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    League Profile-Samkiel


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    League Profile-Samkiel

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 11/03/10, 01:32 am

    Samkiel has always been the sort of genius written about in human interest pages in the newspapers. She graduated Brown University at ten with a bachelors in Psychology, and went on to earn masters in chemistry, biology, anthropology, and physics. While working on her PHD in chemistry, she grew bored. She knew the material inside and out, and she had spent her entire life in a classroom. She enrolled herself in various martial arts classes, and by the time she turned twenty one she had mastered several kinds. She learned something new while learning to fight, as well.
    She had never before ventured out of her proverbial ivory tower. She'd taken classes with other people, sure, but had never paid attention to them, preferring to instead shoot ahead in the classwork. But now, she realized a fundamental truth of the universe.
    People are stupid. It took most of them two decades to get to college, for goodness sake! She couldn't stand it. It made her sick just thinking about how stupid the masses were, and she knew on her twenty second birthday that she had to do something. She set up an alternate identity for herself, one that she could operate freely under, and with that she established herself as a villain to be feared in New York City.
    Her reputation grew, and within a few years of terror, she was invited to join the League.

    Power: Invisibility
    Nemesis: Quantam Inertia

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