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    Solo Log: Noah and Maddie talk after Joan makes her offer


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    Solo Log: Noah and Maddie talk after Joan makes her offer

    Post by elanya on 28/04/16, 09:53 pm

    Session Start: Tue Apr 19 21:15:07 2016
    Session Ident: #Ashland
    * Now talking in #Ashland
    <Maddie> (okay)
    <Noah> Heavy stuff back in there, huh?
    <Maddie> Yeah...
    <Noah> You all right?
    * Maddie is a bit lost in thought
    <Maddie> I'm okay - just thinking about what it all means, I guess.
    <Noah> Yeah.
    <Noah> I mean, we really don't know.
    <Maddie> yeah... some things we can kind of guess, though.
    <Noah> Yeah.
    <Maddie> More people are going to know who we are, and probably some will try to come after us, or mess with us because of it.
    <Noah> Right.
    * Noah nods
    <Noah> You don't...nah, that's not...I'm trying to say something and I think it's not going to come out right.
    * Maddie glances over at you
    <Noah> I feel like this is something I should do.
    <Noah> But you don't have to if you don't want to.
    <Maddie> because of your family stuff?
    <Noah> Yeah.
    <Noah> I'm not saying I don't want you to, because there's no one I trust more.
    <Maddie> well... I feel the same. I have just as messed-up family as you do, except I think probably my grandmother is more subtle when she murders people.
    * Noah frowns.
    <Noah> Yeah...
    <Noah> Scary to think she's probably at least somewhat on our side in this.
    * Maddie nods
    <Noah> Or, at least, her side is close enough to ours for now.
    <Maddie> I'm not sure I trust her to be on our side, but I don't think she'd be against us at least.
    <Noah> Yeah.
    <Maddie> She has her own interests, whatever they all are, and I'm pretty sure at least some of them involve keeping me - and maybe David? - alive, so.. yeah.
    <Noah> Yeah.
    <Noah> It's just another in a long list of things to consider.
    * Maddie nods
    <Noah> You gonna talk to your dad about this?
    <Maddie> I think I have to :/ but I should talk to David first. so we're on the same page.
    <Maddie> otherwise it'll just be an even bigger mess.
    <Noah> Yeah, I figured, just...checking, I guess.
    * Maddie sighs
    <Noah> I know David doesn't want to talk to him but...I don't know how he could avoid it for this.
    <Maddie> yeah
    <Noah> Hell, I don't know how he's avoided it this long.
    <Maddie> Dad is really good at not talking about things he doesn't want to talk about - just pretend they don't exist.
    <Noah> But I kind of seems like your dad's been letting him, if that makes sense.
    <Noah> Yeah.
    <Maddie> I mean I had to make him take me to the drug store to buy stuff when I got my first period, and that was basically the worst conversation up until now :p
    * Noah laughs.
    <Noah> If it helps, I think he had to ask my mom for some advice after that, which can't have been a great conversation either.
    <Maddie> heh
    <Noah> Shit, she is going to flip.
    <Maddie> is it going to make things really rough on her? or ... worse than now, anyway?
    <Noah> I don't know. There might be some trouble since her clinic is right across from the auto shop.
    <Noah> But mom's been avoiding grandpa and the rest know.
    * Maddie nods
    <Noah> I think that's what's going to freak her out the most. She's gotten by by just avoiding them as much as possible.
    <Noah> But this is...we're talking about challenging them directly.
    <Noah> I'm not even sure what that really means, but I've got some ideas, and they're not great.
    <Maddie> is it something she can ... get away with more because she's a woman? I don't really know how they look on her... role, or whatever.
    <Noah> Yeah, they're not exactly progressive.
    <Maddie> you don't say :p
    <Noah> ?me smirks.
    <Noah> (ack)
    <Noah> They don't allow women to be members, MC or pack, if there's any difference.
    * Maddie nods
    <Noah> But I know they've come to her with injuries they couldn't heal.
    <Noah> Or, obviously, take to a hospital.
    <Maddie> right
    <Noah> I should probably tell people what happened with my 'initiation' or whatever. I'm not sure everyone else understands how bad this could be.
    <Maddie> I guess, yeah. I didn't want to say too much about it because I wasn't sure if you wanted them to know, but I tried to say... something, anyway.
    <Maddie> so they understand what it could involve
    <Noah> I mean, look at the library. Eli wasn't really trying and beat the crap out of David and Lenore.
    * Maddie nods
    <Maddie> well... I bet that your mom would rather you do this than join up with them. I don't think she wants that life for you.
    <Noah> Yeah, she's never wanted that for me.
    <Noah> It's weird. I think if she'd kept me away from it, then I'd want it, but instead she just made sure I saw what it was.
    * Noah shrugs
    <Noah> I haven't wanted that life for a long time now.
    * Maddie leans against your shoulder
    * Noah puts an arm around you
    <Noah> And, if I had any doubts before now...
    <Noah> What about you? Like you said, your grandma seems to have some plans for you, and this might be playing into them.
    <Noah> She definitely seems to want you involved in this type stuff.
    <Maddie> I don't know. I'm not sure what she really expects from me, but until she sees fit to explain it, I guess all I can do is do what I think is best.
    <Noah> I guess that's all any of us can do.
    <Maddie> I wonder sometimes... if whatever she wants, was something my mother wasn't willing to go along with. I don't really know all the details.
    <Noah> Maybe we can...find out, somehow?
    <Maddie> maybe... I know seances have been a bit problematic for us, but, like... if I could just ask my mother some questions, maybe she would know.
    <Maddie> maybe my father knows, even
    <Maddie> asking him would be problematic in other ways ;p
    <Noah> Yeah.
    <Noah> Do you even need a seance?
    <Noah> Like, a big to do or anything, I mean.
    <Maddie> I don't know. I'm never sure what to trust out of my dreams and stuff about her.
    <Maddie> whether it's just things I'm making up because it makes me feel better to think she's still around, or... if it's really her.
    <Noah> Maybe you can ask Den's grandpa?
    * Maddie considers that
    <Noah> He seemed to know a bit about ghosts, anyway.
    <Maddie> Maybe. He did seem like he knew a lot about ghosts and that sort of thing.
    * Maddie nods
    <Maddie> it's worth a shot, I guess. we should really talk to him anyway.
    <Noah> On that note, how are you doing with all of that? The ghost stuff, I mean.
    <Maddie> it's weird... like, of all the things we've dealt with, I find it the most ... reassuring?
    <Noah> Reassuring?
    <Maddie> that when people die, sometimes it isn't really the end
    <Noah> Huh. I hadn't really stopped to consider it.
    <Maddie> I mean, people make whole religions to try and figure that out.
    <Noah> Yeah.
    <Maddie> I know I should be careful with it
    <Maddie> probably there are lots of things that could go wrong... but I want to find out more anyway.
    <Maddie> maybe for once I understand how David feels with his stupid book ;p
    <Noah> Well, I trust you with your power more than I do David with his.
    <Noah> He's a little too eager, sometimes.
    <Maddie> not tonight, though. he was really worried that we aren't ready for this. maybe we've told him so many times that he isn't that he finally took it to heart.
    <Noah> Yeah, that was a little weird...
    <Noah> I think the stuff at prom really got to him.
    <Maddie> or maybe it's something else going on, I don't know. Maybe it's because of Addie?
    <Noah> Because of Addie?
    <Noah> Like, he's worried about her?
    <Maddie> well... just that, as far as we know so far anyway, she doesn't have any special powers or stuff... not saying she couldn't, but like... is she just going to fight all these battles with potpourri and a crowbar?
    <Noah> Well, she certainly thinks they're enough.
    <Noah> I get you, though.
    <Maddie> I don't really know if that's what's bothering him anyway. it's just a guess.
    <Noah> Hmm.
    <Noah> Maybe I'll ask him about it.
    <Maddie> okay
    <Noah> I mean, I think we all need to be on the same page with this.
    * Maddie nods
    <Noah> I'm not exactly looking forward to all this, but it feels kind of good to be doing something...proactive.
    <Maddie> And like... I know this is stupid, but I keep worrying - what if I don't have time for student council next year? what if I have to stop doing cheerleading because we're too busy monster-bothering? What's it going to do for my college applications? :p
    * Noah smiles.
    <Noah> I think that's good.
    <Noah> We should still be thinking about those things.
    <Noah> It's taken me a while to wrap my head around this, but, like, I want to do this, and I think I have a responsibility to, but I can't let it be my whole life.
    * Maddie nods
    <Noah> I've got a lot of other great things to live for. Wink
    * Maddie smiles at that
    * Maddie stretches up to give you a kiss
    * Noah leans down to meet you halfway
    <Noah> (As always, their height difference is insane :p)
    <Maddie> we don't have to go *right* home...
    * Maddie suggests with a smile
    <Noah> I've certainly got some time.
    * Noah says with an answering smile.
    * Maddie can find some ways to spend that time enjoyably for all, then Wink

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