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    Late Night Rreassurances


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    Late Night Rreassurances

    Post by elanya on 07/12/13, 03:45 pm

    Because I eventually gave up on a good title and posted from work, I apparently forgot to link it here!

    Late Night Reassurances(2726 words)
    Rating: Mature
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Ardith Aethelin/Vedran Callais/Aleyn Harrowden, Ardith Aethelin/Vedran Callais
    Characters: Vedran Callais, Ardith Aethelin
    Additional Tags: Marriage, Polyamory, Past Abuse, Dominance and Submission, Trust, Honesty, Late Night Conversations, Love, Established Relationship, relationship building, Control Issues

    Summary: Ardith expected to find Vedran buried in blankets and asleep, as he hadn't lit a fire. Instead, he was sitting up against the wall, wrapped in one of his robes, awake, and watching her. He shook his head, breaking off immediately when their eyes met.

    "Sorry," he muttered, and she knew instantly just where his mind had wandered, and that her worries were not as groundless as she'd hoped.

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