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    Post by elanya on 27/02/15, 08:08 pm

    Dear Hettie,

    I have composed the note you asked me to write, and you will find it included here.

    However, I have been thinking more and more about this situation - I find I am greatly distressed on your behalf, though of course I can’t know what it is like to be in your position. There was something I was trying to say when we spoke earlier, but I don’t think I did a very good job of making myself clear - sometimes writing is easier for me, that way.

    It is an old saying that those we care about that have the power to hurt us the worst - I know you cared for Nycki, and I would guess that you still do. I know you are very angry, and you have good cause to be. But I don’t think that if you do succeed in hurting her even a fraction of as much as she hurt you that you will feel any better for it, and indeed if your plan is overly successful you may wind up feeling a great deal worse. Doubtless you know much more about this world than I, but those involved strike me as very dangerous people. Perhaps my work has overdeveloped my sense of the dramatic, but the reaction to the contents of the note you intend to deliver could be quite extreme. I don’t want you to be endangered, and I don’t want to you cause yourself more pain.

    I know there would be no point is asking you to let this go, even without the extenuating circumstances, so I wont waste my energy. I know that this has been causing you a great deal of distress, and I don’t want to make light of that at all. I also hope you don’t think it too presumptuous of me to offer my opinion - you need read no further if that is the case. Above all, you are my good friend, and I will standby your choices. But I think it might be worth an attempt to seek her out, as you say you know where she can be found, and speak more plainly to her. I think you might not get from her all that you are owed, but you may get enough from the encounter to progress from that point with more clarity about what it is you do want. And if not, I hope it would leave you little worse off than you are now.

    No matter what you do decide, please know you can count on me for whatever support you may need.

    With much love,


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