants> and I do have those pictures saved
    <Lil> it can be both things
    <Addiepants> but it's also a little creepy sometimes
    <Addiepants> Yeah
    <Addiepants> Sometimes I think that's why David and I do the ... well, the weird shit we do
    <Lil> weird shit eh?
    <Addiepants> like if I can be the boss there, it makes me feel better about not being in control of the rest of my life, you know?
    * Lil takes a bite out of her twizzler
    <Lil> yeah
    <Lil> You knwo I bet he likes not having to be the boss and letting yoy do all the things >.>
    <Addiepants> Yeah, that's what he says
    <Lil> ugh, it is not okay for me to be that insughtful about David ;p
    <Addiepants> haaaaa
    <Addiepants> Well I mean he phrased it differently
    <Lil> I bet
    <Lil> but knowing that there is someone in charge
    <Lil> and that it is not him
    <Lil> that's so david >.>
    <Lil> well, I'm glad it makes you happy, anyway
    <Addiepants> but yeah
    * Addiepants shakes her empty coke can, and opens a new one
    <Addiepants> tell you one thing, I am SUPER GLAD I'm not getting any notes on THAT in the condom bowl
    <Lil> ah ha ha ah
    <Lil> oh man
    <Lil> I....
    <Lil> NO I can't even
    <Lil> Your parents
    <Lil> kin the 70s?
    <Lil> (in)
    <Addiepants> NOPE NOPE NOPE
    <Lil> My brain is trying to take me places I really don't want to go :V
    <Addiepants> that's my story and I'm sticking to it
    <Lil> D:
    <Lil> it's is a good story
    <Lil> I'd buy it in hardcover ;p
    <Addiepants> ugh, thank god David isn't here to make a pun off that
    <Lil> word
    <Addiepants> But yeah, to answer your earlier, earlier question, it is worth it
    <Lil> Okay
    <Addiepants> I mean, mine's worth it, you gotta find out yourself if Den is
    <Addiepants> fuck if I know, though he seems pretty cool
    <Lil> He does...
    <Lil> I think like.... this whole thing with the stupidness...
    <Lil> I do like him
    <Lil> when I thought he wanted to....break up, if you can even call it that right now...
    <Lil> I was mad about a lot of things but aslo really hurt?
    <Lil> like part of me was like - of of course, I saw this coming
    <Lil> (oh of course)
    <Lil> I keep expecting things to go to shit, becauxse people don't like me
    <Lil> But it's been a lot time since that sort of thing has actually *hurt*
    * Retrieving #Ashland modes...
    <Addiepants> Yeah, I know what you mean
    <Addiepants> like, with David, part of the way I can tell things are good are that I get super scared when shit goes down, you know?
    <Lil> scared of what?
    <Addiepants> well, like he's gonna get hurt
    <Addiepants> I actually CARE, and that's terrifying
    * Lil nods
    <Lil> yeah...
    <Addiepants> and like, sometimes I kinda want to punch Maddie in the face a little? Like when she was giving him the silent treatment all week?
    <Addiepants> and I don't, because, you know, that's not cool
    <Addiepants> and I don't want him to think that, like, I don't think he can't handle shit on his own
    <Addiepants> I dunno, I don't have like a lot of experience with guys or whatever, but aren't they supposed to get all butthurt when a girl saves them from a thing? so like I don't want to do that
    <Lil> so sayeth the media, anyway
    <Lil> I was gonna say that Davis is not the dudeliest of dudes, but he is pretty butthurt prone, so I sunno
    <Lil> (dunno)
    <Lil> but I get what you're saying
    <Addiepants> but also they are siblings and that shit definitely trumps all the other shit, so whatever
    * Lil nods
    <Addiepants> but yeah, it's better than being all... man, I don't even know what to call it still
    <Addiepants> it's like
    <Addiepants> like if you were the opposite of deaf, and just everything was making tons of noise all the time
    <Addiepants> so you try to wear earplugs and put your fingers in your ear because it's just too fucking loud, but then you can't hear anything at all
    <Lil> Like Noah's nose? :p
    <Addiepants> Hah!
    <Addiepants> Yeah, I guess
    <Lil> Sensitive -_-
    <Addiepants> And then it's like, you and David, it's like being next to a white noise machine
    <Addiepants> yeah, it's loud, but it's loud in a way that makes all the other shit quiet
    <Addiepants> I dunno, maybe I'm full of shit
    <Lil> no, it makes sense to me
    * Addiepants sips her drink
    <Addiepants> But yeah, so, it's nice to find her folks you are your white noise machines, or whatever shitty metaphor we're on now Smile
    <Lil> okay
    <Lil> YOur shitty metaphors work for me, anyway
    <Addiepants> See? And this is why we're friends
    <Lil> word.
    <Lil> now pass me another twizzler
    <Addiepants> Word

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