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    List of named NPCS


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    List of named NPCS

    Post by elanya on 28/06/13, 06:08 pm

    Family Members:
    Donna Carpenter - Addie's mom
    Reginald (Reggie) Carpenter - Addie's dad
    Nathan Court - Lil's dad [Ian Somerhalder]
    Daphne Emery - David and Madison's ghost mom. [Emma Caulfield]
    Patrick Emery - Football Coach - David and Madison's dad.  [Liev Scrieber]
    Dante Smith - Noah's dad. [Yasiin Bey]
    Regina Teller - Noah's mom.  [Gina Torres]
    Lucille (Lucy) Winters - Cecelia's sister [Crystal Reed]
    Michelle Winters - Cecelia's Mom [Patricia Clarkson]
    Timothy Winters - Cecelia's dad [Stanley Tucci]
    Rachel Court - Lil's aunt [Kat Dennings]
    Max - the Court's new dog. Whose owner was totally eaten by an ancient sleeping hunger in the hills. [corgle]

    Teachers and School Administrators
    Mrs. Barton - Cheer coach
    Mr. Campbell - Principle.  [Bruce Campbell]
    Ms. Curtis - Shop/Mechanics teacher
    Miss Jackson - Digital media/Computer Lab
    Mrs. Peddleton - Film studies teacher
    Mr. Phillips - Drama Teacher. [Noah Taylor]
    Mr. Schoepke - Stage management teacher [Burn Gorman]
    Kristen Vogel - Substitute art teacher/coach Emmery's new girlfriend/terrible cook. [Mhairi Calvey]
    Mrs. Zelinsky - Art Studio (out on leave)

    Football Players and other students:
    Alex Hunter (Brad and Alex throw faaaabulous parties.  Together.  because they are Very Close Friends.)
    Brad Doyle (football player)
    Craig (football player)
    Jason (football player)
    Carla (ex cheerleader) with her baby, Evan

    Community members:
    Rowan Jibsby - manager at the goodwill and local witch, Lil's magic contact. [Rose Leslie]
    Irene Gardiner - David and Madison's maternal grandmother. [Helen Miren]
    Troll Matt
    Joan - the Sidhe who run's Oberon's, and who killed The Rogue in the 1920's, took his power, and then abdicated. [Virginia Hankins]
    Dennis "Den" Graves - The Community College guy who as sort of roped in to helping us with the theatre ghosts
    [Felix Martinsson]
    Jim Graves - Den's grandfather, a local expert on ghosts [Bill Murray]
    Other Graves family: Phillip and Tammy (parents), Dylan (brother, 14)
    Martin Winthrow - Art gallery owner who did not practice safe hex [David Tennant]

    Alan White - the man who murdered Peter Hillstrom and stole his ring (we planted something on him that Lenore had stolen, possibly a watch) [Jeff Bridges]
    Suzi - Ancient Sumerian Witch (probably)
    Abraham Davidson - Hermit out in the woods tending the eater in the Dark [Ron Perlman]

    Dead People
    Andrea Helman - Lil's mother [young Christina Ricci]
    Harold Emery - David and Madison's paternal grandfather
    Peter Hillstrom - The academic who was murdered and became a Draugr [Michael Caine]

    (add more people as we come up with them, and I can edit them into the master list!)

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