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    Character meme sillyness


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    Character meme sillyness

    Post by elanya on 01/04/14, 10:26 am

    A friend of mine was talking about a silly character meme they did on the OOC board for their online game. So I decided I would do it with peeps form the Star Wars game, for the lulz.

    It is one of those ones where you first make a list of 10 characters, so, as follows:
    1. Shoa
    2. Usterius
    3. Savan
    4. Attal
    5. Taun Sei
    6. Aleema
    7. Dunfa Sel
    8. Monn Lamak
    9. Kai Leed
    10. Darth Boss

    Then you read and answer the questions, which were as follows:

    1. Describe the children of 3 and 7? Are they good parents?
    2. How would 2 react to if 6 gets pregnant with 10's baby?
    3. 6 is in love with 1. 3 confesses his/her love to 6. Whom would 6 pick? Does 8 think s/he made the right choice?
    4. 5 and 2 must pretend to be a married couple. Why?
    5. 10 is moving in with 9. What do they fight about the most?
    6. How will 4 prove his/her love to 1?
    7. 7 and 4. Love at first sight?
    8. Under what circumstances could 3 and 5 have a happy end?
    9. What would 8 like to change about 9? Does 9 approve?
    10. 6 is a secret admirer. What presents will they make the wo/man of their dreams?
    11. 2 and 7 are together. Who is more protective of the other?
    12. If 10 was of the opposite gender, who from the list would he or she date?
    13. If 7 and 3 went to see a movie together who would pay, and what snacks would each want?
    14. If 10 was your parent what would he/she leave you as a family heirloom?
    15. If 2 and 6 got into an argument what would it be about? How would they settle it?

    And my answers, again for the lulz:

    1. Children of Savan and Dunfa - Ha ha ha ha, that's terrifying. And probably, thankfully, not physically possible. I will blame Taun Sei and some kind of wacky genetic engineering designed to produce a mechanically force adept warrior child. They woudl not be 'parents'. If the child was to be raised by anyone sane, it would have to be Attal.

    2. If Aleema got pregnant with Darth Boss's baby? Confused and possibly a little disgusted - also suspicious, because Aleema can take care of herself pretty well and she woudln't be having a baby she didn't want for *something*, with anyone.

    3. Aleema would just try to arrange a threesome, I suspect. I don't think she is ready to bring Shoa into the Family, and her first love will always be credits. Monn would probaby be horrified a bit, and also want to watch.

    4. Taun Sei and Usterius. Pretending to be Married. I... I... My brain is broken. Fortunatrely I can't imagine why this would ever be necessary ever @_@

    5.Darth Boss is moving in with Kai Leed. I think we saw this in game when she was possesed by Taun Sei, who was working for Boss again. Probably she *tried* to fight being possessed by Taun Sei ;_;

    6. Attal does love Shoa, in a sisterly way - I think she is very protective of her in some ways. Not in combat, but outside of it, where people might try and take advantage of her. Also just by being someone she can trust and rely on.

    7. Dunfa and Attal - love of fighting at first sight, maybe? Dunfa would love to try and take her just to know if he could. He loves a challenge?

    8. Savan and Taun Sei could only have a happy ending at each other's expense, most likely. She'd never be able to trust him, nor should she.

    9. Monn already changed the thing about Kai Leed that he wanted to change, which is that she was alive (she sort of got his family killed). Now she isn't! Hooray!

    10. I can imagine Aleema buying someone lavish anonymous gifts pretty easily: a mansion, a harem, whatever.

    11. Ah ha ha! Dunfa is not a protective person, but Usterius very much is. If they were together, it woudl definietly be Usterius (he's a terrible Sith, really. He is a straight up heretic, shhhhhh). Even in a non-romantc capacity (which is much more likely!), he tends to look out for the people in his employ.

    12. I don't think Darth Boss would be more liekly to date anyone as a girl. But it would be hilarious if 'she'd boned Jangal. But I'd say either way he'd be more liekly to try and take sexual advantage of Shoa, if he was into that.

    13. Dunfal and Savan again is it? They would see some kind of action movie. I don't even know what Geonosians eat! Savan would abstain so she wouldn't have to take off her mask. They would pay for themselves.

    14. Force sensitivity, I hope!

    15. If? If!? I am sure they have argued some about the name thing, since she refuses to call him by his Sith name, and I think he just gave up. In general they are likely to argue over payment for services rendered. Right now, Usterius can afford to be generous, and I think he is going to rely on that in the future, and hope that if/when things change, she'll remember her friends.

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    Re: Character meme sillyness

    Post by Curtana on 01/04/14, 10:48 am

    Heather tells me she has a 12-character set of questions, so here are 12 AW characters!

    1. Kallista Sinsinger
    2. Dhenirigan Crayne
    3. Vedran Callais
    4. Warryn Bloodmirth
    5. Aleyn Harrowden
    6. Samitharidan
    7. Roscoe Scrye
    8. Delona Kingfisher
    9. Alia Auselom
    10. Ardith Aethelin
    11. Ffianait
    12. Brenn Aelindar

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    Re: Character meme sillyness

    Post by elanya on 01/04/14, 10:49 am

    1. If [8] was involved with both [7] and [4] how would [7] and [4] react when they found out about one another?

    2. [2] and [5] are saying their vows when the doors are thrown open and [11] marches in demanding that the ceremony stop because [11] is in love with [5] and cannot let them marry [2]. Does [5] go back to [11] or stay with [2]?

    3. [7]has a phobia that involves [1]. What is the phobia?

    4. [9] and [12] are having a movie marathon night. What movie does [9] pick and what movie does [12] pick? Is [12] happy with [9]'s pick and vice versa?

    5. [10] is in an unhappy relationship with [4] and realizes that he/she should be with [2] instead.

    6. [3] is pregnant with [9] baby. How does [5] react?

    7. Does [3] handle commitments well?

    8. If [12] suffered from a mental disorder what would that disorder be?

    9. [1] sees [4] with [8] and knows that [8] is involved with [6]. Does [1] tell [6] that [8] is cheating or does [6] deserve to find out on his own?

    10. [11] is set up by [10], on a blind date with [7]. Does the date go smoothly, and has [11] decided that he/she wants to kill [10] before the date has ended?

    11. [2] and [3] have been dating for a year. Where does [2] choose to pop the question?

    12. [9] wants to end their relationship with [5]. How does [9] choose to do so? Heartbroken [5] has a one night stand with [3].

    13. [11] and [12] married. How does [12] handle [11] death?

    14. If there was one thing [7] could change about their life what would it be?

    15. If [5] could say anything to [10] what would they say?

    16. A drunken [8] comes home and finds [1] in bed with [11]. How does [8] react?

    17. Is a sweet love scene between [6] and [9] possible?

    18. [7] and [4] are bitter rivals. What made them rivals?

    19. Is a happily ever after possible for [1] and [12]?

    20. [4] undergoes a gender-swap. Who would he/she sleep with first? [6] or [5]?

    21. If [7] had to be stuck on a island with [2] or [3] which would [7] choose? Why?

    22. [1] and [2] are romantically involved when [1]'s original love, [11] returns from the dead. How does [1] handle the person's return?

    23. [9] is forced to choose who will live between [3] and [6]. Which one does [9] choose to live?

    24. [7] falls in love with [8]. When [7] gets the opportunity to be with [8] he/she is happy... until he/she finds out that [8] is only using him/her to get close to [2].

    ...have at :V

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    Re: Character meme sillyness

    Post by Curtana on 01/04/14, 11:27 am

    My answers:

    1. If Delona was involved with both Warryn and Roscoe, I think they would probably both be okay about it when they found out. Warryn because nothing seems to faze him, and Roscoe because he would understand it's just a part of orcish culture to have multiple mates and that's neat!

    2. Dheni and Aleyn are about to get married when Ffianait announces she's in love with Aleyn. Pretty sure given the available options, Aleyn picks Dheni to stay with :p

    3. Roscoe has a phobia that involves Kallista... maybe some post-traumatic boob exposure?

    4. Alia and Brenn movie night! I think this is basically an all-porn evening, and everyone ends up happy. So to speak.

    5. Ardith is in an unhappy relationship with Warryn. It's unhappy because she keeps not noticing he's there, and accidentally squishing him. She realizes she should be with Dheni instead because.... he's older and has more experience? I got nothing :p

    6. Vedran is pregnant with Alia's baby. Stranger things have happened :p How does Aleyn react? Surprised o_O But he does like babies, so I'm sure it would all turn out fine.

    7. Does Vedran handle commitments well? Oh yes. Far too well for his own good, some might say.

    8. Brenn would suffer from sex addiction, except not really suffering too much :p

    9. Any question that starts with "Kallista sees .... does she tell?", the answer is yes.

    10. Ffianait and Roscoe are set up on a date by Ardith. I think it would go pretty well as friends, at least. They would have lots of interesting questions for each other.

    11. Dheni and Vedran have been dating for a year, where does Dheni pop the question? Well, first of all, Dheni doesn't wait a year - he hasn't got much time left, better seize the day. But he would have a romantic proposal on an airship.

    12. Alia wants to end her relationship with Aleyn. This is easily accomplished by pointing out he isn't really interested in her. Then he has a one night stand with Vedran, just like in real life >.>

    13. Ffianait and Brenn are married, because clearly he has a thing for equines. He would probably react to her death by getting massively drunk, because that's always a good coping mechanism.

    14. If there was one thing Roscoe could change about his life... aww. He's already gotten a lot of his dreams to come true, so he would probably use his 'one change' to help someone else, like his passel of orphans.

    15. If Aleyn could say anything to Ardith... well, he can! Honesty is very important in their relationship Smile But he might like to be able to say without worrying or stressing about it that he is totally ready to knock her up, baby Wink

    16. A drunken Delona comes home to find Kallista in bed with Ffianait. Her reaction? "enh. I'm going to bed."

    17. Is a sweet love scene between Sami and Alia possible? I'm going to go with no, because Alia doesn't do sweet and Sami doesn't do love scenes.

    18. Roscoe and Warryn are bitter rivals because of FASHION. Possibly hat envy.

    19. Of course a happily ever after is possible for Kallista and Brenn, awww :3

    20. Girl!Warryn has about as much chance with Aleyn as he does with Sami, i.e. none. Sorry, Warryn, you should have stayed a boy.

    21. Roscoe has to be stuck on an island with either Dheni or Vedran. I think he would pick Dheni in order to have a wealth of things to talk about, and because he would feel bad taking Vedran away from his family. Although, Vedran could probably use a vacation...

    22. Kallista and Dheni are involved when her first love, Ffianait, returns from the dead. Kallista is so happy and excited she can't handle it, and Dheni probably gracefully retires into the background to let them be happy together.

    23. Alia has to choose between Vedran and Sami who will live or die. She picks Vedran, because frieeeends! And besides, Sami can probably ... spawn a new baby Sami or something, who knows how that even works.

    24. Roscoe falls in love with Delona, but that crafty half-orc is only using him to get close to Dheni, who is apparently now on the rebound from all the other people he's been involved with :p Roscoe says flesh-people are confusing, why couldn't she just go talk to Dheni herself?

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    Re: Character meme sillyness

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