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    Troubling Times


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    Troubling Times

    Post by Josh on 13/12/14, 04:01 pm

    Aubrienne sipped her tea, staring out the cafe window into the early evening gloom. She usually just had dinner at Tits', but she'd wanted to be elsewhere to talk to Lathra about all the weirdness of late. Talking about it too much in the club right now felt like jinxing it somehow, so, here she was, down the street from Titania's waiting for Lathra.

    There wasn't any direct threat, no phantom from some play (or some other plane) to come destroy their production, at least not any more. But there was something, something in the air, something ominous, looming. It frightened Aubrienne, more than she cared to admit. She wanted to tell herself that Jaspart's ramblings had been nothing more than a drug-addled haze; Vrag knew she'd had plenty of those herself. Maybe Lathra would tell her the same, and she could try to lay her mind to rest. But somehow she felt that wasn't likely.

    For now, she sighed and continued looking out, watching the city go about it's business, unafraid and unaware.

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