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    Chaddimus Chadsky

    Post by ivy91189 on 09/03/10, 09:22 pm

    Chaddimus Chadsky grew up the up the younger son of a wealthy and emotionally detached couple. As a child he learned to play by himself and avoid his aggressive older brother Brad. When he reached middle school, Chad was sent away to a boarding school not far from his Massachusetts home. On one of his solitary walks around campus, he was followed back to his dormitory by a huge and furry gray cat with a perpetually disgruntled air about him. When the cat refused to leave, Chad named him Thompson after his somewhat sadistic gym teacher. It was also at school that he realized his preference for men, and he is still in the closet where his family is concerned. His first relationship was with a rugby player named Eric. Upon graduation, Eric left Chad for women, and Chad has stayed single until Nils came along.

    Chad moved to College Station to attend Texas A&M because it was a family tradition. He plans to attend vet school eventually, so it fits into his plans anyways. Joining the fraternity was not his idea, but his father encouraged him to join Brad as a brother in Sigma Pi. A few weeks earlier, he met Nils at Halo. Chad had avoided relationships since the Eric incident, but he became very fond of Nils and continued to, at least, casually pursue something more with Nils.

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