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    Madison Laurel Emery


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    Madison Laurel Emery

    Post by Curtana on 26/05/13, 09:59 pm

    Madison Laurel Emery

    Age: 15 16
    Birthday:  October 18th
    Hair: Blonde, wavy
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 5'3"

    Attributes:  15
    Strength: 3
    Dexterity: 4
    Constitution: 2
    Intelligence: 3
    Perception: 3 5
    Willpower: 2 3

    Skills: 15
    Acrobatics: 5
    Art: 1
    Computers: 1
    Doctor: 1 2
    Getting Medieval: 1
    Gun Fu: 1
    Influence: 4
    Kung Fu: 1 2 3
    Knowledge: 2
    Necromancy: 1 (1/31/2016)
    Notice: 3
    Occultism: 1
    Science: 1
    Sports: 3

    Necromantic Powers:

    Death Lordship - 1. Expel Spirit (1/31/2016)

    Death Speech - 1. Glimpse the Dead (1/31/2016)

    Death Vessel - 1. Invite Spirit (1/31/2016)
    2. Aware Possession (1/31/2016)

    Essence Points: 35 (18 from Old Soul)
    Drama Points: 20
    Life Points: 30

    Qualities: 10
    Attractiveness 2
    Fast Reaction Time 2
    Psychic Visions 1
    Situational Awareness 2
    Jock 3 (-1 to buy off related drawback)
    Old Soul 3 (bought on 8/18/2013)

    Drawbacks: up to 10
    Covetous (mild): Ambition 1
    Recurring Nightmares 1
    Teenager 2
    Love 2

    Experience points spent (7/14/2013)
    5 for Getting Medieval 1
    4 for Doctor 2
    4 for Kung Fu 2
    12 for Old Soul 3 (which also increased her Attributes and Essence)
    5 for Computers 1
    5 for Occultism 1
    6 for Kung Fu 3
    2 for Necromancy 1
    3 for Expel Spirit
    3 for Glimpse the Dead
    3 for Invite Spirit
    3 for Aware Possession

    Remaining: 14

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    Re: Madison Laurel Emery

    Post by Curtana on 02/06/13, 09:26 pm


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    Re: Madison Laurel Emery

    Post by Curtana on 09/06/13, 04:16 am

    Madison is the younger of two children of Patrick and Daphne Emery. She is ambitious and driven to succeed, partly due to feeling somewhat overshadowed by her older brother David and the attention he gets (positive or negative) from their father. Their mother died six years ago, when Madison was nine, in a car accident. Madison's last memory of her mother is of her coming into her bedroom late at night to check on her, just standing and looking at her. When she realized Madison was awake, she told her not to worry, but just to go back to sleep and have sweet dreams. It wouldn't have been memorable at all, except that the following morning Mom wasn't there when they got up. Her car was found later that day, in an isolated, wooded area off Hillcrest Road, about 10 miles north of Ashland. It seemed that she had driven off the road, possibly in foggy conditions. No one was sure why she was in that area, as she had no known reason to be out there.

    It was shortly after her mother's death that Madison's nightmares started. Sometimes the content was fairly easily explained (car accidents, losing her mother in the woods or fog, etc.) but she also has recurring nightmares of drowning, and of being trapped or confined. In an effort to try and keep the nightmares away, she began imagining that her mother's spirit was watching over her and was able to protect her from the bad dreams. It might just have been a child's coping mechanism, but it did help a little bit - whenever her mother appeared in her dream, she would usually have some message of comfort or guidance for her, even if it only helped her to wake up and realize it was only a dream. To Madison's surprise, however, more recently she has begun experiencing similar messages while she's fully awake. She interprets these little flashes of insight (or whatever they are) as her mother still watching over her, although she would be reluctant to admit this to anyone - apart from her brother, whom she has told about them (after swearing him to secrecy).

    To all external appearances, Madison is pretty, popular, and successful, if perhaps a bit overly intense and serious for her age. She is a solid if not brilliant student, with a particular interest in civics, history, and theater. She has been on the cheerleading squad since she was a freshman, and enjoys the sport as much for the attention it brings her as for the athletic challenges. This year she is her class's representative on the Student Senate. She strives to do her best in everything, and is something of a perfectionist.

    Madison's relationship with her brother is close, if sometimes difficult. Although close in age, they are very different in a lot of ways, and she fears that his 'weirdness' may impact negatively on her ambition to be normal and popular. She also resents to some extent that their father pays more attention to David than to her (although this may partly just be her perception, and/or their father's greater ease interacting with a boy.) Nevertheless, she is protective of David, and worried over his recent run-ins with authority figures.

    For a while now, Madison has had a crush on her brother's friend and teammate Noah, although she hasn't said anything about it to him, partly just due to nerves (and expecting David would make fun of her and/or think it was creepy and/or get overprotective of her) but partly because of his reputation for numerous casual hook-ups, which isn't what she wants from him.

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    Re: Madison Laurel Emery

    Post by Curtana on 06/09/15, 01:20 pm

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    Re: Madison Laurel Emery

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