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    A proposition for Tavya


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    A proposition for Tavya

    Post by Curtana on 19/03/13, 02:10 pm

    (for background context)
    <Aleyn> maybe Aleyn's mom insisted on having congratulations for V Smile
    <Vedran> hee
    <Vedran> yeah
    <Vedran> she heard it was his birthday soon Wink
    <Aleyn> yes!
    <Aleyn> but she can be occupied with kids now, for the sake of not having to play her Wink


    * Vedran sits back in his chair, sipping his coffee
    * Aleyn as well.
    <Aleyn> She's happy, really. I know sometimes her ways of showing it are a bit...
    * Aleyn shrugs, but smiles.
    <Aleyn> It was the grandchildren that suckered her in, for what it's worth.
    <Vedran> Why am I not surprised?
    <Vedran> She seemed to like Macen quite a lot, the time I brought him over, at least
    * Vedran smiles
    * Aleyn glances up at the sounds of his mother trying to get Alynna and Teyra to take a nap.
    <Vedran> I hope she'll like Ardith too...
    <Aleyn> Oh... yeah, I hope so too.
    <Aleyn> I don't think there's any reason she shouldn't. She likes people who .... hm, what's the word I'm looking for...
    <Aleyn> People who know their responsibilities, and work on them.
    <Aleyn> there's not really a word for that I guess.
    <Vedran> hmm
    * Vedran nods
    <Aleyn> But I should say Ardith fits the bill.
    * Tavya comes in, banging the door behind her.
    <Tavya> Hey is there any breakfast still?
    * Tavya calls to whoever is around.
    <Aleyn> Oh, hey Tavvy. There's coffee, at least, and some bread and jam and stuff.
    * Vedran looks up then glances at Aleyn briefley then smiling at the newcomer
    <Tavya> You! That's unexpected... and this must be Vedran Very Happy
    <Aleyn> Yeah. Vedran, this is my sister Tavya.
    * Tavya sticks out her hand.
    <Tavya> Hi! I've heard a lot about you, I'm glad we finally got to meet!
    <Vedran> Hello, nice to meet you
    * Vedran will stand to shake her hand
    <Vedran> I've heard plenty about you as well - I think you;re the last sibling too, somehow
    * Tavya is cute and little and curvy and has curly hair and is pretty much the opposite of Aleyn and every other Harrowden sibling.
    <Vedran> that I hadn't met
    <Tavya> Yeah, I work weird hours, so I don't come around for meals as much, usually I'm sleeping.
    <Tavya> But I was starving today so I figured I'd come find food before I crash.
    * Vedran nods
    <Vedran> well, nice to meet you, in any case
    <Vedran> we were just having some coffee
    * Tavya nods.
    * Aleyn goes to the kitchen and brings her back some coffee, plus the aforementioned bread and jam
    <Tavya> Gods, thanks.
    * Tavya flops down into a chair.
    * Vedran sits back down
    <Tavya> Were you guys here for breakfast?
    <Aleyn> Just the tail end.
    * Tavya snickers.
    <Aleyn> ... oh stop it.
    <Vedran> oh right
    <Tavya> Sorry, Kallista told me about the look on your face...
    <Vedran> you're friends with Kallista, right?
    <Tavya> Yeah, she's really fun Smile
    <Tavya> Is she still away?
    <Vedran> yes, she and the rest of the team probably will be for a while
    <Tavya> I figured... hope she's okay. well, everyone.
    <Aleyn> As far as we know, they're fine.
    * Vedran nods
    <Vedran> I've been checking in with them occasionally - I can tell her you say hi
    * Tavya beams
    <Tavya> That would be great Very Happy
    * Tavya shovels some bread and jam into her mouth.
    <Aleyn> Busy night at the Rack?
    <Tavya> You have no idea, ugh. It was swamped.
    * Tavya says between bites.
    <Tavya> I've gotta get out of there. My feet are killing me.
    * Aleyn gives Vedran a glance
    <Aleyn> Well...
    * Vedran gives a sort of 'go ahead' shrug
    <Aleyn> I was thinking, if you were interested...
    * Tavya turns to look at her brother, puzzled
    <Aleyn> ...that I might have some kids soon. And I could use some help with taking care of them.
    <Tavya> You're... having kids? o_O
    <Aleyn> Adopting.
    * Aleyn adds hastily.
    <Vedran> . o O (For now)
    * Vedran sips his coffee
    <Tavya> How many kids? Where'd you find them? How old are they?
    <Aleyn> Uh...
    * Vedran grins
    <Vedran> Two
    <Vedran> at Roscoe's Orphanage
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Vedran> and... three and...five?
    <Aleyn> About that. I'm not exactly sure.
    <Vedran> they might not be either
    <Tavya> Oh my gods!
    <Tavya> That's so amazing, Aleyn Very Happy you are going to be an awesome dad, I bet.
    * Tavya leans over to give her brother a hug.
    <Aleyn> I hope so... Vedran already is, so he can give me pointers Smile
    <Vedran> well... I'm a dad, anyway >.>
    <Vedran> I just have an amazing kid Smile
    <Tavya> Are you... gonna be their dad?
    * Tavya asks Vedran
    * Vedran glances at Aleyn
    * Aleyn sort of shrugs in a 'might as well' way.
    <Vedran> Well... that's the idea.
    * Tavya grins even more.
    <Tavya> That's so sweet :3
    <Vedran> thanks
    <Aleyn> It's kind of complicated... but yes.
    <Tavya> Complicated?
    <Aleyn> Well...
    * Aleyn still doesn't have much practice with explaining this yet @_@
    <Vedran> We're stilll sorting everything out right now
    <Aleyn> Yeah.
    <Aleyn> But we'll get it worked out, and then I can explain things more.
    <Tavya> Okay...
    <Vedran> The gist of the complication is... I have to marry someone else. Fortunately she is very accommodating, and lovely.
    <Tavya> oh. oh, well... that's okay then?
    <Vedran> it is
    <Vedran> Smile
    <Tavya> if she's okay with Aleyn.
    * Vedran nods
    <Aleyn> She is.
    <Vedran> I made sure of that.
    <Aleyn> She's nice, I hope you'll like her when you get a chance to meet her.
    <Aleyn> will definitely get to know her well, if you want to help out with the kids Smile
    * Aleyn hints again
    <Tavya> Oh, heh.
    <Tavya> ... you'd pay me for that? I mean, it hardly seems fair, for family.
    * Aleyn shrugs.
    <Aleyn> We could work out the details.
    * Vedran nods in agreement
    <Aleyn> And I might need a lady to take to fancy parties once in a while, if you think you'd enjoy that Wink
    * Tavya laughs.
    * Vedran grins
    <Vedran> Probably more than he would
    <Aleyn> They are really not as much fun as you'd imagine Wink
    * Aleyn teases
    <Vedran> they can be ;p
    <Tavya> Are there more cute guys like him there? Wink
    <Aleyn> Well, maybe not exactly like him, but ... yes, cute guys are often present.
    * Aleyn says with a smile to Vedran
    <Vedran> I even know many of them
    <Aleyn> Definitely better odds than at the Rack of Antlers.
    * Vedran smiles back
    <Tavya> ... tempting.
    * Tavya sips her coffee.
    <Aleyn> You don't have to decide right now.
    <Aleyn> It'll still be a little while before we get everything settled.
    * Vedran nods
    <Tavya> Okay. I'll give it some thought.
    <Tavya> It's pretty cool, you guys doing this...
    <Aleyn> Which part?
    <Tavya> I meant the kids, but I guess all of it.
    * Tavya gives Aleyn a searching look that is momentarily very reminiscent of their mother.
    <Aleyn> It's all good, Tav. Really.
    * Aleyn reassures her.
    <Tavya> Okay.
    * Vedran smiles
    <Vedran> I'm trying to keep him happy, anyway Wink
    <Tavya> Well, you must be doing a good job so far Wink
    * Aleyn smiles and blushes a little.
    <Vedran> I hope so!
    <Vedran> I've got to have something to offer in exchange for all these complications
    <Aleyn> I think so. I mean, I feel the same, too...
    <Tavya> You are too adorable.
    * Vedran takes his turn to blush a little
    <Tavya> So... does Mom know?
    <Aleyn> Yeah, she knows. She was very understanding, actually.
    <Aleyn> More grandchildren.
    <Tavya> More grandchildren.
    * Aleyn and Tavya say simultaneously, and laugh.
    * Vedran grins
    <Aleyn> But for now at least, I'd like to keep it quiet... just until things are more settled.
    <Vedran> yes, please
    <Tavya> Sure. I can keep it secret.
    <Vedran> thank you
    <Aleyn> Even from Lystra and our brothers and all.
    * Tavya nods, a bit more slowly.
    <Aleyn> But Kallista will know, so you can talk to her about it - once she's back, that is.
    <Tavya> And Brenn?
    <Vedran> Yes, and brenn...
    <Aleyn> ... you know Brenn too?
    <Vedran> Have you met him?
    * Vedran asks at the same time as Aleyn
    <Vedran> ...
    <Tavya> Oh, a couple times Smile
    <Vedran> Do we want to know :V
    <Aleyn> No.
    <Vedran> heh
    * Tavya just smirks.
    * Vedran also smirks and shakes his head
    * Aleyn sighs and similarly shakes his head.
    <Aleyn> Maybe I shouldn't take you to noble parties.
    <Tavya> I can be good!
    <Tavya> ... ish.
    <Aleyn> Incorrigible.
    * Aleyn says, but smiles slightly.
    * Vedran smiles as well
    <Vedran> It was nice to meet you, in any case - but I'm afraid I have to get going here shorty, and I shuld say goodbye to your mother before I do
    <Tavya> It was really nice to meet you finally, Vedran.
    <Tavya> (lol you don't get to call her shorty Wink
    <Vedran> (shortly!)
    <Tavya> (hee)
    <Vedran> You too, Tavya
    <Aleyn> You, go get some sleep.
    * Aleyn instructs her protectively.
    <Tavya> Ugh, I might just sneak upstairs and steal my old room for a couple hours, I'm too tired to walk home.
    * Aleyn ruffles her hair and she twists away and makes a face, but smiles.
    <Aleyn> I'll let you know when things are closer to settled. Think about it.
    * Tavya nods.
    <Tavya> I will, I promise.
    * Tavya gives him another hug
    * Aleyn hugs her back and then sends her off for sleep.

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