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    Visitors Arrive In Qingwan


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    Visitors Arrive In Qingwan

    Post by Josh on 12/11/15, 02:04 am

    Captain Dhamar sa Bassam smiled as he looked out over the bow of the Aljanah Alttanin towards the coastal village. The community itself seemed small, but the shoreline and bay were crowded with ships. Such a place would prove a great market for his wares, he was sure of it. He only needed to get past the ship obviously patrolling the harbor.

    It was of a construction he didn't recognize, with queer sails that yet propelled it towards the Aljanah at speed. Bassam ordered the copper flag of commerce raised (more orange than copper, really, though Bassam was merchant and pirate enough to afford some shining threading) and made ready to meet his new customers.

    A his voluminous robes were accented by ostentatious jewelry: bracelets, rings, an armband, scale filigree and horn loops. Bassam was a son of the dragons, after all, and noble at that. He couldn't do less than make fashionable impression. A decorated, but far from merely decorative, curved sword completed the look; a man of the sea and its trades, whatever they may be.

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