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    Head of state: Adriana Zorika.
    Capital City: Cernoziom

    In the Spring of 499, a force of about 3,000 soldiers was dispatched from the Free City of Thantopolis. Their mission was to recapture and garrison a hotly contested stronghold located on a hill between Thantopolis and Highmark. The force was comprised mostly of seasoned Thantopolitan veterans along with a small detachment of Goblinoid reinforcements from Nachtur. The commander of the force, Adriana Zorika, was a young, but promising captain who had lead several previous campaigns against Highmark, as well as Thantopolis’ other enemies.

    The siege of the hill fortress lasted for four weeks, with both sides suffering significant casualties, but the Thantopolitan’s ability to replenish their ranks from the slain as well as their lessened reliance on supplies gave them the edge, and with no sign of reinforcements from Highmark the fortress surrendered when its food and water began to run low.

    After capturing the fort, Adriana sent messengers southwards to Thantopolis with the news, only to have them return a few days later with a troubling and incredible story. They had run into an ocean. It seemed that sometime during the siege the landscape around them had shifted, depositing them gods-only-knew where and cutting off any means of communication to Thantopolis, or anyone else, for that matter.

    In light of this new developement, Adriana reacted in true military fashion. She sent out scouts to search the nearby area in an organized grid while she attempted to calm her troops and establish order in the fortress. After some debate with her lieutenants, she ordered that the captured Highmark prisoners as well as the rank and file undead should begin repairing and expanding the fortress and gathering flocks of wild sheep in the nearby fields as well as sowing crops to help feed the population in the coming months. In a short timeframe, the Thantopolitan force had claimed a small area of the new continent they found themselves on and prepared to defend it from all comers. Until such time as they could find a way to reconnect with their homeland they would begin to carve out a new colony for it in this strange land, far from the sight of the gods.

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