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    Land of the Grove Born


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    Land of the Grove Born

    Post by Kate M. on 29/09/15, 05:44 pm

    Head of State: The Root Carer
    Capital: Elder Sister’s Roots

    “We are the Grove. We remember the beginning, we survive the present and we will be there in the future’s end. We were, we are, we will be.
    “We rejoice in the Mother’s nectar which is all the nourishment we need. We are safe under her branches and among her roots. We increase and surfeit our numbers at her whim. She is the Mother.
    “We mourn the joyless day when we found ourselves separated from her embrace. We know not what our sin was to warrant her leaving. But we will redeem ourselves and prove we are not bracken to be used as fodder for the sky flames but saplings that will grow and increase her pride.
    “Until our joyous reunion with Mother, Elder Sister will try to provide us with the same light and food Mother gave us. But while Mother’s was given freely, Elder Sister’s nectar is sour and does not sustain us as it should and is not in ample supply. We all must now work hard to ensure Elder Sister can provide the nectar for everyone. Our numbers increase to complete more of the work we need to do though there is less nectar to go around. Our new brethren are not as strong as we are; they do not know the glory of Mother no matter how much we try to articulate her wonderfulness.
    “We will not give up. We will be reunited with Mother once we find the right path. We will get home.”

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