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    Solo Log: Lil and Den talk about boundaries and the supernatural


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    Solo Log: Lil and Den talk about boundaries and the supernatural

    Post by elanya on 28/04/16, 09:56 pm

    <Den> (Sometime after the Joan conversation, I assume)
    <Lil> (I think she'd text him after they talked to NJoan, for various reasons - I suppose he might possibly be around the Oberon, but he may have life to get on with too ;p)
    <Den> (Yeah, finals, but he can make time.)
    <Lil> (oh geeze, just what he needs right now ;p)
    <Den> (Joan reminds me, I finally settled on her 'real' name i.e. her mortal name. I need to have Lachlan spill it to you guys.)
    <Den> (Also, more of their backstory.)
    <Maddie> (I think we had said he was around because he was talking to Hannah? about "wtf you want to be a vampire?")
    <Den> (Anywho)
    <Lil> (I'd say she could bring him tacos but she's not self-mobile enough to manage it)
    <Maddie> (aw Smile
    <Lil> (I think he *had* been around to talk to her that day, but might not be there immediately post-Joan convo)
    <Maddie> (yarr)
    <Maddie> (make him take her for tacos, that's almost as sweet Wink
    <Den> (Heh. "If I phone it a taco order for you, can you pick it up and bring it here to share?")
    <Lil> ("hey. I'm trying ;p")
    <Den> (Works for me)
    <Lil> (keen - so at her place then?)
    * Den will show up to Lil's place with tacos.
    <Lil> hey
    * Lil lets him in
    <Den> Hey. I come bearing the ceremonial tacos.
    <Lil> thanks
    * Den jokes, though a little half-heartedly.
    * Lil waves him in
    <Den> I live to serve.
    * Den steps inside.
    * Lil smirks at that
    <Lil> I'm gonna remember you said that, for future reference
    <Den> Mental note: avoid verbal precedent.
    <Lil> >Very Happy
    <Lil> anyway.... dad's in his Studio and Aunt Rachel is in the living room
    <Lil> So, uh, I guess we could go to the kitchen, or to my room ¬_¬
    <Den> Uh, I'm good with whatever.
    * Den tries to seem nonchalant.
    <Den> I just thought you meant I was going to have to share more of these tacos.
    <Lil> hah. they can fend for themselves ;p
    <Lil> ...Let's go to my room I guess.
    <Lil> It's a mess, though
    <Den> After you.
    <Den> I think I can handle it.
    * Lil saya aggrssively defenseive
    <Lil> (I am totally not goign to any special effort here, just because I'm letting you see my room TAKE ME AS I AM :V)
    <Den> (Oh Lil, I'd say never change, but I don't think it need to be said. :p)
    * Lil will stop by the kitchen to get plates though, and maybe drinks
    <Lil> (hee)
    <Den> It's good you called it in. Place was a little packed. Lot of stress eating, I guess.
    <Lil> yeha....
    <Lil> how is all *that* going?
    <Den> Uh, fine. Only two of my classes this semester have *actual* finals, and I'm not too worried.
    * Lil waves at rchel as they pass the living room, but will assume she is busy writing and not super paying attention >.>
    <Lil> that's cool
    <Den> What about you? End of the school year's mostly wind-down, right?
    <Den> Though I guess you guys have a little longer to go.
    * Lil will lead you upstairs - her room is sorta Teenage girl messy, with clothes in heaps in various places, and a desk with a computer and creepy art things-in-progress, and some posters from bands and some weird art stuff, some hers, some Addie's some other
    <Lil> yeah... like a month or so maybe?
    <Lil> I forget what the term is here :p
    <Den> End of May, last year at least.
    * Den offers offhandedly, taking in the room.
    <Den> What're you working on?
    * Lil quickly shoves some unmentionables vaguely out of sight >.>
    * Den gestures to some art pieces.
    <Lil> uhh... *that* one is that Hannigram piece I was telling you about >.>
    <Lil> that's one's just some sketches from a dream
    <Den> Cool
    <Lil> (The former of which prooooobably is at least mildly porny >.>)
    <Den> (I'm sure Den appreciates the technique. Yeah, the technique. Wink)
    * Den looks around, not entirely sure where to sit.
    <Lil> (hee)
    <Lil> oh, uh
    * Lil moves some books off the desk chair
    * Lil shoves them back on her magic shelf >.>
    <Lil> there
    <Den> Thanks.
    * Den will start divvying up foodstuffs.
    * Lil moves some of the other art stuff soe there is somewhere to put tacos
    <Lil> so.... did you get a chance to talk to them?
    <Den> Hmm?
    * Den asks with a mouth full of taco.
    <Lil> Hannah and [Morgan].
    <Lil> (I can't keep his name in my head :p)
    <Den> (Martin Smile)
    <Den> Oh. Yeah, I talked with them some.
    * Den munches on tacos.
    <Lil> Joan's gonna work it so they can stay here
    <Den> Yeah, that's what they said. I wasn't exactly clear on how all that works.
    <Lil> it's all like... fuckin' medieval little fiefdoms :p
    <Den> So we're like serfs?
    <Den> 'Help, help, I'm being repressed?"
    <Lil> heh >.>
    <Lil> Most people aren't in the system
    <Den> So, we don't count?
    <Lil> Ugh, fuck, I don't know
    <Lil> Probably it depends on who's in charge
    <Lil> there's some fucked up stuff out there
    <Den> So I've noticed.
    <Lil> Some of it is just weird
    <Den> Yeah...
    <Lil> Are you dealing okay?
    * Den takes a second, taking another bite of taco.
    <Lil> This shit can just kind of avalance on you
    <Den> Yeah.
    <Den> I don't know?
    <Lil> oh, shit, granpa talks to ghosts and het my friends are vampires, and such
    <Den> Yeah.
    <Lil> At least you don't have a centuries old faery plotting to kill you and reclaim his territory
    <Den> There is that.
    * Den says with the ghost of a smile.
    <Den> I feel I'm just waiting for the next thing that is completely different than I thought it was.
    <Lil> yeah...
    <Den> But, also, like, it's not different. [Papaw, I think is what I called him] is still [Papaw], Martin is still Martin.
    <Lil> (yeah)
    <Den> He just also, you know, eats people.
    <Den> Or doesn't, I guess.
    <Lil> does he eat people?
    <Den> He said they have donors.
    <Lil> that makes sense
    <Den> At least in Medford.
    * Lil munches a taco
    <Den> It sounded a little skeevy, honestly.
    <Lil> Oh it probably is
    <Lil> I ean'
    <Lil> it's medford, right? :p
    <Lil> (mean)
    <Lil> but like
    <Lil> all this stuff is skeevy as fuck
    <Lil> like, all the rules and laws - they don't make sense any more
    <Den> How do you mean?
    <Lil> I mean - what makes a monster *bad*?
    <Lil> like
    <Lil> if there is a demon who eats baby blood is it okay if it doesn't kill the babies?
    <Lil> if you don't know if they *need* it or just *want* it?
    <Den> there a demon who eats baby blood?
    <Lil> probably lots of them :p
    * Den takes another bite of taco.
    <Lil> or, like - did you meet Matt at the Oberon?
    <Den> Uh, yeah, the he a bouncer, or what? I wasn't quite sure.
    <Den> Seems kind of young.
    <Lil> he is - but, like, he basically doesn't get to just have a real life and do whatever he'd like to do.
    <Den> Why not?
    <Lil> he's half a prisoner, just for being himself
    <Den> Who is he?
    <Den> Or what is he?
    <Den> What's the right question there?
    <Lil> have you heard of changeings?
    <Lil> (changelings)
    <Den> The kind of bug things from Friendship is Magic?
    <Lil> hah
    <Lil> no
    <Lil> It's a fairy thing - they would steal babies and trade them for logs. That's the story anyway
    <Lil> his parents basically sold him to the evil fairy who was trying to kill me
    <Den> ...fuck.
    <Lil> yeah
    <Den> That's messed up.
    <Lil> And then he either escaped, or was let out, and killed it, and now he's sort of stuck where he is becuse there's no where else for him to go
    <Lil> and then there is all this jurisdictional crap
    <Lil> bout who can do what in whose space
    <Lil> apparenlty there are a lot of rules :p
    <Lil> and it isn't like he can get a job or anything
    <Den> Well, that sucks.
    <Lil> it's fuckin' balls.
    <Den> This whole thing is kind of a shit-show.
    <Lil> Uhhh, yep
    <Den> Like, I would've thought it would be really awesome to find out magic was real and all, and it turns out to be mostly nerve-wracking, at the least.
    <Lil> yeah.... i dunno - it is still pretty awesome
    <Lil> Things just make more sense to me, I guess
    <Den> Well, yeah, I guess you *do* magic, so maybe it's not as scary.
    <Lil> Plus I guess maybe it is easier if you already believed in it
    * Den nods and finishes his first taco.
    <Den> (Tacos are very important, obvs. Wink)
    <Den> So, like...what about Hannah?
    <Lil> I dunno
    <Den> I mean, she's not magic, and she's not going to be for a while at least, if ever, it sounds like, but now she's involved.
    <Lil> Well what about you?
    * Den looks down for a second.
    <Den> That's kind of what I'm asking, I guess.
    <Den> You found out about all this, and you dived right in it seems.
    <Den> Can someone go the other way?
    <Den> I think it's neat, but I don't...I don't think I'm up to all that.
    <Lil> Well.
    <Lil> I can think of some people who've tried
    <Den> That doesn't sound promising.
    * Lil says, probably a little more flatly than she'd meant
    <Lil> maddie and David's parents - they seemed to get by okay, as far as I know - of course then their mother is probably a ghost and both their kids re all mseed up in it
    <Lil> and there is the guy who used to do mgic and when he dies he came back as a draugr
    <Lil> Cecelia's family is all magic and she's been trying to avoid it her whole life and you can see how that's gone for her
    <Lil> I think probably you could walk away from it, if you really tried
    <Lil> it might find you again
    * Den considers that for a moment.
    <Den> You don't really think much of that idea, do you?
    <Lil> >:/
    <Lil> Not really.
    <Den> Why?
    <Lil> >.>
    <Lil> Well it isn't fucking up to me, anyway, is it
    * Lil says after a moment
    <Den> That's not an answer.
    * Lil makes an annoyed face
    <Lil> Do I fucking owe you an answer? DO you really want one?
    <Den> You don't owe me anything.
    * Den shrugs.
    <Den> You just seem to be taking this personally. I'm scared, Lil. This stuff terrifies me. I'm scared for me, I've been scared for you, I'm scared for Martin and Hannah and my family...
    <Lil> Well it is personal!
    <Den> How?
    <Lil> Because it is fucking terryfying!
    <Den> I didn't say it was bad, I didn't say you were bad, I didn't say I was walking away from...
    <Den> Okay!
    <Lil> Its terryfying for everyone!
    <Den> And?
    <Lil> that's not a good enough reason to run away from it >Neutral
    <Den> Why the fuck not?
    <Lil> It doens't make it go away.
    <Den> Okay, let me ask you something.
    <Den> Do you want to be a police officer?
    * Lil makes a face
    <Lil> No.
    <Lil> well
    <Lil> I guess maybe >.>
    <Den> Wait, really?
    <Lil> Not like Human police :p
    <Den> Okay, but, why not?
    <Den> Crime exists, and it hurts people.
    <Den> It's not going away.
    <Lil> Because they don't have all the right tools, and I'm interested in other kinds of ...crime.
    <Den> Okay, but do you think everyone should do that?
    <Lil> And just becaue you're not a cop doens't mean you , fuck, cover your ears when you hear someone scream for help
    <Den> And I'm not saying I would do that.
    <Den> I'll help if I need to, but I don't want to go looking for it.
    <Den> Is that so bad?
    <Lil> I'm not saying you need to get out there and.... moster bother :p
    * Lil says as though she is not super keen on the term but that is what came to mind
    <Lil> (monster bother)
    <Den> (hee)
    <Den> Okay, then I'm not sure what we're arguing about.
    <Lil> I guess - because I don't know that you're going to have so much of a choice all the time
    <Den> I am immensely impressed that you want to go...bother...monsters, but I'm not sure that that's a thing I can do intentionally.
    <Den> Fair enough.
    <Den> I figure you can help me be prepared for when I can't help getting involved.
    * Lil makes a face again
    <Den> And I'm happy to help, like drive or something, but I'm just...I'm scared.
    <Lil> Well, I can't help that
    <Lil> and things in my life are just going to get scarier
    <Lil> Joan wants me to be one of her... cops, basically :p
    <Den> Do you get a uniform? Wink
    * Lil half smirks, half scowls
    <Lil> Maybe some kind of badge :p
    * Den smirks
    <Den> Hot. Smile
    * Lil sighs
    <Lil> Seriously though - things could get pretty messy - like, angry werwolf gang war messy
    * Den 's grin quickly turns to a frown.
    <Den> Well, shit, that sounds bad.
    <Lil> it is bad
    <Den> How do you even, like...I don't even know.
    <Lil> I don't knwo what all it means
    <Lil> me either, not yet
    <Den> Okay.
    <Lil> but I'm going to have to figure it out
    <Lil> Becaue I get that there are people around me who can't
    * Den now looks a little ashamed.
    <Den> Is there anything we can do now to prepare, without know what all it means.
    <Lil> I don't even mean you - not just you, anyway
    <Den> (Should be a ? there)
    <Lil> Like - my dad has been seeing Noah's mom, so that's terrifying
    <Lil> on like, a million levels
    <Den> lycanthropy an STD?
    * Den realizes quickly he shouldn't have said that.
    <Lil> -_-
    <Lil> Ask maddie :p
    <Den> Maybe I will...
    * Den mumbles.
    <Lil> i'm more worried about her asshole werewolf family :p
    <Den> *Her* asshole werewolf family?
    <Den> Does she have werewolf cousins or something?
    <Lil> uh
    <Lil> no - her dad is the head of the asshole werewolves :p
    <Den> Oh, you mean Noah's mom.
    <Lil> Noah's - yeah
    <Den> I thought you meant Maddie's asshole werewolf family. I was confused.
    <Lil> though fuck, who knows :p
    <Den> Apparently I have a ghost whisperer or whatever in my family, so who knows.
    <Lil> right
    <Den> So, like, you're going to have to deal with the asshole werewolves if you become Joan's spooky cop, huh?
    <Lil> probably
    <Lil> but I'd probably have to deal with them anyway
    <Lil> now I just might have some help, and other resources
    <Den> Well, that's good.
    <Lil> right.
    <Lil> ...
    <Lil> I haven't had a chance to stop and think yet
    <Lil> about what there is to do, and who shoudl be doing it
    <Lil> That's why I haven't told Joan 'yes' yet
    <Den> Okay.
    <Den> ...I want to help you, but I don't know how.
    <Den> All I have right now are tacos.
    <Den> Also chips and queso.
    <Lil> Well, it's a start.
    <Lil> I can figure out the rest as we go along.
    Session Time: Wed Apr 20 00:00:00 2016
    * Den will hand you another taco.
    * Lil will take it :3

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