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    Ffianait's backstory


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    Ffianait's backstory

    Post by Curtana on 17/11/13, 04:09 pm

    Ffianait is a 26 year old centaur who grew up in a nomadic group called the Hidrek (consisting mostly of her extended family) in Scaermar.  She was the youngest of her immediate family and was somewhat spoiled and indulged as a child, particularly by her father, Ebren, a skilled hunter who often took her along with him and taught her the ways of the land.  She also has two older sisters, Gwennail and Talwynn, neither of whom was ever as interested in fighting and hunting, and who picked on her somewhat due to what they perceived as their father's favoritism towards his youngest daughter.  

    Her tribe maintained polite relations with a group of firbolg, the Breeoth, whose territory overlapped with theirs - at least partly out of an instinct for self-preservation, because the firbolg were useful allies against the neogi who occasionally would attack wandering centaurs in order to take them as slaves.  For many people this was purely a businesslike arrangement - trading might sometimes take place, and the groups might coordinate their travels or hunting so that they would not get in each others' way - but for some, friendships developed.  Ffianait's father in particular had become acquainted with another hunter from the firbolg tribe, and his son, Connal, was close in age to Ffianait, so they would often play together when brought along on hunting trips.  

    It was customary among her people for the smaller family groups to gather together at certain holidays for trade, exchanging news, and for young people to meet potential mates.  Traditionally, it would be the women who would leave their family group and join their new partner's tribe.  Ffianait saw each of her sisters in their turn depart for their new lives, leaving behind the family they had grown up with, knowing they would only see them again perhaps once a year, if that.  She decided that this wasn't what she wanted for herself.  Instead, she decided she wanted to join the Wild Hunt, like her friend Connal would do when he was old enough.  Despite her family's reservations about this plan, she was stubborn and determined to do whatever it took.      

    At first the Hunt was reluctant to admit her, even with the support of her firbolg allies - she had to work twice as hard to prove herself.  But eventually, her indisputable skill and bravery and loyalty won over enough support among the firbolg that she was admitted into the Hunt.  Her family also began to perceive the usefulness of having a member of their group with closer ties to the firbolg, since marriage between the two groups was neither culturally accepted nor biologically productive - this was, in a way, the next best thing for helping to ally the two tribes more closely.  

    Being part of the Wild Hunt was primarily a social and cultural activity among the Breeoth, and its members gained prestige and prominence in the firbolg community more broadly.  Ffianait didn't expect that her involvement would entail actually being caught up in the complicated politics of the Feywild, though she understood that firbolg society spanned the planes and she might sometimes be called upon during a hunt to cross the border between the worlds.  She always expected she would be able to return to her home somehow, however.  

    One stormy night the Hunt was summoned - not for the usual wild beast or dangerous fey creature, but against a minor lord of the fey by the name of Renowden.  He had evidently offended his superiors beyond the point of forgiveness, and a bounty had been placed on his head.  Ffianait cared little what he was supposed to have done; all she knew was that it would be an exciting hunt, very challenging and even dangerous, but rewarding.  The hunt tracked him to a heavily forested area, where the very trees seemed to try and fend them off.  His ruses were numerous, and the group became divided and confused in the dark.  

    Ffianait stuck with Connal, and the two of them were fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be the first ones to corner the fey lord in a rocky warren.  His voice seemed to echo around them, disorienting the two hunters until they no longer knew what direction to face.  Connal argued that they should wait for others of their hunting band, but Ffianait was determined to gain the glory of capturing the fugitive themselves.  As they drew closer, Renowden's mocking words became offers of riches if they allowed him to escape.  He spoke of a great treasure he had concealed nearby, and said that he would reveal its location to them if they would call off their hunt.  Connal was drawn in by this trickery (or by a charm effect), and against Ffianait's warnings he turned his attention to the indicated hiding place, at the stump of what had once been a mighty oak tree.  Unfortunately, although Renowden had revealed the location of the treasure, he had not mentioned its curse - as soon as Connal touched a single gem, he was turned to stone.   In her distraction at trying to rescue her friend, Ffianait allowed her prey to escape.                  

    The rest of the hunt continued their pursuit without her - she refused to leave Connal behind.  She heard rumours that Renowden evaded capture that night, but she is uncertain whether this is true or not, or whether he has subsequently been killed or caught.  Stranded in the Feywild, she was left to try and figure out a way to gain her friend's freedom and get them both home.  She was lucky enough to find her way to Lady Kumiho's court and hopes that, with her support, she will eventually find someone who is capable of break the curse on Connal.  In the meanwhile, she has managed to have him transported closer to her, and he is presently decorating Lady Kumiho's garden, where Ffianait will go and sit by him and talk to him as often as she's able.   As a possibly-relevant side-note, when she returned to the stump of the oak tree where he formerly stood, the treasure was gone...

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