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    A Clear Choice


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    A Clear Choice

    Post by elanya on 16/02/13, 04:50 pm

    (sorry it is a but hard to read :/)

    Aleyn: anyway - we want this to be after talking to both of them, presumably. After A's talk with Ardith too?

    Vedran: yeah, that makes sense

    Aleyn: ok
    maybe the afternoon or evening after that

    Vedran: maybe before V has a chance to talk to her makes sense

    Aleyn: nod
    ok, sounds good to me. at Vinalia's house?

    Vedran: sure :)

    Aleyn: kk

    Vedran: that evening, maybe as we're getting ready to go out to some party?

    Aleyn: sure
    getting dressed ^-^

    Vedran: sure ^-^
    Vedran seems in a pretty good mood, all things considered, despite having to get ready for yet another party.
    Vedran has been a little distracted since coming home from his meetings, chattering about work things
    so, anyway, I think it went well
    Vedran says, smiling, as he buttons his shirt

    Aleyn: (yeah, it looks fine to me)
    good, that's good...

    Vedran: and I sent Ardith an invitation to come to dinner with my father and step mother, and then to the new performance of The Wanderers

    Aleyn: Oh, okay. Will you get much of a chance to talk to her like that?

    Vedran: some

    Aleyn nods

    Vedran shrugs
    it's not appropriate for us to have too much time alone, at this point
    but we'll have some, certainly

    Aleyn: oh, I guess.

    Vedran: Maybe I can take her for a walk in the gardens.
    how did your walk go?
    Macen was telling me all about the ducks this morning.
    Vedran smiles

    Aleyn: It was good. Macen had fun, yeah :)
    She seems... nice. Not really what I expected, I guess.

    Vedran: oh?
    did you not expect her to be nice?

    Aleyn: No... I don't know...
    Aleyn shrugs
    I mean friendly. like, actually friendly.
    Not just being polite.

    Vedran nods
    Did you get along okay, then?
    Vedran asks, sounding maybe a little hopeful

    Aleyn: Yeah. I thought it went well.
    Are you... leaning more towards her, then?

    Vedran: I think so, at this point

    Aleyn nods

    Vedran: Derenn is nice, and I think we could manage something.... workable
    but he doesn't really wanrt to get married

    Aleyn: I feel more comfortable with her than I did with any of the others.

    Vedran nods
    I know what she is offering is a lot more complicated that what we're really imagined

    Aleyn: yeah... all the talk of contracts and things is a bit frightening.

    Vedran nods
    The contracts are....
    well, I can see why you would see that as intimidating
    but they're not immutable
    we can have them altered, if we're all in accordance
    if we change our minds about things
    It really is to make sure we're all protected
    and our children are protected

    Aleyn: protected from what?

    Vedran: all of them
    all kinds of things
    some are standard like - what if something happened to Ardith and me
    or even just me
    to make sure you were taken care of
    and your children

    Aleyn nods slowly

    Vedran: or if we decided things weren't working out between us, what would happen
    I imagine it will also include things like.... if something happened to you, we would take care of your family
    there are a lot of standard things too
    about inheritance
    I would want your children to be... to feel like they are part of our family
    even if they can't be part of one of the houses
    not to be left out

    Aleyn: okay

    Vedran: I don't think they could have titles, but they could have other things
    we would need to figure out where that would come from
    that's the sort of thing that will be harder to figure out :/
    but I think we can I being overwhelming?

    Aleyn: It just seems like... it all will be so complicated, and I know she said her family and yours didn't have to know all the details and stuff, but .. won't they want to? How can we just have a ceremony of our own, won't they insist on coming?

    Vedran takes your hands, and then pulls you even closer
    we would do ours first
    and then Ardith and I would have a public ceremony

    Aleyn: oh.
    Vedran: for show

    Aleyn nods

    Vedran: we wouldn't do our vows in public, but we could... fill thay space
    I'm sure we can have things to say
    Vedran smiles

    Aleyn: I didn't think it would be possible, like this.

    Vedran: I didn't

    Aleyn: I guess I had gotten myself ... mentally prepared for something else. it's not that I don't want this, I just need to readjust.

    Vedran nods
    It feels easier to me.
    Vedran says, carefully
    Vedran pulls back, biting his lip and wondering if you understand

    Aleyn is trying to understand...
    Aleyn squeezes your hands
    I want you to feel safe.

    Vedran nods
    it will be harder
    there might be things my father doesn't liek
    I don't knowe

    Aleyn: ...about me?

    Vedran: No...

    Aleyn: about the kids?

    Vedran nods

    Aleyn bites his lip.

    Vedran: financial things, maybe... I don't know, he might not care

    Aleyn nods

    Vedran: There are House matters that are still beyond his control
    for now, anyway

    Aleyn: I guess I don't understand all of that :/

    Vedran: Well... he has his other children to think of too.
    maybe that is easier to understand

    Aleyn: I don't want to have titles or all that stuff.

    Vedran: I know
    Vedran smiles

    Aleyn: I just want to have you, and a family.

    Vedran nods
    I want you in my family, Aleyn

    Aleyn smiles and nods at that
    If Ardith is willing to have that too, then ... I want to try to make it work.
    I like her, and I think we can get along as friends.

    Vedran: okay

    Aleyn: um... can I ask sort of a personal question, though?

    Vedran nods

    Aleyn: Have you ever had sex with a dragonborn? I mean... does everything work the same?

    Vedran smiles nervously and nods

    Aleyn: Because I would think maybe they couldn't do... some stuff... even kissing might be tricky?

    Vedran: heh
    not many dragonborn at your church?

    Aleyn: A few... none I've ever, um, slept with.

    Vedran: right
    it's.... not so different...
    Vedran is blushing

    Aleyn nods
    I just wanted to make sure.... you would be okay.
    not that I think she would hurt you or anything!
    Aleyn adds hastily.

    Vedran: Aleyn...

    Aleyn: yeah?

    Vedran says in his 'please stop' ;_;p tone

    Aleyn: I'm sorry.

    Vedran: It's.. it not that think about
    Vedran smiles, trying to be reassuring

    Aleyn nods
    I would... I don't know. I just want you to be happy.

    Vedran: I know
    I think.. it will be easier... with someone who wants me?
    is that okay?

    Aleyn: .. I want you...
    was that easier? :/

    Vedran nods

    Aleyn: okay.

    Vedran: and maybe... that's why?
    it doesn't seem fair, though

    Aleyn: how do you mean?

    Vedran frowns briefly, focusing on being calm so he can explain
    You've helped me so much, Aleyn.
    I know I've said that before
    but I mean it
    You've helped me get better, be more relaxed
    be less afraid of myself
    to trust myself, and trust you

    Aleyn smiles a little at that

    Vedran: I feel like... if I can do this
    if I can be with someone else, it's because of all that
    thinking that.... for marriage... you would be part of that, is easier
    it feels like a relief
    even if it is so much more complicated
    it feels safer, with you
    It feels less like... I've just been using you to get ready for...someone else

    Aleyn: oh.
    Aleyn nods
    I don't think you were using me...

    Vedran: I know
    but my feelings are still... confusing sometimes

    Aleyn: well, so are mine.
    maybe it's not the same, but I don't know.

    Vedran nods, but seems a little worried, as he doesn't want you to have to fight with the sorts of things in his head
    because of Roth?

    Aleyn: maybe a bit.

    Vedran smiles a little at your confession

    Aleyn: and... with all the feeling like I don't belong here.
    like I want to be with you and this gives me hope that we can have that, but everything else around us...

    Vedran nods
    I want you to feel comfortable, and safe

    Aleyn: will the contracts and things help with that?

    Vedran: yes

    Aleyn: okay
    Aleyn looks thoughtful for a moment
    with the Sehanine ceremony, people make up their own vows usually. Would we do that too?
    to explain things right

    Vedran: yes

    Aleyn: I'd like that.
    we could all work on it together.
    ... if she says yes.

    Vedran: yes

    Aleyn: ... are you going to ask her, then?

    Vedran: well, it is early

    Aleyn: or do you need more time? I don't know how it all works, and anyway, this isn't really typical...

    Vedran: but... I like her?
    if things go wel when I see her
    we can talk about.... taking things further
    more formal courtship

    Aleyn nods
    She likes you too. she said so.

    Vedran: oh?

    Aleyn: She said ... she offered, if I wanted, to keep things just professional with you. But she said she liked you, uh, 'more than politically'.
    it was nice that she offered anyway.

    Vedran nods slowly
    what did you say?

    Aleyn: I didn't really understand what she was saying. I thought she was talking about marriage but just a ... business marriage at first. So I said I didn't think that was good, because.. I don't want her, or you, to be unhappy like that.
    but she meant if I didn't want it, she wouldn't marry you at all.
    and she said either way she'd help with... the other stuff.
    anyway, she said she knew I still didn't really like it >.> but that she thought we could try to make it something good. and I could agree with that, at least.

    Vedran: okay
    With Ardith..
    I think I could like her...more

    Aleyn: that's what I said to her.
    that I didn't want to plan as if you two were just going to be... friends, business partners, whatever. That we needed to talk about what happens if you two come to care more for each other.

    Vedran: we as in all of us?
    or just us?

    Aleyn: maybe both?
    I like her, but I love you. and I think I need to have the... the reassurance from you, most of all.

    Vedran: that if I do love her... I would still love you?

    Aleyn: that it wouldn't change how you feel for me, or make it less important.
    Aleyn nods

    Vedran: I don't think it would
    but... I guess... I don't know?
    its so new

    Aleyn: :/
    I know...
    I think that I would be okay... not jealous or hurt... but I don't know for sure either.

    Vedran nods
    I can't imagine not having you, not being close to you...

    Aleyn: I feel the same.

    Vedran nods

    Aleyn: ... but I know it can happen >.>

    Vedran nods
    Vedran sighs
    I've never dealt with that
    I've seen people be unhappy, because they care for someone who doesn't care for them
    but... I've never been that person.

    Aleyn nods

    Vedran: no
    Vedran makes a distressed face
    That's not right

    Aleyn: what?

    Vedran tenses
    (or is tense already I suppose)
    Jacinthe @_@

    Aleyn: :(

    Vedran: I didn't....
    don't her, but...
    I need to sit down

    Aleyn: okay

    Vedran: (sec)

    Aleyn will lead you over to sit down on the sofa, and sit beside you

    Vedran: sorry
    I'll be okay

    Aleyn: it's okay
    Aleyn holds your hands.
    It's not what I meant... I know it's not the same.

    Vedran nods
    I know
    I didn't mean to think about it

    Aleyn: <q> I just meant, I trusted him too... and it took me a lot to trust you again, but I did. I do.

    Vedran: okay, good
    I won't ever lie to you, or keep things from you

    Aleyn nods
    we can put that in the vows.
    Aleyn says, trying to be a bit more light.

    Vedran: yes
    Vedran says smiling
    we should be leaving soon @_@

    Aleyn: yeah, we're going to be late if we don't hurry up.
    are you okay to go?
    we could back out.

    Vedran: I'll be okay

    Aleyn: absolutely
    Aleyn gives you a gentle, lingering kiss.

    Vedran is much more relaxed by the time we break away

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