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    Ffianait's abnormalities


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    Ffianait's abnormalities

    Post by Curtana on 01/02/14, 11:56 pm

    For anyone who might be playing her if I'm late/missing from game, here are the ways in which her sheet differs from the version that's on the builder:

    Size Large (obv.)
    +1 Reflex
    + 3 Speed
    no Dwarven racial features
    Languages: Elven, Giant
    +2 to Endurance and Nature

    Charger: +4 damage when making an attack as part of a charge.
    Quick Kick (Encounter, Immediate Reaction when a creature moves into a space where it flanks you) Targets triggering creature: Str. Dex. or Con. +2 vs. Ref. 1d6 + Str, Dex or Con mod damage, push the target 1 square and knock it prone.

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