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    What to tell Ardith


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    What to tell Ardith

    Post by Curtana on 13/02/13, 05:19 pm

    [This would be after the blooding ceremony, but before Aleyn's one on one meeting with Ardith.]

    Session Start: Tue Feb 12 22:18:37 2013
    * Aleyn is working on learning some new formulas, so has been studying those today, but is about ready to put aside his books for the evening.
    * Vedran looks over at where you are stretched out on his bed reading alchemy texts and smiles, stretching his cramping fingers
    * Aleyn glances up
    <Aleyn> Finished?
    <Vedran> I think I need a break anyway
    <Aleyn> Me too.
    <Vedran> I'll look it over tomorrow and see if it still makes sense
    <Aleyn> I'll throw some things together tomorrow and hope it works. and doesn't explode. except if it's supposed to.
    <Vedran> but if I keep going right now, my penmanship is going to go straight down the hill
    * Vedran grins
    <Aleyn> Good penmanship is very important Wink
    <Vedran> exciting
    <Vedran> it is!
    * Aleyn subconsciously quotes Damakos >.>
    <Vedran> people don't like to read things that takes too much effort to decipher
    <Aleyn> I did say sorry about that grocery list Wink
    * Aleyn draws his legs up to make room for you if you want to join him
    * Vedran chuckles
    * Vedran stands and stretches and will come do so
    <Aleyn> Vedran... something's on my mind. Would now be a good time to talk to you about it?
    <Vedran> oh?
    <Aleyn> About Ardith.
    <Vedran> ahh..
    <Vedran> okay
    <Vedran> what is it?
    <Aleyn> Well... when I meet with her, on my own... she's going to want to ask questions, right?
    * Vedran nods
    <Aleyn> And she might want to ask things about you. and about... your last marriage, maybe.
    <Vedran> right...
    <Aleyn> So... I just want to know what you want me to say.
    * Vedran sighs a little, and draws his knees up, still fairly relaxed
    * Vedran shakes his head
    <Vedran> ..I don't know Aleyn
    <Vedran> It's still hard for me, to think about all that...
    * Vedran frowns, looking troubled
    <Aleyn> Should I just repeat the party line? "They weren't well-matched, they had differences, amicable separation"?
    * Vedran looks over at you though
    <Vedran> what would you want to say?
    <Aleyn> Welll...
    <Aleyn> I think I like her well enough that I think we ought to be up front with her about stuff.
    <Vedran> ...Ardith, yes
    <Vedran> @_@
    <Aleyn> yes.
    * Vedran sighs again, rubbing his forehead
    <Vedran> sorry
    <Aleyn> so I guess I would want to let her know... I mean, within reason, within ... your comfort levels...
    <Vedran> yes
    <Aleyn> ... to let her know that it was pretty bad for you.
    <Vedran> I don't know
    * Aleyn holds his arm out, inviting you to cuddle up if you wish.
    <Vedran> I don't...don't think she would ask you about that, not right away
    <Aleyn> maybe not. and if she doesn't ask, I won't bring it up.
    * Vedran takes your hand but doesn't cuddle
    <Vedran> okay
    <Aleyn> but I don't want to get put on the spot if she does ask.
    <Aleyn> because... I don't always do well when I get nervous and flustered.
    * Aleyn says, in the understatement of the year.
    * Vedran smiles, squeezing your hand
    * Aleyn squeezes back
    <Vedran> I.... I want you to be honest
    * Aleyn nods, listening
    <Vedran> but it's still stressful to think about
    <Aleyn> I know.
    <Vedran> I guess... I don't really know what you think?
    <Vedran> it's...
    * Vedran is clearly a little stressed
    <Vedran> hard to think about that too
    <Vedran> what you think, what she, or anyone else thinks
    <Aleyn> I... I think that ... whatever she did to you, it made you feel like your wants and needs and desires were... bad. Wrong. And that you're still working on getting through that.
    * Vedran takes a deep breath when you start to explain, a little wild eyed, but lets it out when you're through
    <Vedran> okay
    * Vedran smiles a little, though it is strained
    <Aleyn> is that okay, if I said something like that to Ardith?
    <Vedran> I really don't want her to ask Aleyn D:
    <Vedran> I know... in time... she will
    <Aleyn> I know.
    <Aleyn> I know you don't want to...
    <Vedran> Mayeb it is better for her to ask you
    <Aleyn> ... to have to think about it at all.
    <Vedran> no
    <Vedran> I've tried, at the church..
    <Vedran> a little
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Vedran> It just makes me feel crazy
    <Vedran> like everyone will know, really, that there are all these things wrong with me
    <Vedran> it'll just scare her off
    <Vedran> but if you say it... like that..
    <Vedran> I dont' know
    <Aleyn> if we're going to try this... she will, eventually, find out, one way or another. it would be better if she knew what was... what was safer, than that she does something that makes the bad feelings come out, by accident, and then finds out that way.
    <Aleyn> I don't want you to go through that.
    <Vedran> I'm sorry I'm not better with this
    <Aleyn> it's okay.
    <Vedran> It's not fair to you
    <Vedran> to have to deal with me, and explain it to...someone else
    <Aleyn> I just wish I could help more... if I can help by explaining it some to her, so you don't have to do it all... I'm willing to do that.
    <Vedran> just.... nothing more than she asks?
    <Aleyn> okay.
    <Vedran> okay
    <Aleyn> ... do you want to talk about this any more? or other stuff?
    <Vedran> what did you mean, about my ..comfort levels?
    * Aleyn thinks for a moment.
    <Aleyn> ... about the sex stuff, I guess. Whether any of that is... is okay to talk to her about, or not yet.
    <Vedran> she... she won't ask that yet @_@
    <Aleyn> okay.
    * Aleyn trusts that you know her type of girl better than he does @_@
    * Vedran does sound a little bit like he is trying to reassure himself of this, now that the idea is in his head
    <Aleyn> I do like her.
    * Aleyn says, trying to be optimistic.
    <Aleyn> she seems ... not really what I expected, I guess.
    <Aleyn> uh... can I ask something else?
    <Vedran> okay
    <Aleyn> is she hot?
    <Aleyn> I really um... I can't judge.
    <Vedran> oh, heh
    <Vedran> it okay if.. I do think that she's pretty?
    <Aleyn> yes.
    * Vedran blushes, looking a little anxious
    <Aleyn> darling, you can think anyone you want is pretty.
    <Aleyn> I don't think you should stop noticing people Smile
    <Vedran> she is
    <Aleyn> okay.
    * Aleyn rubs the back of your hand with his thumb.
    <Vedran> is there anything else?
    <Aleyn> Are you going to meet with her soon too?
    <Vedran> yes.
    <Aleyn> okay.
    <Vedran> I just need to find a good time
    <Vedran> she's busy too.
    * Vedran smiles
    <Aleyn> I know, it's hard to coordinate.
    <Aleyn> I'm a little less heavily scheduled than you Smile
    <Vedran> heh
    <Vedran> a little
    <Aleyn> kiss?
    * Aleyn asks hopefully
    * Vedran nods, and leans forward to kiss you, sweetly
    * Aleyn kisses back
    <Aleyn> I'm sorry this all is so difficult... I hope... I'm not making it worse, anyway.
    <Vedran> no
    <Vedran> I don't know how I could do it without you
    * Aleyn smiles a little at that
    <Vedran> really
    <Vedran> I gthink the stress of...everything, would actually drive me mad
    <Aleyn> I don't want that. I mean, I'm sure no one does.
    <Aleyn> I just feel like sometimes... I must be making things so much more complicated.
    <Vedran> maybe, but... I'd rather have you
    <Vedran> you're worth that, to me
    <Aleyn> I'm glad
    Session Close: Tue Feb 12 23:59:00 2013

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