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    Character creation: Edges


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    Character creation: Edges

    Post by Zari on 28/01/13, 09:34 pm

    Virtues and Edges

    ● Ward - Your hunter is able to ward their immediate vicinity against supernatural incursion.
    ● Project - Your hunter becomes near-impossible for supernaturals to interfere with.
    ● Alarm - Your hunter wards an area to warn of supernatural approach.
    ●● Lock - Your hunter secures a single entrance or device against the supernatural.
    ●● Forewarn - Your hunter develops a “danger sense” to warn of imminent attack.
    ●● Rejuvenate - Your hunter heals at an advanced rate and may lend healing to others as well.


    ● Discern - Your hunter gains preternatural levels of perception, noticing signs which would otherwise go unnoticed and becoming incapable of being blinded
    ● Impart - Your hunter activates the second sight of fellow hunters, with none of the usual concomitant protections.
    ●● Pinpoint - Your hunter gains insight into the weaknesses of supernaturals.
    ●● Revelation - Your hunter is able to read the current mental state of a target monster.
    ●● Insight - Your hunter is able to discern information about a monster’s human life.
    ●● Burden - Your hunter’s gaze freezes supernatural creatures in place.

    ● Hide - Your hunter passes unnoticed by the supernatural.
    ● Bluster - Your hunter is able to deflect attacks with nothing but a shouted word.
    ● Outreach - Your hunter becomes approachable and non-threatening to a target monster.
    ●● Insinuate - Your hunter temporarily cripples a monster with the weight of its guilt.
    ●● Ease - Your hunter is able to alleviate stress and derangements in others.
    ●● Illuminate - Your hunter makes it possible to see the monsters for what they are.

    ● Demand - Your hunter sacrifices health for a burst of strength.
    ● Vigilance - Your hunter requires less sleep than normal.
    ● Fool’s Luck - Your hunter is blessed with amazing luck in dangerous situations.
    ●● Anathema - Your hunter may mark a single person or place as off-limits to supernatural feeding.
    ●● Trail - Your hunter marks a target with a smoky trail discernible only to hunters.
    ●● Witness - Your hunter is able to identify monsters and discern some of their relationship with humanity.

    ● Reach - Your hunter casts their senses beyond their body to experience distant events.
    ● Cleave - Your hunter empowers a weapon in the fight against the monsters.
    ● Foresee - Your hunter receives glimpses into possible immediate futures.
    ● Focus - Your hunter is able to restore commitment to the hunt in fellow Imbued.
    ●● Muse of Flame - Your hunter may look into a flame to discern the direction of the nearest monster.
    ●● Summon - Your hunter may place a mark to compel other hunters to gather at a specific spot.
    ●● Send - Your hunter transmits words and images into the minds of fellow imbued.

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