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    Hand in hand


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    Hand in hand

    Post by Curtana on 05/04/13, 04:20 pm

    Hand in hand (2128 words)
    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Ardith Aethelin/Vedran Callais/Aleyn Harrowden
    Characters: Ardith Aethelin, Aleyn Harrowden
    Additional Tags: Awkward Conversations, Platonic Romance, Engagement, Polyamory Negotiations, Polyamory, Gay Male Character, Feelings, it's complicated - Freeform, POV Female Character, Friendship/Love, Domestic, Dragonborn - Freeform, April Showers 2013, Group Marriage, Wedding Planning, Wedding Rings, Family, Class Issues

    Summary: Ardith waited near the jeweler's shop in Fairmont, wondering where her fiancés were. Before the dragonborn woman could get too worried or impatient, she spotted Aleyn's lanky form descending from a hired carriage. He waved to her and hurried up to the little sheltered overhang where she stood. "I'm so sorry, Vedran had a last-minute meeting come up - he'll be with us as soon as he can, but it'll probably be an hour or so, and he asked me to come and let you know so you wouldn't be kept waiting, and he says he's sorry but it's with Lord... uh, somebody Varades, he's been trying to get to see him for weeks, and it sounded important anyway, but I know he felt really bad..."

    She smiled and held up a hand to still his nervous babbling. "It's fine, Aleyn, the rings aren't going anywhere. Maybe until Vedran is able join us we can take a walk together - provided the rain holds off," she added with a glance at the grey clouds.

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