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    Solo Log: Lil and Den's Prom Night Play Date


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    Solo Log: Lil and Den's Prom Night Play Date

    Post by elanya on 28/04/16, 09:51 pm

    <Kennesaw> I guess when they got dropped off?
    * Curtana resists the urge to make a joke about how you clearly already did pick up Wink
    <Kennesaw> Heh
    <Lil> sure
    * Kennesaw is now known as Den
    <Den> There we go.
    * Lil watches the limo drive off
    <Lil> Well I guess check that off my list of things that were not actually on a bucket list but it sounds cool to say 'check that off my bucket' list for.
    <Lil> It's a very meta list.
    <Den> I have a bucket list of bucket lists. I get you.
    <Den> I try to check off checking them off. It's lists all the way down.
    <Lil> that's the best way, really. keeps you motivated :p
    <Den> Though don't you kind of have a chance for a pretty insane list of things to do now?
    <Lil> man... I don't even know how I'd start that one
    <Den> "Punted a gnome, check. Drank with a leprechaun, check."
    <Lil> stole a faerie sword while time travelling...
    <Lil> yeah I thik that's still my favourite
    * Den smiles
    <Den> Yeah, it's very...unique. Smile
    <Lil> not somethingmany people get a chance to do...
    <Lil> Man I still can't believe I'm the only one who thought of it
    * Lil shakes her head
    <Den> I can't imagine there are a lot of other folks out there that could truthfully make that claim.
    <Den> Or even come up with it as a boast, really.
    <Den> (This sounds like some kind of code, but has Den seen Lil's sword? Wink)
    <Lil> (Yes, she brought it camping ^-^)
    <Den> I get the feeling that's a common thing for you.
    <Lil> what, boasting?
    <Lil> Time tavelling?
    <Den> Being the only one who thought of something. Wink
    <Lil> If it was stealing you meant, I think you want Lenore :p
    <Lil> oh.
    <Lil> It must be my artistic brain :p
    <Lil> or I read too much fanfic
    <Den> Pretty sure those are related.
    <Den> Speaking of artistic brains, I think you're really going to like the backstage work for the play.
    <Lil> oh yeah?
    <Den> Though the physical side of it's a little spartan, so I don't know. You might consider it cheating.
    <Lil> are you maaaaaaaybe biased? ;p
    <Den> It's possible.
    * Lil grins
    <Lil> well, I'll pay attention
    <Den> We're trying some stuff with the lights and a projection's pretty cool.
    <Lil> cool
    <Den> I mean, it's no ancient ghosts or anything.
    <Den> I don't want to get your hopes up.
    <Den> That play had some genuinely special effects.
    <Lil> well you knwo, the last play I saw that used ghosts didn't get great audience reception, so maybe that's for the best
    <Den> I guess technically this one has a ghost, too, but she's just played by my friend Hannah.
    <Den> Who, coincidentally, is also playing Hannah. It's the role she was born for. Smile
    * Lil grins
    <Den> (I assume they've been walking towards the theater for this?)
    <Lil> (yeah)
    * AshlandNarrator (Mibbit@ has joined #Ashland
    <AshlandNarrator> The area around the theater has a pretty good-sized crowd, but Den will take you around to a back entrance.
    <Den> It's still a little while til curtain, so I've got some time to show you around.
    <Den> I'm reasonably sure this place isn't haunted. Wink
    <Den> Though how would I know?
    <Lil> well, I bguess you'd ask your grandpa ;p
    <Lil> he probably has beers with the ghost in tuesday evening
    <Den> Yeah, that's still taking some getting used to.
    <Den> Like, conceptually. I haven't been having beers with him and his ghost buds.
    <Den> Though, man, that'd be a pretty great story if nothing else.
    <Lil> I bet they're all cheap drunks
    <Den> Well, I'm not the most expensive date, either, so it'd work out.
    * Lil grins
    * Den will show you around, both a general tour and more specifically talking about the work for this particular play.
    * Lil is pretty keen and comment/ask questions about how stuff was done
    <Den> (This is the part where my lack of theater geekery impedes some character interaction :p)
    <Lil> (well, mine is dated and mostly dealing with other aspects anyway ;p)
    <Den> Yeah, we really tried coming up with something interesting for the stage work. I think we kind of felt bad for the actors. It's not exactly an easy play.
    <Den> Eight actors, something like...30 roles?
    <Lil> yeah, I read....welll, skimmed... it
    * Den grins
    <Den> It's not like it was homework. Wink
    <Lil> yeah
    <Den> So, is this something you're looking to keep doing?
    <Lil> Theater?
    <Den> Stage work, I mean?
    <Lil> man, I don't know what I'm going to do, really
    <Lil> I feel like - its cool and I like it and I did want to do it, but then now I don't know if I can make the commitments
    <Den> I get that; you have a lot going on right now.
    <Den> I wasn't meaning to put you on the spot or anything.
    <Lil> nah, I know
    <Lil> eh, I still have more high school anyway
    <Den> How's the other stuff going? It seems like people are no longer animals, at least.
    <Lil> not at the moment!
    <Lil> possibly they could be if they wanted to? I'm not real clear on that
    <Den> They could be animals?
    <Den> It's like a children's cover band of They Might Be Giants.
    <Lil> heh
    <Den> Then again, I guess they have 'children's' albums...
    <Lil> They already make kids albums, yeah
    <Den> So, like, kind of like what Noah can do?
    <Lil> well, it was just Noah and lenore
    <Den> Can'the already be an animal when he wants?
    <Lil> So with noah it's just like... a jump to the left ;p
    <Lil> I guess he coudln;t be an actual *animal* before
    <Den> And then a step to the right? Wink
    <Lil> yup
    <Lil> now i know what's going to be stuck in *my* head all night....
    * Den grins.
    <Den> So how about the leprechaun shenanigans? Was that, like, extra credit?
    <Lil> The lenore thing was kinds of new, I guess?
    <Den> ...I think that might be the most appropriate usage of the word 'shenanigans' I will ever get.
    <Lil> heh
    <Lil> word.
    <Lil> well... that was supposed to be me doing some training stuff with Mr winters
    <Lil> but, uh, it didn't excactly go to plan :p
    <Lil> but I guess it ll wrked out in the end?
    <Den> Maybe not, but you seemed happy with the results. Smile
    <Lil> what can I say - I'm a happy drunk >.>
    <Den> Yeah, I kind of noticed. Smile
    <Lil> sorry the party got busted up before you got there
    * Den shrugs
    <Den> You know, there's a cast and crew party after this...
    <Lil> yeah?
    <Den> Not that I want to deprive you of the joy of...was it Brad and Alex's party?
    * Lil makes a face
    <Den> Heh
    <Lil> Whatever the others say - I am not keen on going to a party whjere 99% of the people there are assholes
    <Den> I don't want to correct your math, but unless you're counting some of your friends in that total, wouldn't there need to be a couple hundred people there? Wink
    <Lil> well, You've met David, right?
    * Den laughs
    <Den> Yeah, I get that you guys are friends, but sometimes it seems like he's your nemesis or something. Smile
    <Lil> >.>
    <Lil> David's just lazy, and its annoying
    <Den> Lazy?
    <Lil> yeah.... he just never bothers to think, or make efforts for things
    <Lil> mostly I just want to shake him :p
    <Lil> But he makes Addie happy, somehow, so I guess he has some use
    <Den> I can see how that'd get annoying, particularly with what you guys do.
    <Den> Heck, with what you guys do, that seems kind of dangerous.
    <Den> More dangerous, I guess.
    <Den> :/

    {then I had a bunch fo connection woes and we picked it up another night}

    <Lil> (so, where were we then? or we coudl pick up from later in the date if that's easier?)
    <Den> (That'll work. We can pick up after the play, I guess?)
    <Lil> (sure Smile
    <Lil> man
    <Lil> like, I think it says a lot about my life that I had to remind myself that the angel is a metaphor :p
    * Den laughs, then kind of stops short
    <Den> That's not, like, a thing, is it?
    <Lil> I don't know - but why not?
    <Lil> there *was* a demon, after all :p
    <Lil> though I guess not the sme kind of demon, maybe?
    <Den> Yeah, angels imply a lot of other things.
    <Den> Though I guess just because something called itself an angel or demon doesn't mean it's telling the truth.
    <Den> Hard to verify, you know?
    <Lil> yeah
    * Den looks like his mind is blown a little
    * Den shakes his head theatrically.
    <Den> Anyway, so, crew party?
    <Den> (I'm not entirely sure when in the evening we would have let Lil know what all went down)
    <Lil> well.... what will you do if your friends hate me?
    <Lil> (weell... she was probably not reachable by phone/text until after the play anyway so she might not see until now?)
    <Den> Well, one, I don't think they really hate anybody, two, I think they especially wouldn't hate you, and three, if they do, fuck 'em.
    <Den> (Okie doke. Let's say you get some updates from Addie about what went on.)
    <Den> I'm sure we can find something to do. Smile
    * Lil nods, then frowns at her phone and texts Addie back to see if she is okay or needs her for anything
    <Den> (Heh, I can probably grab Zari)
    <Lil> ugh, sec, sounds like prom was ruined by rapey ghosts
    <Den> Uh, say what?
    * Zari (Mibbit@ has joined #Ashland
    <Lil> yeah....
    <Lil> uh... look, do you mind if I just call and check in?
    <Den> Yeah, sure.
    <Den> I'm sure we can score a ride if you need to go take care of something.
    <Lil> thanks
    * Lil will giev addie a call and see if she answers? (I assume this is like an hour or so later, so she may be....distracting David, or something >.>)
    <Lil> (if Zari is up for it we coudl chat, or I can say I get no answer from anyone and just leave some texts for people :p)
    <Den> (theoretically she is around...)
    <Zari> (I legit have no idea where people/times are right now)
    <Den> (A bit after prom, Lil and Den just got out of the play; I think the rest of us kind of scattered by couples)
    <Den> (...what happened to Lenore?)
    <Curtana> (she gets the laser limo all to herself? Wink
    <Den> (hee)
    <Den> (Also, kind of aww)
    <Den> (Lenore just has the driver take her through a drive-thru)
    <Zari> (Can Larry the ghost go with her?)
    <Lil> (trying to get larry to cpme with her, sad that he can't takes limo to dairy queen and gets biggest blizzard ;p)
    <Lil> (I assume we all had to vacate pretty fast because firemen ;p)
    <Den> (Heh)
    <Den> (We can assume Addie is otherwise occupied, if that's simpler.)
    <Lil> no answers....
    <Lil> I think everyone is okay, just pissed off >.>
    <Den> Well, I'm pretty sure rapey ghosts would make me angry.
    <Zari> (sorry, was finishing up a WoW thing)
    <Zari> <hey sorry just
    <Zari> (dangit0
    <Zari> (so is it RIGHT RIGHT after the prom, or after a while? because I know Addie and David were gonna go get ice cream
    <Lil> (after a bit)
    <Zari> (k cool)
    <Lil> (and go ahead and text! Lil will just fret anyway Wink
    <Zari> <Sorry dude, what's up? been out getting ice cream with D>
    <Lil> oh sec there she is
    <Lil> <I heard something about rapey ghosts is everythign ok?>
    <Zari> <btdubbs sweet cream > all other ice cream>
    <Zari> <dude those guys were jerks>
    <Zari> <nobody's hurt, but Alex was posessed n Brad totes caught him
    <Lil> <lolwhut>
    <Lil> hah
    <Zari> <so gon be giving him shit on that for dayyyyyyyys>
    <Lil> oh man i shoudln't laugh that's gotta sec
    <Zari> <logan also posessed, not just had a craving>
    <Lil> <part of me is LOLOLOL part of me dude that's not cool>
    <Zari> <right???>
    <Zari> <but yeah, we told em to GTFO, then David tried ...>
    <Lil> <we are terrible people. but everyone is okay?>
    <Zari> <ok so legit I thought it would work too right???>
    <Zari> <yeah no injuries>
    <Lil> <any emotional trauma? :p>
    <Zari> <but he set off the fire alarms n then like welp, errbody's out>
    <Zari> <David's p beat up, but ice cream heals all wounds>
    <Lil> <kk - should i go to a theare ppl party with Den then?>
    <Lil> <theater>
    <Zari> <dude yes>
    <Zari> <like, on general principle>
    <Zari> <also don't wait up or do anything i would lol>
    <Zari> <that came out better in my head>
    <Lil> <:p>
    <Lil> <okay, i'll txt you later>
    <Lil> okay, we're good.
    <Lil> no one is dead
    <Lil> possibly people were possessed by ghosts and made to make out, though
    <Lil> that is not something I woudl have thought of in terms of how ghosts can be creepy, and I have seen ghosts do some pretty creepy shit
    <Den> So, they came back from beyond the grave for makeouts?
    <Den> That's kind of sad, actually. Isn't it usually supposed to be more undying vengeance and bleeding walls?
    <Lil> yeah, I dn't know :/
    <Lil> i guess maybe its just.... a lot of energy?
    <Lil> ghost fuel
    <Lil> maybe its easier for them to do stuff when they are high on teeangers :p
    <Den> Prom is ghost fuel?
    <Den> Well, that makes parties a little scary, conceptually.
    <Den> "Drink responsibly, watch out for rapey ghosts."
    <Lil> yeah
    <Den> Well, shit, do you want to do something else?
    <Den> As there's a second show tomorrow, and a second party, I can flake on this one if you're not feeling it.
    <Lil> no, its fine
    <Lil> I can check for ghosts ;p
    * Den grins
    <Den> Sounds good.
    <Den> (I'm assuming the party is at nearby off-campus, but campus-adjacent, housing)
    <Lil> (cool)
    * Den will lead you over to his friends' apartment. The party is already going, with music blaring from a stereo inside. Outside, several people are sitting in lawn chairs, smoking and drinking.
    * Den will greet them and introduce you, though it's pretty easy to lose track of names with so many people.
    <Den> You want something to drink? We should head inside and say hello.
    <Lil> sure
    * Lil tries not to seem too new-people-suspicious >.>
    <Den> (By and large, people seem pretty friendly, though some of that may have more to do with the booze. Wink)
    * Hannah (Mibbit@ has joined #Ashland
    * Den obviously knows where he's going, heading to kitchen of the reasonably-sized apartment.
    <Hannah> Den!
    <AshlandNarrator> A girl you recognize as Hannah from the play comes up to give Den a hug.
    * Lil trails along
    <Hannah> Wasn't sure you were going to make it, what with your date and all.
    * Hannah turns to Lil.
    * Lil wonders what that is supposed to mean >.>
    <Lil> hey
    <Hannah> You must be Lil. Hi. Smile
    <Hannah> You want a beer? We've got...I'm not sure what all we have.
    * Lil peeks at the selection
    <Den> Well, I know you like Standing Stone. Wink
    <Lil> . o O (don't be a beer snob, lil, it's free)
    <Lil> I do!
    <Hannah> Nice. Smile
    * Lil will take one of those if thee is one, and feel better about these people if that's the case
    * Den will grab two beers and hand one to Lil.
    <Lil> thanks
    <Lil> that was reallyt cool by the way - you guys did awesome
    <Hannah> Oh, thanks.
    <Hannah> We try.
    <Hannah> Den tells me you do stage work, too?
    <Lil> some, yeah.... not as much going on this semester
    <Lil> that's how we met though
    <Hannah> You should check out the summer workshops. They've got spots for high schoolers, and I think you get some kind of credit.
    <Lil> oh hmmm, I *should* do that....
    <Hannah> Oh, yeah, working on (Crud, what was that play?).
    <Lil> yeah.
    <Hannah> I heard it went a little weird, but that's the trade. Wink
    <Lil> yup!
    * Den grins at you from behind his beer.
    <Lil> I'm not easily fazed
    <Den> It was an experience.
    <Hannah> The show must go on and all that, right?
    <Hannah> Last semester we...
    * Hannah 's phone rings
    <Hannah> Oh, sorry, I gotta take that; it's the bf.
    <Hannah> Be right back, you guys.
    * Den gives you a somewhat questioning look as Hannah walks away.
    <Lil> she seems cool
    <Den> Not so scary as you were worried about?
    * Lil says probably more grudgingly than she'd eant to
    <Lil> no, but it is early times >.>
    * Lil sips her beer
    <Den> Well, that mostly fulfilled my social obligation. If you're not feeling the party, we don't have to stay long.
    * Den sips his beer and shrugs.
    <Lil> heh
    <Lil> I dunno.... I guess finish our beers at least, and see what happens?
    <Lil> What else do people do at these things? :p
    <Lil> do you want to stay?
    <Den> These things are an at least weekly occurrence. I'm good either way.
    <Den> Mostly, they drink. Play some games and drink, dance and drink, smoke and drink, talk and drink...
    <Den> There's kind of a theme. Wink
    <Lil> well, fair
    <Lil> >.>
    <Lil> ....what would you want to do instead?
    <Den> We could go take a walk around campus. The weather's pretty nice now that the storm blew over.
    <Lil> sure
    <Lil> its a nice night
    <Den> Cool.
    * Den will finish the rest of his beer with a flourish.
    <Den> Shall we? Smile
    <Lil> oh I see how it is :p
    * Lil will do the same with her, with slightly less practiced ease
    <Den> I promise, I'm not a ghost.
    <Den> Too soon? Wink
    * Lil just rolls her eyes
    <Lil> I have a taser ;p
    * Den grins and head's out, waving to a few people.
    <Den> (Once outside) Do you seriously have a taser?
    * Lil pulls it out of her bag
    <Den> Huh. Have you ever used it?
    <Lil> yup
    <Den> I was going to ask 'on who?', but I'm thinking the better question might be 'on what?'.
    <Lil> (I'm trying to remembr if there were timews other then on draugr david)
    <Lil> heh
    <Lil> remember hwo I was saying about David making Poor Magical Decisions and inflicting multi-davids on us?
    <Lil> ao, kind of both
    <Lil> (sO0
    <Lil> It was not as effective as I might have hoped
    <Den> So you tased a Davidganger? Or the real one?
    <Lil> Davidganger
    <Lil> that sounds horrible D:
    <Lil> anyway
    * Den laughs.
    <Lil> it was enough that i coudl get away... the one I fought was basically a draugr
    <Lil> so that was terrifying :p
    <Den> Like the thing at my parent's place?
    <Lil> yeah
    <Lil> only david
    <Den> (parents', rather)
    <Den> Yeesh.
    <Lil> it popped out of nowhere and came after me in the art room at school
    <Den> That sort of thing seems to happen to you on a fairly regular basis. :/
    <Den> Or, at least to you and your friends.
    <Lil> this was more personal >.>
    <Den> What do you mean?
    <Lil> apparently in some dimension, somelil fucked up somehow
    <Den> So it was like the Darkest Timeline David?
    <Lil> man I don't even know
    <Lil> there were a lot of fucked up Davids :p
    <Den> As opposed to fuckup David? Wink
    <Lil> >.>
    <Den> (brb)
    <Den> So, like, is there a reason this stuff seems to always happen to you guys?
    <Lil> Sorta...
    <Den> Wait, really?
    <Lil> Short version is we are all related to people who made Stupid Magical Pacts
    <Den> That was mostly a joke.
    * Lil shrugs
    <Den> Oh, huh.
    <Lil> well *a* stupid magical pact anyway
    <Den> Okay.
    <Den> So, like, your ancestor screwed up and you have to deal with supernatural shit all the time?
    <Lil> but I think there is a vvertigo books of magic sort of thing to it too, where the more you poke at it, the more it pokes back... so fair warning >.>
    <Den> Well, I'm trying to do my poking secondhand.
    <Den> ...That came out wrong.
    <Lil> hah
    * Den sighs
    <Lil> so I shoudln't inviote you to any more seances? ;p
    <Den> Well, I'm not saying that.
    <Den> So long as the ghosts don't get fresh.
    <Lil> that counts as....firsthand poking :p
    <Den> I think that's a whole other thing. Wink
    <Lil> >.>
    <Den> And ghosts wouldn't be my first pick.
    <Lil> Well I am a witch so it probably still counts
    * Den will poke your arm playfully.
    <Den> So that will make the magic poke back at me?
    <Lil> magic....taser....sword... >.>
    * Den raises his hands in defeat
    <Den> Duly noted.
    * Lil crosses her arms
    <Lil> Sorry >.>
    <Lil> Surliness and threats of violence are hard habits to break >.>
    <Den> Hey, I know the saying. "Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards..." I was warned.
    <Den> Besides, I have a brother. Threats of violence are nothing new.
    <Lil> yeah but that's different :p
    <Lil> They're night great qualities in a....girlfriend, or whatever >.>
    * Den is quiet for a second.
    <Den> I guess that really depends on what you're into.
    <Den> And, I mean, as for me...I'm into you.
    <Den> Surliness and all. Smile
    <Lil> yeah but.... that's not normal :p
    <Lil> probably you should get help :p
    <Den> Normal is overrated.
    <Lil> that's what i tell myself
    <Lil> anyway - are we headed any particular way?
    <Den> We could go get tacos. Wink
    * Den will hold out his hand.
    <Den> (and also give a kind of hopeful smile)
    Session Time: Sat Apr 02 00:00:02 2016
    * Lil will take said hand, with considered deliberation
    <Lil> sure. the prom crowd isn't od enough to have outgrown senor sams yet >.>
    * Den laughs at that.
    <Den> (I think that's good for me, unless there was more you wanted to do. That seems like solid development. Smile)
    <Lil> (no, I'm good, thank you Very Happy)

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