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    Post by Zari on 09/10/15, 06:31 am

    Head of State: The Beloved
    Capital: D'mahk

    In Akhas, we were slaves. We were elves, and humans, and dwarves; half-breeds and half-men, casteless and outcasts.

    And then we found the Brotherhood.

    The Brothers spoke strange things. We were not lesser, they said, but equal. Had we not eyes to see? Mouths to speak? Minds to think? Had not any being with such a right to life free? To have families, and young, and for our own destinies?

    So we stole away, we who were slaves, and free beings walked across the desert. He Who Shows The Way and the Beloved led us, and the deserts gave way to grasslands, to forests, to jungles. In this new land, we came to a great mountain, and there came the Translation. The Way was seen, the Beloved bereaved, and we partook of the vision of He Who Sees.

    We founded our new home there, on the mountain. From D'mahk, the seat of our knowledge, we have reached forth, like fingers on a hand, to explore and subdue this land which we have been given. From our many beings, we will form one people.

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