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    Seasons (16121 words)
    Rating: Explicit
    Warnings: Underage
    Relationships: Agizul/Vedran Callais
    Characters: Agizul, Vedran Callais
    Additional Tags: Don't Have to Know Canon, Backstory, Coming of Age, Cultural Differences, Worldbuilding, Romance, Tieflings, Age Difference, Disabled Character, Amputation, Physical Disability, Family, Siblings, Cousins, Fantasy Nomads, Fantasy, Relationship Advice, Priests, Avandra, Scars, Hand Jobs, Oral Sex, Size Kink, Tails, tail sex, Deepthroating, Fingerfucking, Sex Education, First Time, Horses, Archery, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Size Difference, Homophobia, Gay Male Character, Bisexual Male Character, Half-elves, Slavery, Teen Angst, Teenagers, Character of Faith, Elves, April Showers 2013
    Summary: When he was younger, Vedran's father sent him to live in Ahkas. He did a lot of growing up.

    "Your mystery man is out again," Merlyn drawled, leaning casually against the fountain.

    "Where?" Vedran perked up. "What's he doing?"

    "Up on that platform again, and I think he's just watching the girls, too." He flicked a finger discretely, but his cousin had already picked him out. At least Vedran didn't ask the usual questions - who was he? What was he doing up there? Why was he always wearing that same brown covering robe? And what was the little group of tiefling nomads doing in the city at all? Merlyn still didn't have the answers.

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