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    Vinalia's guide to being a kept (wo)man


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    Vinalia's guide to being a kept (wo)man

    Post by elanya on 17/02/13, 05:32 pm

    * Vinalia would let Aleyn he is welcome to stay here so that he can be here when Vedran gets home
    * Aleyn will accept gratefully
    <Vinalia> we can have a quiet dinner and play cards :)
    <Vinalia> not too many forks, I promise
    <Aleyn> That sounds nice :)
    * Vinalia says, smiling with a twinkle in her eye
    * Aleyn is still kind of nervous/tense, but will manage to smile back for her.
    <Vinalia> we don't even have to sit in the dining room - the parlour is warmer anyway
    <Aleyn> all right
    <Vinalia> good!
    * Aleyn will still make the effort to dress nice for dinner, at least, even if not super-fancy.
    * Vinalia is dressed rather causally, really, in a comfortable house robe, because it is her house damnit, and she likes being comfortable ;)(
    <Aleyn> thank you for inviting me
    <Vinalia> (I assume we can have a nice, simple one course meal ;)
    <Aleyn> (sounds good :)
    <Vinalia> well of course!
    <Aleyn> I hope we aren't getting on your nerves too much.
    <Vinalia> Can't have you sitting at home alone worrying about how things are going
    <Vinalia> and not at all
    <Aleyn> it'll probably be nice to have your house back to yourself soon...
    <Vinalia> Oh I could never stand being alone too long
    * Vinalia says, smiling
    * Aleyn smiles back shyly.
    * Aleyn picks at his food a bit, not a lot of appetite tonight.
    <Vinalia> Vedran told me about your place - I can't decide if I can understand the need for someone from such a large family to have any personal space, or if you just don't spend that much time there ;)
    <Aleyn> A bit of both, I suppose.
    <Aleyn> It was what I could afford, and I didn't feel like I needed more at the time I moved there... wasn't really planning on a lot of company.
    <Aleyn> And, like you said, I'm not there a whole lot. I would either be at work or at my mother's house a lot of the time anyway.
    * Vinalia nods
    <Vinalia> that seemed about right
    <Vinalia> about what I imagined, I mean
    * Aleyn nods
    <Vinalia> I hope they haven't been missing you too much while you've been up here!
    * Vinalia smiles
    <Vinalia> (brb food)
    <Aleyn> Oh... I imagine they're okay. I try to get down to see them once a week or so if I can, at least.
    <Aleyn> even if only for a meal or a short visit.
    <Aleyn> I... I haven't really told them much about what's going on here.
    <Vinalia> oh?
    <Aleyn> well... I don't know how much to talk about, before we know anything firm.
    <Aleyn> and I'm not sure how they'll take it.
    <Vinalia> what part?
    <Vinalia> the idea of you being involved with a married man?
    <Aleyn> .... about him getting married, but keeping me too.
    * Aleyn nods
    <Aleyn> I guess I'm worried they'll say he's ... taking advantage of me, typical noble, whatever :/
    <Vinalia> :/
    <Vinalia> I know he worries about that
    <Aleyn> everyone seems to...
    <Aleyn> even Ardith said so.
    <Vinalia> but not you?
    <Aleyn> I don't know. I don't feel taken advantage of.
    <Aleyn> He's gone out of his way to make me feel welcome... to try and make things comfortable for me... introduced me to you, and his friends and stuff...
    * Vinalia nods
    <Aleyn> ... he could have just told me it was over, but he hasn't.
    * Vinalia nods
    <Vinalia> I don't believe this of Vedran, but I know lots of people who keep their mistresses when they get married for lots of reasons that have little to do with affection
    <Vinalia> or who pick them up afterwards
    <Aleyn> why would they do it if not for affection? just for sex?
    <Vinalia> mmhmm
    <Aleyn> :/
    <Vinalia> because they think it makes them look important, to have something everyone else wants
    <Aleyn> I don't think everyone else wants me >.>
    <Aleyn> and anyway, he doesn't... show me off. unless... is that what going to all these parties means?
    * Aleyn gets a sort of alarmed look on his face.
    <Vinalia> no
    <Vinalia> you would know, I think, if he were
    <Vinalia> I always knew
    <Aleyn> he doesn't want anyone to know. at least, that's how it's been... outside of friends and family.
    * Vinalia nods
    <Aleyn> maybe things will be different after...
    <Vinalia> maybe
    * Aleyn shrugs.
    <Aleyn> I don't know. Was this something you... you wanted? chose? or did it just sort of happen, like to me...
    <Vinalia> in general?
    <Vinalia> or do you mean with his father?
    <Aleyn> I don't know, I guess. Were there ...others before him?
    <Vinalia> several
    * Vinalia says, smiling
    * Aleyn nods
    <Aleyn> You must have been pretty young...
    <Vinalia> I ran away from home fairly young, and I would up as a temple girl
    * Aleyn nods, listening
    <Vinalia> I went to the church - it seemed better than some of the alternatives
    <Vinalia> Our church
    * Vinalia smiles
    * Aleyn nods, smiling back
    <Aleyn> It probably was. At least, I hope so.
    <Vinalia> I liked it there - I made a lot of good friends and connections
    <Vinalia> Eventually one of the men who came regularly asked me to let him take care of me
    <Vinalia> He thought he was doing me some grand favour - saving me, I suppose
    <Vinalia> I talked to some of the lomions I knew better, and some others
    <Vinalia> they told me that this was common - in fact this gentleman in particular had made similar offers to other girls previously
    <Aleyn> ah..
    <Vinalia> They told me whaty I could expect, if I chose that path.... and that Sehanine would always be there to watch out for me.
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Vinalia> They helped me, when I needed it
    <Aleyn> You knew you could always go back there at least, I guess...
    <Aleyn> if it didn't work out.
    <Vinalia> Eventually he grew bored with me, and he just... passed me off to another firned of his
    * Vinalia nods
    <Vinalia> yes
    <Vinalia> There was always someone else, though
    <Vinalia> and they were there to fill the gap
    <Vinalia> And... of course, I paid them back
    <Vinalia> in our own currency
    <Aleyn> Were you happy like that?
    <Vinalia> happy enough
    <Vinalia> There was sort of a ...circuit, perhaps, for girls like me
    <Vinalia> you can pick them out, if you know, standing on the sidelines at parties
    <Vinalia> sometimes they're performing, or serving...
    * Aleyn has probably seen this happen enough, yeah. He nods.
    <Vinalia> men too, of course
    <Vinalia> but it is less common
    * Aleyn nods again.
    <Vinalia> but yes
    <Vinalia> when I was younger, I didn't always understand how the things I might tell the church woudl be important
    <Aleyn> ... I had an offer like that. I just thought of it.
    <Vinalia> oh?
    <Aleyn> when I was just starting there... I didn't take it seriously. I mean, I figured he must be joking.
    <Vinalia> at one of the ceremonies?
    <Aleyn> anyway I was adventuring then, and I wasn't ready to give it up.
    * Aleyn nods.
    * Vinalia nods
    <Aleyn> I hadn't thought about it for years, until you mentioned it.
    <Vinalia> and you said no one wanted you ;)
    * Aleyn smiles a little
    <Aleyn> I just said not everyone wanted me. I know I'm sort of...
    * Aleyn shrugs
    <Aleyn> Not to everyone's taste.
    * Vinalia smiles again and waves a hand
    <Aleyn> and I was younger then, and my nose hadn't been broken yet, so I was probably at least a little bit prettier ;)
    <Vinalia> you undervalue yourself, Aleyn
    <Vinalia> Vedran didn't have to tell me that, though he did mention it ;)
    <Aleyn> ... I like guys like Vedran best. The really pretty ones. I know I'm not like that >.>
    * Aleyn says shyly.
    <Vinalia> he did turn out rather well, didn't he?
    * Aleyn nods.
    * Vinalia smiles proudly
    <Aleyn> He's beautiful.
    <Vinalia> I rather think that's my influence ;)
    * Aleyn smiles.
    * Vinalia definitely provided the hair floof and freckles, anyway ;)
    <Aleyn> His father is... not really the pretty type. Handsome, I guess.
    <Vinalia> mmm, yes
    * Aleyn says a bit ambivalently
    <Vinalia> For all he is an elf, I dont' think anyone would call jesseryn 'pretty'
    <Vinalia> too many angles, not enough smiles
    <Vinalia> not usually, anyway ;)
    * Aleyn nods
    <Vinalia> I knew right away that jesseryn would be different
    <Vinalia> he wasn't interested in the usual sorts of things
    <Aleyn> no?
    <Vinalia> he was more interested in me as myself, rather than an...ornament
    * Aleyn nods
    <Aleyn> That must have been... nice.
    <Vinalia> it was.
    <Vinalia> Refreshing, and a little intimidating, perhaps
    <Vinalia> I wasn't sure what he did want, for some time
    <Aleyn> ... not sex?
    * Aleyn asks, then realizes it was probably inappropriate and blushes
    * Vinalia smiles widely and pets your hand
    <Vinalia> it took him a while to get around to it
    * Vinalia saysa little dryly, and smirks
    * Aleyn smiles back
    <Vinalia> I do think that was Minalda's fault
    * Vinalia makes a face
    <Vinalia> oh she still hates me
    <Aleyn> I'm sorry.
    <Aleyn> That must have been hard.
    <Aleyn> I don't think I could do... do this, if Vedran's wife hated me.
    * Vinalia shrugs
    <Vinalia> she wasn't the first
    * Aleyn nods
    <Vinalia> I was used to it
    <Vinalia> As horrible as she's been, I did feel a little bad for her at first
    <Vinalia> It was a huge scandal, of course
    <Aleyn> He didn't try to hide it?
    <Vinalia> No.
    <Vinalia> he wanted them to know
    * Vinalia cocks her head, considering, then looks you i the eye
    <Vinalia> at first he was more cautious
    <Vinalia> until he was more... sure of me, perhaps
    <Vinalia> he'd told me, by that point, what he wanted, so I was prepared
    <Aleyn> .. that he wanted a child?
    <Vinalia> we'd grown quite fond of each other by that point, as well
    <Vinalia> Hmm...
    <Vinalia> I don't remember if he'd broached that
    <Vinalia> but I knew, at least, that it was not his intention to have a private affaire
    <Vinalia> Vedran was such a gift though
    <Vinalia> I remember you telling me that
    * Aleyn nods
    * Vinalia smiles
    <Vinalia> I thought so to
    * Aleyn smiles back
    <Vinalia> To have a child, and keep it, raise it, to know we'd always be taken care of...
    <Vinalia> it was a real belssing
    <Vinalia> (blessing)
    <Vinalia> I'm sure I don't have to tell you that it isn't an opportunity girls in my position often have
    <Aleyn> no...
    <Aleyn> but it also came with... strings attached, didn't it?
    <Vinalia> How do you mean?
    <Aleyn> Well....
    <Aleyn> Taken care of also means, you couldn't leave, right? You couldn't decide to go and take your child and go somewhere else.
    <Aleyn> And he must have exercised some... control of things?
    <Aleyn> Vedran's education, his trip to Ahkas, his marriage...
    <Vinalia> Hmmm...
    <Vinalia> I don't think it ever occured to me to want to leave
    <Vinalia> I never felt like my frfeedonm was at all restricted
    <Aleyn> I'm a little afraid of that...
    <Aleyn> I guess I've always gotten by on my own - not rich, but okay.
    <Aleyn> Vedran says... that I don't have to worry about that, that he'll take care of money things.
    * Vinalia nods
    <Aleyn> I'm not saying I'd want to leave either.
    <Vinalia> I've always tried to make sure io have my own money
    <Vinalia> just in case
    <Aleyn> But... if it's comfortable, safe... and especially for children... how could I take them out of that world?
    <Vinalia> What I had has been sitting in an account for some.... well nearly 27 years now ;)
    <Vinalia> It would be easier, I think, if it isn't the only world they've ever known
    * Vinalia says more seriously
    <Aleyn> I don't even like to think about .. if I had to leave.
    <Aleyn> but I know things happen... I just... worry he'll think it means I don't trust him.
    <Vinalia> you don't have to tell him
    <Vinalia> but I thik he would understand
    <Aleyn> I do have my own money... some, anyway.
    <Aleyn> a lot, by my standards, but I know it's not a lot up here.
    <Vinalia> put some away, or invest some of it somewhere safe - talk to Brenn about that
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Aleyn> ... I hope things are going okay with Ardith.
    * Aleyn says absently.
    <Vinalia> hmm?
    <Vinalia> I haven't talked to her much - do you like her?
    <Aleyn> For Vedran...
    <Aleyn> She's nice, yeah.
    <Aleyn> Has he talked to you much about what she's suggesting?
    <Vinalia> not a whole not no - we haven't had too much time to chat, I'm afraid :/
    <Aleyn> oh.
    <Vinalia> not in depth, anyway
    <Aleyn> well... I don't want to spoil things if he's hoping to talk to you himself, but she seems quite positive about ... me, being included.
    <Vinalia> he said he was hopeful things would go well
    <Vinalia> that he thought ti mihght work out better for all of you
    * Aleyn nods
    <Aleyn> She said ... contracts, and a ceremony for all of us...
    <Aleyn> and I could live with them... maybe not right away, but ...
    <Vinalia> oh?
    * Vinalia raises her eyebrows
    <Aleyn> well... if it works out.
    <Vinalia> well that would be good
    * Aleyn nods
    <Aleyn> I hope it would be...
    <Vinalia> It would be a lot to work out
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Aleyn> and her family, and Vedran's father... I don't know, she and Vedran seem to think it could work, but I don't know how.
    <Aleyn> but they know a lot more about this stuff than I do, so maybe I'm wrong to worry about that.
    * Vinalia nods, thinking
    <Vinalia> I don't know about her family, obviously
    * Aleyn nods
    <Vinalia> With Jesseryn, I suppose it depends on whether anything would conflict with his plans...
    <Aleyn> I don't know.
    <Vinalia> I don't either
    <Aleyn> I don't want anything like titles or even a lot of money or anything...
    <Aleyn> Vedran says it would be to protect me, and the children...
    * Vinalia nods
    <Aleyn> but I'm not sure how it can do that, if nobody even knows about it.
    <Vinalia> if you have a contract, someone would know about it
    <Vinalia> wherever you file it
    <Aleyn> Ardith said... we'd need our own counsel. Maybe that's what she meant.
    <Vinalia> those things are taken seriously
    * Vinalia nods
    * Aleyn wrings his hands a little.
    <Vinalia> I know some good lawyers, though I'm sure you have other contacts too
    <Aleyn> me?
    * Aleyn gives a little laugh
    <Vinalia> mm - isn't Monti a cleric of Erathis?
    <Aleyn> well... yes.
    <Vinalia> the church should know some good people too
    <Aleyn> I didn't think of her, I guess.
    * Vinalia smiles
    * Aleyn tries to smile back.
    <Aleyn> ... can I ask a question?
    <Vinalia> of course :)
    <Aleyn> I don't know if I fully understand Jesseryn's ... plan. But it has to do with dragonmarks, right? at least partly?
    <Vinalia> goodness, I don't know if anyone does, other than Jesseryn...
    <Aleyn> Vedran's tried to explain... a bit...
    <Aleyn> but it's hard.
    <Vinalia> It's less about Dragonmarks and more about... Nerath.
    <Aleyn> right... about making ties and alliances and things.
    <Vinalia> he want things to be more integrated, ultimately
    <Vinalia> more balanced
    * Aleyn nods
    <Aleyn> but... why didn't he pick a woman who was dragonmarked, if that's important?
    <Vinalia> Well, I do like to imagine he picke me because he liked me ;)
    * Vinalia says, teasingly
    <Aleyn> oh... well, yes... I mean...
    <Vinalia> consorting, shall we say, with me was enough of a scandal
    <Vinalia> if he'd had an affaire with a woman from another House.... they would have had more of a say over what happened to that child
    <Aleyn> oh
    <Aleyn> I see... I suppose that makes sense.
    <Vinalia> no matter what the mother wanted.
    * Vinalia clarifies
    * Aleyn nods
    <Aleyn> I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.
    * Vinalia laughs
    <Vinalia> Oh dear
    <Vinalia> trust me, I have heard some truly rude comments in my time
    <Vinalia> you haven't come close ;)
    * Aleyn nods, a bit relieved.
    <Vinalia> Jesseryn is not, I think, invested in Dragonmarks outside of what they mean in the system
    <Aleyn> but it makes Vedran so much more... marketable.
    * Aleyn says, with a bit of a sour taste in his mouth.
    <Vinalia> It does.
    * Vinalia says finally
    * Aleyn sighs
    <Vinalia> :/
    <Aleyn> I'm sorry.
    * Aleyn says again.
    <Vinalia> don't be!
    <Vinalia> but, hmm.
    <Vinalia> it wasn't about the dragonmarks
    <Vinalia> that's just... typical noble business
    * Vinalia waves her hand
    <Aleyn> there's stuff to do with... he can pass on elven dragonmarks, or human ones, or ... I don't know how it all works. it seems important.
    <Aleyn> to some people, anyway.
    <Vinalia> oh yes, the houses take them very sriously
    <Vinalia> like they're the keys to unlocking the universe, and it no one is keeping an eye out, someone might steal it from them :p
    <Aleyn> ....
    <Vinalia> (if no one, not it)
    <Vinalia> some of them are quite impressive, but some are.. party tricks, as far as i can tell
    <Aleyn> so if ... if Vedran and I ever had a child, that would be a big problem? I don't mean that we will, it's not something we've talked about, and maybe that's something that gets covered in these contracts, I don't know... I just mean, would that be worse than just him ... living with me, and all that?
    <Aleyn> would *that* be the sort of thing that would screw up Jesseryn's plans?
    <Vinalia> hmmm
    <Vinalia> I imagine if you had a child with Vedran who turned out to be marked... he might like to adopt them into the house? I dont know, but yes, that is the sort of thing that, I imagine, would be in the contract
    <Aleyn> I mean... it's not like it would happen by accident.
    <Aleyn> we would have to choose it.
    <Aleyn> and pay for it >.>
    * Vinalia nods
    * Aleyn shakes his head a little
    <Vinalia> yes
    <Aleyn> It was just something that came to me. I don't know if it would ever even happen. but I guess we should try to cover it in the contracts, if this all does go ahead.
    <Vinalia> yes
    * Aleyn sighs, putting his head in his hands for a moment
    <Aleyn> sorry.
    <Aleyn> it's just .. overwhelming.
    <Vinalia> oh dear, maybe I should apologize!
    * Aleyn shakes his head
    <Vinalia> would you like a drink, maybe?
    <Aleyn> please.
    <Aleyn> it's a better kind of overwhelming, I guess...
    * Vinalia smiles, and slips over to the sideboard
    * Vinalia will make us both something strong and tasty ;)
    * Aleyn takes it gratefully.
    * Aleyn would be happy to change the topic to lighter subjects for a while, though... :)
    * Vinalia can do!
    <Aleyn> (yay :)

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