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    Istra McLarhugh


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    Istra McLarhugh

    Post by tuck on 06/09/14, 11:14 am

    Istra Mclarhugh was born into a very large family in one of the smaller Firbolg kingdoms in Scaermar. He lived a simple life as a farmer before joining the local king’s militia as a footman. He distinguished himself in battle due to his bravery, ferocity, and natural comraderie with the men under his command, and he quickly rose through the ranks to become an important senior officer. After years of dedicated service he earned himself an early retirement on a plot of land that had been set aside for him and his family, and began his own brewery. His agreement with his lord held that as recompense for his service, he would not be taxed on his brewery or lands for the duration of his and his children’s lifetimes.

    Unfortunately, his lord soon died and passed control of the kingdom to his son, who refused to honor Istra’s agreement and sent out a messenger to inform him that he owed back taxes for the last several years. When the messenger returned empty handed, the new lord sent out a tax collector who returned with a broken arm and three missing teeth. Finally he sent out a squad of soldiers to bring Istra in. They never returned at all.

    At this point, the lord declared Istra an outlaw and put a bounty on his head for his capture. At the time, the Bloody Rose mercenary company was passing through the kingdom and saw the wanted posters for Istra and decided to take him in for some quick cash. After some reconaissance of the farm, however, they found the firbolg family armed and ready for conflict and decided that a different plan was needed to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

    Seeing Istra’s love of alcohol, Aerfen challenged him to a drinking contest. Not knowing about her poison immunities, he accepted with a laugh, and soon found himself on the losing end of a serious bender. After both competitors had passed out, the rest of Aerfen’s party quickly snatched them both up and returned to the castle for their bounty. Unfortunately, the lord decided that he wasn’t willing to pay the full bounty, and after negotiations broke down in the throne room, a hung-over and grumpy Aerfen simply released Istra’s chains and allowed him to beat the lord nearly to death.

    After witnessing his fighting prowess and knowing that he was never going to be able to live in peace in his home country any longer, Aerfen asked Istra if he would like to join her company, an offer that he eagerly accepted. What Aerfen didn’t count on was the firbolg showing up the next day with his entire extended family in tow, all of whom were going to be travelling with him. After a few interesting negotiations, it was determined that the clan would join the company as mercenaries, and since that time the McLarhugh have been among the fiercest warriors fighting under the Bloody Rose banner.

    Istra’s family:

    Lachina Mclarhugh (Mother)
    Ula McLarhugh (Wife)
    Alun Mclarhugh (Oldest son)
    Avon Mclarhugh (Middle son)
    Aodan Mclarhugh (Youngest son)
    Denny Mclarhugh (Older daughter)
    Kamryn Mclarhugh (Younger daughter)

    +other assorted

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