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    Aubrienne's Holiday Gift List


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    Aubrienne's Holiday Gift List

    Post by Josh on 01/06/15, 01:07 am

    Titania -

    Cassandreia -

    Jed - new spellbook with 4 1st-level spells he didn't already have

    Briza -

    Korisse - scrapbook of her press clippings, playbills, etc.

    Lealia - new sheet music of various popular tunes

    Lathra -

    Zola -

    Hugo - (scarf)

    Dorien - new wallet

    Hettie - shopping trip for her choice of yarn +

    Argent, Denise, and Gen - various candied fruits and holiday-related snack items, in nice boxes

    Likely there should be more people on this list...

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