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    Family planning


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    Family planning

    Post by Curtana on 06/01/13, 03:40 pm

    Session Start: Sun Jan 06 11:29:49 2013
    * Aleyn is wearing the robe you got him
    * Vedran will brave the communal kitchen to make us some coffee and oatmeal with dried fruit
    * Aleyn will keep Macen entertained/supervised while you do so
    <Vedran> (eh I just realized that V doesn't have any kind of real dining room - I assume most people use the kitchen to eat as well, but prolly not V
    <Aleyn> (heh - eat in the living room? Smile
    * Vedran has a little mat for macen to sit on when he is eating so he doens't get stuff all over the fancy rug
    <Vedran> (yes)
    * Vedran settles macen in his lap, sitting on the floor at the coffee table
    * Aleyn sits across from you, legs folded
    <Vedran> here you go, bud...
    <Aleyn> Remember to eat the oatmeal too, not just pick out the fruit.
    * Vedran passes his son a little wooden spoon
    * Aleyn tells him with a smile.
    <Aleyn> (even though that's the best part)
    Aleyn watches Macen try to use the spoon, then resort to digging in with his hand instead, and chuckles.
    * Macen makes big eyes at Aleyn as he munches on a piece of apricot, and drips oatmeal on daddy
    * Vedran sighs and shakes his head
    <Vedran> Come on, you can use a spoon...
    <Vedran> here
    * Vedran puts it back in his hand
    <Vedran> like this, see?
    <Macen> spoo!
    <Vedran> yes, spoon...
    <Vedran> now, come on, eat your breakfast...
    * Aleyn 's face grows a little more serious
    * Macen tries again, stabbing the oatmeal repeatedly
    <Macen> da!
    <Aleyn> Vedran... I've been thinking...
    <Vedran> hmm?
    * Vedran looks up from baby food wrangling
    <Aleyn> .. about the kids at the orphanage.
    <Vedran> oh?
    * Vedran manages to get Macen to take a few bits with his spoon
    <Aleyn> about whether I could help any of them.
    <Aleyn> whether that would be... at all a good idea.
    * Aleyn seems a little nervous talking about it
    <Vedran> you mean... adopt them?
    <Aleyn> yeah.
    <Aleyn> I mean... maybe one or two. not all of them.
    * Vedran grins
    <Vedran> I figured
    <Vedran> I know you've mentioned that one little girl before... Saiya?
    * Aleyn nods
    <Aleyn> Yeah. she's a shifter, I guess maybe about three years old? she's sweet. I think she likes me pretty well, at least she always gets me to read to her when I visit them.
    <Aleyn> it's such a huge responsibility to take on though...
    * Vedran nods
    <Vedran> But you really want to?
    <Aleyn> I feel like... I have the means that I could help them, and ... I thought I'd never have kids, but really, it doesn't have to be like that...
    * Vedran smiles at that
    <Vedran> Didn't I tell you? Two for the price of one ;p
    <Aleyn> I would probably want two anyway... I mean, so she's not lonely.
    <Aleyn> I mean, I don't mean that Macen is lonely... you know what I mean.
    <Aleyn> just, she's lost so much already, and I wouldn't want to take her away from all her friends too...
    * Vedran cuddles his son, who looks up at him with an oatmeal smeared face
    <Vedran> I understand
    <Vedran> here, bud, have some more...
    * Vedran passes macen back his spoon, which he had dropped on his father's leg
    <Aleyn> It's overwhelming to think about all the things I'd have to do, though.
    <Aleyn> find a bigger place to live, and get all the stuff - furniture and toys and whatever...
    <Vedran> you'd need help, too
    * Aleyn nods
    <Aleyn> I thought about maybe asking Tavya if she might want to move in and help, at least for a while. I have no idea if she would want to, though.
    <Vedran> that's the sister I haven't met, right?
    <Aleyn> Right, the younger one.
    * Vedran nods
    <Vedran> talk to her, take her to meet the kids?
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Aleyn> even all that aside... I'd be away sometimes, and who knows what could happen... maybe it's not responsible of me to try to take this on now.
    <Vedran> well
    <Vedran> that's harder.
    <Vedran> If something happens to me, Macen still has his mother
    <Aleyn> right.
    <Vedran> that would be something to talk about with.... your mother, maybe?
    <Vedran> I don't want to think about anythign happening to you...
    * Vedran says seriously
    <Vedran> but you have to
    <Aleyn> I guess. with all my family, really - I'd hope that when I was away, they would take turns helping out with kids.
    <Vedran> you would have to know they would have someone who would absolutely take them in and take care of them
    * Vedran nods
    <Aleyn> so it's not just on one person...
    <Vedran> it would be good for them to know them all, yes
    <Aleyn> but I know they would need something stable too.
    <Vedran> right
    <Aleyn> .. am I being selfish, Vedran?
    <Aleyn> to want this?
    <Vedran> Selfish?
    <Vedran> how would this be selfish?
    * Aleyn shakes his head.
    <Aleyn> I don't know... I worry that I'm putting what I want ahead of what would really be best for them. maybe they would go to some... better family.
    <Vedran> you have a great family, Aleyn.
    <Aleyn> some family with a mother, and where people come home at regular hours, and nobody worries about whether their parents are going to die at work.
    <Vedran> :/
    * Aleyn picks at his food.
    * Macen squirms and looks uncertainly at the adults, picking up on the sad
    * Vedran kisses his son's head
    <Vedran> I don't know
    <Vedran> I mean - I still don't think you're being selfish.
    <Vedran> My experiences of family are.... not great.
    <Aleyn> :/
    <Vedran> I mean
    <Vedran> My mother raised me, mostly
    <Aleyn> Mine were... I feel like I'd have a lot to live up to.
    <Vedran> My father was around, and he was important, and I know that, on some level, he weas involved even if it wasn't always... personally
    * Vedran nods
    <Vedran> What you had... Well I'm sure it wasn't perfect, that things were probably hard in other ways
    <Vedran> well
    <Vedran> Any kids you take in - they're still going to be part of that
    <Vedran> right?
    * Aleyn nods
    <Vedran> Even if they don't have a mother
    <Vedran> I mean
    <Vedran> there is still a larger network there
    <Aleyn> I feel like... you must know a lot about this. About having a kid who's different than you, and about trying to make things safe and stable and happy for him even though you aren't always there...
    <Aleyn> I'd probably have lots of questions for you.
    * Vedran nods
    <Vedran> of course
    <Vedran> I'll help you however I can
    * Aleyn smiles at that.
    <Vedran> But I'll be honest
    Vedran> This... isn't what I wanted.
    <Vedran> I'm just trying to make the best of things
    <Vedran> and I feel selfish, a lot
    <Aleyn> no, I know.. I mean... I know.
    <Vedran> because this isn't stable
    * Aleyn reaches out to take your hand, if there's one free.
    * Vedran can free one for you when you reach
    * Macen see this as a sign that it is time to get up!
    <Vedran> Macen, finish your breakfast, please.
    <Aleyn> whoops, oatmeal-face on the loose Smile
    * Macen toddles over to Aleyn with a smile, reaching for him with oatmeal smeared hands
    * Macen giggles
    * Aleyn will grab a napkin to wipe him down a bit
    <Aleyn> There you go, here, have a seat with me if you want.
    * Aleyn pulls Macen's bowl closer so he can reach it from this side of the table
    * Macen sits
    * Vedran leans back a bit, stretching out, and watching
    <Vedran> there you go, you can sit with Aleyn, but you have some more oatmeal
    * Aleyn helps get him settled in with his spoon and bowl
    <Macen> Daddy et?
    * Vedran smiles
    <Vedran> yes, I'll eat some too
    * Vedran picks up his own negelected bowl and will lead by example
    * Aleyn smiles
    <Aleyn> I know it's not perfect... I mean... no family ever is.
    <Vedran> right
    <Aleyn> but I think you do a really good job with Macen.
    * Macen looks up at you when you say his name
    <Aleyn> and I want to try that too, I guess.
    <Aleyn> yeah, we're talking about you Smile
    * Aleyn tells Macen with a smile.
    * Macen babbles with his mouthful and sticks out his tongue
    * Aleyn scrunches up his face for Macen.
    * Macen laughs
    <Vedran> hey bud, have some water... don't want you to choke @_@
    * Vedran passes Aleyn Macen's glass so he can hold it ... no sippy cups here!
    <Vedran> (maybe some kind of bottle though)
    * Aleyn holds it for him at a bit of an angle so he can take a drink
    * Macen drinks!
    <Vedran> Anyway
    <Vedran> I think you would be a good dad
    * Aleyn sets the cup down, away from the edge of the table so it doesn't get knocked over by toddler-flail.
    <Aleyn> thanks Smile
    * Vedran smiles
    <Vedran> I think Roscoe would like that, too
    <Aleyn> yeah.
    <Aleyn> I mean, I can't go do it tomorrow or anything... there's a lot of things to do first, like finding a house...
    <Aleyn> but I'm going to work on that. Maybe I can get things organized in a few months...
    * Vedran nods
    <Vedran> I can help
    <Aleyn> Smile
    <Aleyn> I appreciate it.
    <Vedran> I know a good rental agent Wink
    * Aleyn chuckles.
    <Aleyn> and how much does a nanny cost, anyway? Wink
    <Vedran> I knwo the sorts of things to ask when you're looking to hire help too... for the kids
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Vedran> You'll probably need someone you can rely on at least sometimes, even if your sister agrees to help out
    <Aleyn> oh, yeah. I wouldn't want to put it all on her, especially when I'm out of town.
    <Aleyn> that wouldn't be fair at all, and I think she'd hate it Wink
    * Vedran smiles
    <Vedran> you never know
    <Aleyn> heh, well. When I was talking to Kallista about it she warned me that Tavya has lots of... uh, good friends Wink
    <Aleyn> it might be kind of a change in her lifestyle.
    <Vedran> oh, do they know each other?
    <Aleyn> Oh... I never told you that story? Gods. Yeah, they do.
    <Aleyn> When I took Kallista to meet my family, she and Tavya really hit it off.
    <Aleyn> like, *really* >.>
    * Macen is getting squrmy again, but has now finished most of his oatmeal, and all of the fruit
    * Macen steals some apricot from Aleyn's bowl
    * Aleyn smiles and lets him.
    <Vedran> ...Well, good for them, I suppose
    <Aleyn> yeah. it's kind of weird. I had to ask Kallista not to tell me ... details @_@
    * Vedran grins
    <Aleyn> but I think everyone involved knows what's going on, and they're okay with it, so... I guess as long as they're having fun.
    <Vedran> she is very open
    * Vedran nods
    <Aleyn> hah, yeah.
    <Aleyn> she thinks I have 'hang-ups'.
    <Aleyn> which i think means, I don't tell everyone everything about my sex life.
    <Vedran> yes well -_-
    * Aleyn smiles fondly though
    <Aleyn> she just told me to make sure to get a house with thick walls :p
    <Vedran> probably a good call in any case
    <Aleyn> yeah...
    <Aleyn> I mean, after all, you'd be visiting sometimes too Wink
    <Vedran> buy a nice bed Wink
    <Aleyn> I will, definitely.
    <Aleyn> nice and big Wink
    * Vedran smiles at that
    * Aleyn wipes off Macen's hands and face again so that he can get up to go play if he's bored with grown-ups talk and sitting.
    * Macen is quite happy to toddle off and start pulling things out of his toybox
    <Aleyn> Thank you... I feel a bit better about this whole crazy idea now.
    <Vedran> I'm glad - and I don't think its crazy
    <Aleyn> it feels it... just so much uncertainty, I guess.
    <Vedran> well...
    <Vedran> that's how it goes, with kids, I've found
    * Aleyn smiles at that
    * Vedran too
    <Aleyn> would we still be okay? I mean... it will probably make things more complicated.
    <Vedran> I hope so.
    <Aleyn> I would try my hardest to make things work.
    <Vedran> it will probably make it harder for us to find time to be alone
    <Aleyn> you mean so much to me, I don't want to risk that.
    <Vedran> but it will be easier... to be together, if we have the kids along...
    * Aleyn nods
    * Vedran offers you his hand
    * Aleyn takes it, squeezing tight.
    * Vedran kisses the back of your hand
    <Aleyn> they're only little for a while, right?
    <Vedran> only a decade or so >.>
    * Aleyn chuckles.
    <Aleyn> yeah, but even after, oh, four or five years, you can send them outside to play for an hour Wink
    <Vedran> yeah....
    <Aleyn> I mean, somehow my parents managed to keep making more Wink
    <Vedran> yeah...
    * Vedran sighs
    * Vedran squeezes your hand again
    * Aleyn squeezes back
    <Aleyn> I'm sorry. bad joke?
    <Vedran> no, it wasn't that
    <Vedran> ....what timeframe are you thinking?
    <Aleyn> well... I'm not sure. I guess it depends how much we're out of town in the next while, and how fast I can get things set up with a proper place to live and all that.
    <Aleyn> if you know an agent I guess I can have them look for me even if we have to go away for a bit.
    * Vedran nods
    <Vedran> I do...
    <Aleyn> what're you thinking?
    <Vedran> I was just thinking that I... its been about three months now
    * Aleyn nods, listening
    <Vedran> since the divorce
    <Vedran> which means... I have another three
    <Vedran> and then... I don't know what will happen.
    * Aleyn nods slowly.
    <Aleyn> could you ask for more time?
    <Vedran> I don't know
    * Vedran runs his free hand though his hair
    <Vedran> I can't give you up, though
    <Vedran> I can't
    * Aleyn gets up to come around the table and be closer to you.
    <Vedran> but things will change
    <Vedran> I just don't know how.
    * Vedran leans against you
    * Aleyn nods, sitting down, leaning back against the couch so you can lean with/against him if you want.
    <Aleyn> It scares me too... not knowing.
    <Aleyn> I'm not going anywhere, though.
    <Vedran> okay
    <Vedran> just... it might be a lot of change, all at once
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Vedran> maybe that's the best way to do things
    <Aleyn> maybe. so when things settle down again, then they're settled.
    <Vedran> maybe *I*'m being selfish...
    <Aleyn> ... by wanting me? :/
    <Vedran> that's part of it.
    * Aleyn just holds you, listening.
    <Vedran> I couldn't even think about any of this without you, though
    <Vedran> but...
    <Vedran> I don't know
    <Vedran> I feel like I'm always asking so much from you, already
    <Aleyn> is there something you need to ask?
    <Vedran> hmm?
    <Vedran> oh, no, nothing specific
    <Aleyn> okay
    <Vedran> just... to stay with me, through all of this. It's a lot.
    <Aleyn> I know. and I don't want to pretend it's easy all the time
    <Vedran> Maybe it will be better if you have something else to concentrate on...
    <Vedran> but they're going to need you so much
    <Vedran> at first
    <Aleyn> yes, but ... so will you.
    * Vedran nods
    <Vedran> But they have to come first.
    <Vedran> That's what it means, to be a parent
    <Aleyn> I know...
    * Vedran nods
    <Aleyn> but I'm not going to give you up.
    <Vedran> I know
    <Vedran> I'm not worried about that, just more about... timing?
    * Aleyn considers.
    <Vedran> probably about nothing
    <Vedran> we'll work it out
    <Aleyn> what's likely to happen in three months? you're not going to get married right then, right?
    <Vedran> no
    <Aleyn> it would take time.
    <Vedran> but I'll have to be more availab;e
    <Vedran> meeting people
    <Aleyn> and probably you can make it take longer if you need to.
    <Vedran> some, anyway
    <Aleyn> I don't know how it all works, but I imagine you could say you want... more choices, or more time to decide, or whatever?
    <Aleyn> like in a fairy tale, you can give them a quest to do before they win your hand. that'll eat up a good six months, right? Wink
    * Vedran smiles
    * Aleyn manages a weak smile.
    <Vedran> I don't think I'm that good a catch
    <Aleyn> I disagree.
    <Aleyn> ... would I get to meet her? whoever she is? before...?
    <Aleyn> would you tell her about me?
    <Vedran> yes
    <Aleyn> okay
    <Vedran> I talked to beryl the other day, and I'd been thinking about it already
    <Vedran> and... I can't give you up, but I don't think I could handle hiding you, not that much
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Aleyn> okay... that will make things easier, then.
    <Vedran> I can't go into this again thinking I can find someone to love. I already have that
    <Aleyn> ...
    <Vedran> Just someone I can live with.... work with
    <Aleyn> you mean it?
    <Vedran> ...that you're someone I can love?
    * Aleyn nods
    <Vedran> Of course you are.
    <Vedran> I'm just... I still...
    * Aleyn looks a little teary-eyed.
    * Vedran smiles
    <Vedran> I'm still sorting myself out...
    <Aleyn> I know...
    * Aleyn holds you closer.
    * Vedran hugs you
    <Vedran> kiss?
    * Aleyn nods, and kisses you.
    * Macen toddles over to give hugs too!
    <Macen> hugs!
    * Aleyn smiles
    <Vedran> heh
    <Vedran> Yes, hugs, macen
    * Vedran hugs his son fiercely
    * Aleyn hugs you both.
    * Aleyn waits until Macen gets squirmy to let go and lean back against the couch with you again.
    <Aleyn> ... maybe three months isn't so bad.
    * Macen does, in fact, squirm away
    <Vedran> no
    <Vedran> maybe
    <Aleyn> I mean... it's the uncertainty that's making us worry.
    <Vedran> we'll see
    * Vedran nods
    <Aleyn> so... maybe if you start meeting ... women... and you have a better idea what you want, and are honest with them, then we'll have a better idea how this will work.
    <Vedran> I hope so
    <Aleyn> and you can delay longer once you find someone.... if you want... long engagement.
    <Vedran> to a point
    <Aleyn> I don't know. I just ... I really want this to work, and that's the missing factor right now, the thing we can't plan around, because we don't know who it is.
    * Aleyn shakes his head.
    <Vedran> I'm sorry I'm making this more complicated
    <Aleyn> no... it's okay.
    <Aleyn> what's the easier option, you tell me it's over? neither of us wants that.
    <Macen> no.
    <Macen> (argh, but lol)
    <Aleyn> You make me so happy, Vedran. I'm willing to fight for that... for you.
    <Macen> no book? ;_;
    * Macen is digging though his toy box
    * Vedran nods, but looks over at Macen
    <Vedran> What are you looking for, buddy?
    <Vedran> Your books are on your shelf, remember?
    Vedran> where Kier put them away?
    * Macen sniffs and looks uncertain
    <Vedran> over here...
    * Vedran shuffles over to one of the bottom shelves that still has books on it
    <Vedran> here you go, all your books
    * Vedran gives Aleyn an apologetic look :/
    * Aleyn just shrugs and smiles.
    * Macen toddles over and selects one and then pushes it at his daddy
    <Macen> book!
    <Vedran> okay
    <Vedran> come sit with me and aleyn, and I'll read it, okay?
    * Macen nods, and takes the book over to Aleyn
    <Macen> Book?
    <Aleyn> sure Smile
    <Aleyn> I love it when your dad tells stories.
    <Aleyn> he does really good voices.
    * Vedran comes back and snuggles beside Aleyn, and pulls Macen into his lap
    <Vedran> oh, this one has good sounds too....
    * Vedran will read... going over some pages sveral times, with funny voices and all
    * Aleyn just sits and is happy with you
    <Aleyn> . o O (Family <3)
    <Vedran> . o O (<3)

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