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    Book reports


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    Book reports

    Post by Curtana on 17/09/14, 08:24 pm

    As soon as they had stopped at a small village outside Grimfar, the city being completely overrun, Aleyn found a quiet corner to send a message to Ardith by means of the book.  He wasn't sure what he would have done if they didn't have that - certainly been a lot more anxious, and that was saying something given his current state of mind.  Having just gotten off a dragon's back after having sworn that he was never planning to fly again didn't help his nerves any.  Even the ground felt like it was moving under his feet.

    Ardith, (he wrote)

    We've arrived safely at some little place outside Grimfar, dragonflight notwithstanding.  Right now I've managed to find a table and enough peace and quiet to write, but things are pretty chaotic here, as you probably expected, even outside the city itself.  

    We're still trying to decide how to proceed from here.  It's possible we might be able to get a ride further to Highmark, but that's still up for negotiation.  I'm torn as to whether I should try to do that or try to get home to you and the kids.  Either way, we need to get in touch with the other Thunderbolts, if you haven't talked to them already, and let them know what's happened.  If you have any suggestions about where we (or I) should go from here, or any updated news about what's happening, that would be a huge help in making our decisions.

    How are you holding up? Have you said anything about Vedran to the kids yet? Have there been any attacks in Nachtur yet?

    Please stay as safe as you can.  I love you,


    Setting down the pen, he would have liked to wait for an answer, but Kallista was beckoning him to come have some food at least, and even though his stomach was hardly settled after their flight, he figured he should be with the others, and maybe try to choke down some bread and tea at least.  He knew he'd be back checking the book later, though, before he would be able to make any sort of attempt to sleep.

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    Re: Book reports

    Post by Josh on 20/09/14, 04:06 pm

    Everything had been chaos since the invasion, even with Nachtur itself remaining currently untouched.  It felt as though Ardith's every waking moment (and much of her dreams) was given over to coordinating relief efforts from the goblinoid city.  Any fragmentary moment she had for herself, however, was occupied with thoughts of her husband and her partner.  She taken to carrying the linked book with her throughout her day, on the off chance of incoming messages.  So it was she found herself in a rare quiet moment in her office, between meetings even she was beginning to despair of keeping separate, crafting a response to Aleyn's latest missive.

    Dearest Aleyn,

    While my heart is heavy to hear further confirmation of Grimfar's plight, I am immensely grateful to know you are still safe.  I pray our family's goddesses see you safely returned, and soon.

    I know it is largely my heart which prompts it, but I belief it safer for you to return to Nachtur rather than Highmark if at all possible.  The city is safe for the moment, and the eastern cities are mobilizing for counter-offenses.  If you can find an airship, or convince your new allies to carry you further, I believe you'll be safer than attempting the river to Highmark.

    There's no word from the other Thunderbolts by way of book, as you've seen, and I've had little luck procuring sendings.  Everyone here is occupied with the invasion, maintaining contact with the cities under assault.  Some few of my cousins are evacuating here from Highmark, though, and I know Wystan is capable of even planar sendings.  We'll get word to everyone in a week or so, including a message to Vedran.

    Ardith's hand paused over the book, a drop of ink threatening to fall to the page even as tears threatened her cheeks.  Tears were no strangers, of course, though she'd been sure to keep them private thus far, and the book was no place to spill her feelings.  She longed for Aleyn's return, to wrap her arms around him and be comforted by his reassurances that they would indeed retrieve their husband.

    I am functional, which is more than I believe the Confederacy can entirely claim at the moment.  I hope you are as well as may be possible, and I know that we will all be reunited.  Nachtur is safe, and, thus, the children and I are as well.  I haven't told them about Vedran yet, not wanting to frighten them.  Macen is accustomed to his absences, and Mhireen understands your work.  Saiya has been acting out, but I believe she's just picking up on the tension in the adults.  I know I must speak to them about what's going on soon, but it can perhaps wait a little while yet.  Edric is well, and huge, and hungry, much like myself I suppose I must admit.  The baby seems to understand something is amiss, if the kicking is any indication.  They tell me labor may come soon, as though I needed more to worry about.

    While I know it goes against the inclinations of your profession, please stay as safe as can be hoped for.

    I love you, and I miss you.

    By law and luck and love be blessed in your journey home,


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