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    Second Chance


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    Second Chance

    Post by elanya on 20/05/13, 08:28 pm

    Second Chance (8191 words)
    Rating: Mature (sexuality but no sex - bodies very much present!)
    Relationships: Ardith Aethelin/Vedran Callais/Aleyn Harrowden
    Characters: Aleyn Harrowden, Ardith Aethelin, Vedran Callais
    Additional Tags: Wedding Night, Polyamory, Polyamory Negotiations, Past Abuse, Anxiety, Past Sexual Abuse, past emotional/psychological abuse, Confessions, Kissing, Undressing, Overly-Complicated Underwear, Crying, Catharsis, Communication, Romance, Love, Weddings, wedding vows
    Summary: Ardith, Vedran, and Aleyn spend their first night together as a married triad. It's not a typical marriage, and it is far from a typical wedding night.

    "We'll be out of here soon," she promised quietly.

    Ardith couldn't know the panic the idea elicited in him – Vedran hadn't told her.

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