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    Maldred Ryliun


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    Maldred Ryliun

    Post by elanya on 12/01/15, 11:31 am

    Thuregga(?) Maldred Ryliun

    Hobgoblin I assume.  Hewalna's uncle, thus the assumed clan name.  Theoretically could be dragonmarked?

    Warlock who made a pact with Asmosdeus to help get a free Nachtur

    Used to with with Melech Damakos, but was considered an extremist

    The Pak had been working with/for him but realized that maybe he was a little cray

    Was working with the Geyr Hextor (in some capacity?)

    Disappeared around the time we retook Nachtur

    Proooobably the guy in the bone dragon armor we encountered up in the northern hobgoblin lands, workign with the people who had dragons (I don't have my notes to double check the place name), who hired the slaads to kidnap Vedran and Torinth and have them held by the Efreet prince whose name I also don't have on hand [Harib Dunmaril - thanks Julie!]. - fuckballs I forget how Asmodeus fits into that story with the dragons but I'm pretty sure he does, yaaaay.

    And in the cold light of day, that is what I remember/know about him :p

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