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    David Justin Emery


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    David Justin Emery

    Post by tuck on 17/05/13, 10:14 am

    Age: 16
    Birthday: November 9th
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Height: 5'9"

    David is the oldest child of Patrick Emery, head coach of the Ashland High football program. His father was a star lineman in his high school days and has pushed David to follow in his footsteps, drafting him onto the team as quarterback despite David's protests. David has minimal talent and virtually no interest in football, but his inability to stand up to his father or to find his own course in life has so far kept him firmly on the field despite the resentment it causes him from teammates and other students who think he is using his father's position to gain an undeserved spot on the team.

    David has long struggled with identity issues partly based on his father's overbearing nature and his mother's death in a car accident six years ago. He is passive by nature, often considered a slacker by his teachers. Although he is incredibly smart, he has never found anything worth applying himself to, either in or out of school. Until now he has drifted through life, without any real purpose.

    Only very recently has he begun to remotely suspect that there might be something else out there, something worth his time and effort. When his grandfather died last year, David was helping to clean out his attic when he stumbled upon an ancient book, bound in leather and filled with what appeared to be Latin text and drawings of strange creatures and occult diagrams. David has become somewhat obsessed with the book, enrolling in Latin class and attempting to find translations online. So far, however, the book seems to elude his attempts to translate it, appearing to be written in some kind of obscure cipher that he has yet to crack.

    Strength: 2
    Dexterity: 3
    Constitution: 2
    Intelligence: 4
    Perception: 3
    Willpower: 3

    Computers: 4
    Crime: 3
    Driving: 1
    Gun Fu: 1
    Knowledge: 2
    Languages: 1
    Notice: 3
    Occultism: 3
    Science: 2
    Sports: 2

    Essence: 41
    Life Points: 38

    Symbols of Protection 1
    Elemental Earth 2
    Soulfire 2
    Elemental Air 1
    Elemental Water 1
    Elemental Fire 1

    Good Luck: -2
    Hard to Kill: -2
    Nerd: -2 (bought off social stigma)
    Occult Library (Impressive): -3
    Fast reaction time: -2
    Increased Essence (+10): -2
    Essence Channeling lvl 4: -10

    Bad Luck: +2
    Teenager: +2
    Clown: +1
    Addiction (cigarettes): +1
    Mental Problems (Obsession) (Occult knowledge): +1

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    Re: David Justin Emery

    Post by tuck on 31/05/13, 09:34 am

    Red Day:

    Period 1: Latin II
    Period 2: Algebra II
    Period 3: Film as Literature
    Period 4: Guitar for Fun

    White Day:

    Period 5: AP World History
    Period 6: Anatomy and Physiology
    Period 7: Library Media Center Aide

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    Re: David Justin Emery

    Post by tuck on 21/07/13, 05:58 pm

    Raised Occult to 2 (4 points spent).
    Bought level 1 of Symbols of Protection (5 points)
    Bought level 1 of Elemental Earth (5 points)
    Raised essence channeling to 3 (4 points)
    Raised notice to 3 (6 points)
    Raised essence +10 (5 points)
    Buy off Loner Drawback (1 point)
    Raised Elemental Earth to 2 (4 points)
    Raised Occultism to 3 (6 points)
    Raised essence channeling to 4 (4 points)
    Raised Occult Library to level 3 (2 points)
    Bought Soulfire Invocation level 1 (5 points)
    Bought Elemental Water Invocation (5 points)
    Bought Elemental Air Invocation (5 points)
    Bought Elemental Fire Invocation (5 points)
    Raised Essence +10 (5 points)
    Raised soulfire to level 2 (4 points)

    72 points spent

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    Re: David Justin Emery

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