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    Baby date!


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    Baby date!

    Post by elanya on 29/10/12, 11:25 am

    Session Start: Wed Oct 24 21:29:42 2012
    Session Ident: #gnomeland
    * Logging for #gnomeland started
    * Aleyn comes by to Vedran's place one afternoon
    * Vedran will answer the door, but even before he does you can hear unsteady running in the house
    <Vedran> hey :)
    * Aleyn grins.
    <Aleyn> Hey. He sounds like he's having fun.
    * Vedran now has a toddle on his hip :3
    <Aleyn> (or, was having, then ;)
    * Macen peeks up at you curiously
    <Aleyn> Hi Macen :)
    <Vedran> can you say hi to Aleyn, Macen?
    <Macen> :3
    * Aleyn smiles back.
    <Vedran> how about a wave?
    * Vedran says as he steps aside to let you in
    <Vedran> hmm?
    <Macen> hi :3
    <Aleyn> Hi! It's nice to see you again.
    * Macen squirms in his father's grip
    * Aleyn steps inside
    <Macen> down?
    <Vedran> okay
    * Vedran puts him down gently
    <Vedran> (after the door is closed
    <Aleyn> Are you on solo Macen patrol today? :)
    * Macen is wearing a little elfy robe , puffyed out around his diaper
    <Vedran> for a little while, anyway
    <Vedran> Marys went out to do a little shopping
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Vedran> and Kier should be by later
    <Aleyn> How's it going?
    * Aleyn looks for a sense of if you're frazzled, or doing okay.
    <Vedran> uhhh, well, he was napping until just a little while ago
    <Macen> no nap!
    * Aleyn chuckles
    <Vedran> heh, no, not now
    <Vedran> do you want to play with your blocks some more?
    <Aleyn> That sounds like fun.
    * Macen nods
    * Macen runs over to his toy box then
    * Aleyn comes further into the living room
    <Vedran> Man, somedays I think I need Roscoe's boots just to keep up with him @_@
    * Aleyn sits down on the floor, cross-legged.
    <Aleyn> No kidding.
    * Vedran goes over and will help Macen get his blocks out
    * Macen always seems to find other things in the toy box that also need to be removed :3
    <Aleyn> I was at the orphanage for a bit this morning, imagine it with fifty of him ;)
    <Vedran> heh
    <Vedran> they're more varied in age though, right?
    <Aleyn> True.
    <Aleyn> It's still pretty crazy sometimes. I'm amazed they can keep it as orderly as they manage to.
    <Macen> nooooo!
    * Macen whines as Vedran tries to put away some of the other toys
    <Aleyn> Hey Macen, let's build something :)
    * Macen looks over at Aleyn
    * Aleyn attempts to distract him with things that are already out
    * Vedran gives you a grateful look
    <Vedran> someone has been cranky lately, I will warn
    <Vedran> and yesterday he bit Kier -_-
    * Aleyn retrieves some blocks and starts stacking them, which is always a temptation...
    <Aleyn> ouch!
    * Macen toddles over and takes the first block off
    <Aleyn> Nice work :)
    * Macen then puts it at the bottom of a new stack
    <Aleyn> He didn't just knock the entire thing down ;)
    * Aleyn seems amused/impressed
    * Aleyn will add some more blocks to the tower.
    <Vedran> not tall enough yet >.>
    <Aleyn> heh
    <Aleyn> I'm amazed your bookshelves are still as intact as they are.
    * Vedran sighs
    <Aleyn> Hopefully you've moved anything really valuable to the top shelves?
    <Vedran> that's a fight of constant supervision >.>
    <Vedran> yeh
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Vedran> he's been trying to climb them though
    <Aleyn> oh, fun.
    <Vedran> @_@
    <Macen> fun!
    <Aleyn> I was going to suggest you could tie the books into the shelves with ropes, but that might just encourage him.
    <Aleyn> That's right, fun :) Building with blocks is lots of fun.
    * Macen grabs for the block aleyn has
    * Aleyn offers it to him
    <Macen> unh!
    * Macen takes it and puts it on the tower :3
    <Aleyn> very nice, is it a castle?
    * Macen considers, looking at his dad
    <Macen> no
    <Aleyn> hm.. maybe it's a big mountain.
    <Aleyn> or a wizard tower?
    <Vedran> is it Highmark?
    * Macen responds ominously bu pushing it obver and giggling
    <Vedran> well I hope not then @_@
    <Aleyn> heh
    * Aleyn takes his hat off and puts it on Macen's head, where it is far too big and falls down over his eyes.
    * Vedran chuckles and joins the two of you on the floor
    <Vedran> still looks better on you :)
    <Aleyn> Fair. Maybe in his size... ;)
    * Macen takes it off and looks it over
    <Vedran> Macen is not a fan of hats, are you kiddo?
    <Macen> no hats!
    <Aleyn> Oh, but hats can be very handsome, and besides, keep your ears warm when it's cold out.
    * Macen puts the hat on the ground upside down, and puts a block in it
    <Macen> no hats!
    <Aleyn> Well, if you insist.
    * Macen shakes his head
    * Macen puts another block in the hat
    * Aleyn seems unconcerned with his hat being used as a repository for blocks
    * Vedran frowns a little, but it is your hat >.>
    * Macen sees how many blocks he can put in, then starts taking them out
    <Vedran> so, how are things at the orphanage, other than chaotic?
    <Aleyn> Well... pretty good, I guess? I like to go around story time, that's usually fun, and they tend to sit still for it, mostly.
    <Vedran> Oh, fun :)
    <Aleyn> Yeah.
    <Aleyn> It's kind of hard to leave them sometimes.
    <Vedran> oh?
    <Aleyn> well, if they're hanging on and stuff.
    * Macen seems mostly content with build/demolish games atm :3
    * Aleyn says lightly.
    * Vedran grins
    * Aleyn will retrieve his hat if it seems in danger of being smushed.
    <Vedran> that can make it a challenge
    <Vedran> (maybe a little >.>)
    * Aleyn sets it up on the table, maybe not out of reach, but at least out of immediate range.
    <Aleyn> There's one little girl... she always gets me to read to her.
    <Vedran> oh?
    <Aleyn> I keep hoping maybe she'll be gone next time I go, that someone will have adopted her, but so far...
    * Aleyn shrugs.
    <Aleyn> not because I don't like reading to her.
    * Aleyn adds hastily.
    <Vedran> oh, no, I get you
    <Vedran> just want her to have something better?
    <Aleyn> yeah.
    <Aleyn> all of them, really.
    <Aleyn> even though I know this is better than the alternative.
    <Vedran> yeah
    <Vedran> they are well cared for
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Aleyn> I know... they have enough food, and a place to sleep, and people to watch over them.
    <Aleyn> and suckers who'll come and read them stories, even.
    * Aleyn says with a wry smile.
    * Vedran grins at that again
    <Vedran> I do know what you mean though
    * Macen runs back over to the toy box
    <Vedran> whatcha looking for, Macen?
    <Aleyn> She has a limp... I don't know if maybe that's why no one's taken her yet :/
    * Vedran asks as he tries to push oben the box's lid
    * Aleyn glances up to see what Macen's up to
    <Macen> mals!
    <Vedran> your animals?
    <Macen> mals!
    <Vedran> okay
    * Vedran will get out some of his wooden animals, and the vertebrae snake which has gotten included with them
    <Vedran> just a few, okay?
    * Aleyn smiles to see that
    <Macen> maaaaal! :(
    <Vedran> here you go
    * Vedran will give him some, and he toddles off back towards the blocks
    <Aleyn> wow, what animals do you have there?
    <Aleyn> I see a horse, and... is that a bear? and ooh, a dragon.
    * Macen plops down on his butt amd sorts them
    <Aleyn> not that dragons are technically animals, but hey :)
    <Macen> saaake?
    * Macen giggles it and puts it aside
    <Aleyn> oh yeah, the snake
    <Macen> 'raffe!
    * Macen picks it a giraffe
    <Vedran> I had no idea what that was
    <Vedran> Kier found it...somewhere @_@
    <Aleyn> neat :)
    <Macen> moomoo!
    <Aleyn> oh, a cow?
    * Macen shoves a cow in your face, yes
    * Aleyn takes it and admires the fine craftsmanship ;)
    <Aleyn> It's a nice cow.
    * Aleyn offers it back.
    <Macen> moomoo!
    <Vedran> cow
    <Macen> moo?
    <Aleyn> Cows say moo, that's right.
    * Macen looks hopefully at his dad
    <Vedran> Moooooo
    <Vedran> :3
    * Aleyn smiles
    <Macen> :D
    <Aleyn> And dads, also.
    * Macen laughs
    <Vedran> sometimes making me make animal noises is his favoutite game
    <Aleyn> oh, I can see why, you're very good at them.
    * Aleyn teases
    <Aleyn> so what noise does the... giraffe make? ;)
    <Vedran> all that bardic training was not in vain, I assume you :V
    <Vedran> I have no idea
    * Aleyn chuckles.
    <Vedran> I usually aim for somewhere between a goat and a deer and he doesn't know any better @_@
    <Aleyn> fair
    <Aleyn> so does he just have one nap in the middle of the day now?
    <Vedran> usually yes
    <Aleyn> well, that's understandable. he's a busy man, lots of things to do, can't spend all day in bed.
    * Macen orders the animals, placing them around the blocks.
    * Macen peers at them and then giggles when they start sort of shambling around
    <Vedran> oooh here we go
    <Aleyn> oh, heh. right @_@
    <Aleyn> that's gotta be... interesting.
    <Vedran> it's a challlenge
    <Vedran> Kier has me keeping a log
    <Vedran> well and Marys too
    * Aleyn nods
    <Vedran> to figure out how often and how long he can do it
    <Aleyn> is it the kind of thing that'll get stronger as he gets older?
    <Vedran> he uses the animals a lot because some of them are jointed
    <Vedran> yes
    * Aleyn nods
    <Vedran> Generally speaking, dragnomarks get more powerful the more you use them
    <Vedran> well, their active powers, anyway
    <Aleyn> right...
    <Vedran> some of them are more subtle, like Brenn's
    * Aleyn says as if he knows anything much about dragonmarks >.>
    <Vedran> and it is less 'I'm goign to do this cool magic thing'
    <Vedran> Del's seems like it is of that variety too
    <Vedran> like, she can activate it specifically, but it is also more generally useful
    <Vedran> Whereas, my froned Zann's is like - now I am wearing magic armour!
    <Aleyn> but usually they activate when people are older, right?
    <Aleyn> like teens, even adults?
    <Vedran> well
    <Vedran> most people get them when they are teenagers
    <Vedran> a lot of times they manifest in response to stress
    <Vedran> and, well
    <Vedran> you've been a teenager
    * Vedran teases
    * Aleyn laughs
    <Vedran> theoretically the can manifest at any time
    <Aleyn> yes.
    <Aleyn> .... so you could still have one, in theory?
    * Aleyn sounds vaguely worried at that thought.
    * Macen makes a game of moving blocks in and then out of the paths of the wandering creatures
    <Vedran> I gave up on that a lot time ago
    <Vedran> theoretically
    <Vedran> but if my life hasn't been stressful enough in the past few years... I hate to think what would be :p
    <Aleyn> good point :/
    * Aleyn picks up the horse, which has wandered to bump up against his knee, and turns it around.
    <Vedran> anyway
    <Vedran> yeah the most we have seen him manage is about forty minutes over the course of one day
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Vedran> I'll warn you though that he does sometimes get really upset when they stop, because he doesn't undersnatd
    <Aleyn> okay.
    <Vedran> (understand)
    <Aleyn> I'll be ready with distractions if that happens ;)
    <Vedran> heh
    <Vedran> well it is worse *before* naptime
    <Vedran> so we might be okay today
    <Aleyn> everything usually is, yeah.
    <Aleyn> or close to bedtime.
    <Macen> yup
    * Vedran eyes his son
    <Vedran> yup what, macen?
    <Aleyn> you haven't truly lived until you've heard Alynna scream about how she's not tired.
    * Aleyn looks over at Macen too
    <Macen> up!
    <Aleyn> you wanna go up?
    * Macen point sat the jointed horse which is sort of climbing-ish
    <Aleyn> oh, heh
    <Vedran> I am.... not looking foerward to the screaming years
    <Vedran> I have had a taste of them
    * Aleyn chuckles
    <Aleyn> Fortunately they don't usually last too long?
    <Vedran> well, maybe :/
    <Vedran> Changeover days are already bad
    <Aleyn> at least, with my family, they mostly got drowned out.
    <Vedran> heh
    <Vedran> not enough people around here for that
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Aleyn> Girls are more shrill usually... so... there's that, I guess?
    <Vedran> heh
    <Aleyn> Tavya could always get heard over the noise of everyone else.
    <Vedran> she's your youngest sister?
    <Aleyn> Yeah.
    <Aleyn> She always did like being the centre of attention ;)
    <Vedran> only the two girls, right?
    <Aleyn> That's right. Five boys, two girls.
    * Vedran tries to keep all the Harrowden's straight
    * Vedran smiles and shakes his head
    <Aleyn> and they kind of go into two groups
    <Vedran> how did you turn out so quiet? :o
    <Aleyn> Me, Lystra and Maynard are the old ones, and then Bretyn, Tav and Len are the young ones. Ciryl was always kind of in the middle and ignored, I'm afraid ;)
    <Aleyn> me? I guess I knew no one was listening ;)
    <Vedran> he's the quiet one?
    <Vedran> have I met him?
    <Aleyn> No, not yet. He is really quiet, though, way more than me.
    * Vedran says that, clearly >.>
    <Vedran> yeah, I remember you saying that
    <Aleyn> He's a good guy, just ... doesn't talk a lot.
    <Aleyn> when he does, it's usually something important though.
    * Vedran nods
    <Vedran> I've known people like that
    <Aleyn> and he's a hard worker. Lys is lucky to have him in the workshop still... he wants to start up his own shop.
    <Vedran> doing the same stuff?
    <Aleyn> No, something different. Maybe window glass.
    <Vedran> fancy :)
    <Vedran> well
    <Vedran> differntly fancy
    <Aleyn> it's not as flashy as ornate little gadgets, but it's hard.
    <Vedran> I know it is a lot different, yeah
    <Vedran> and hey, I lived in Overlook, let me tell you it can be plenty fancy @_@
    <Aleyn> True :) stained glass, leaded glass, that's a whole other thing @_@
    <Aleyn> can you tell they tried to make me a glassmaker too? ;)
    * Vedran chuckles
    <Vedran> hey macen do you want to come sit with daddy?
    * Vedran holds his arms open, noticing the toys are starting to wind down
    <Macen> dada!
    <Aleyn> I have a trick, Macen. Do you want to see it?
    * Macen beams
    * Macen looks over at Aleyn curiously though
    * Aleyn holds up his left hand, curled into a fist, and counts the fingers as he extends them, 1-2-3-4-5.
    * Aleyn then holds up his right hand, same deal, and counts those fingers, 1-2-3....
    <Aleyn> Huh, where'd they go?
    * Macen grabs your fingers
    <Macen> :o
    * Aleyn turns his hand around to show Macen they're not folded down.
    * Aleyn acts very surprised at this
    * Vedran grins
    <Aleyn> I have to take off my shoes and use my toes to count to ten.
    <Macen> were?
    <Aleyn> just all gone.
    * Aleyn says with a smile.
    * Macen pokes
    * Aleyn lets him
    <Macen> all done?
    <Aleyn> yup, that's all I've got.
    * Macen makes a face
    <Aleyn> I mean, I can show you the counting again.
    <Vedran> that's what happens when you bite people too hard
    * Aleyn laughs.
    * Vedran advises
    <Aleyn> That's a good idea, don't bite people.
    * Aleyn runs through the 1-5, then 1-3 routine again, smiling.
    * Macen makes another face, but grins and examines Aleyn's hand all over again
    * Macen then busies himself dropping blocks in Aleyn's lap
    <Vedran> Careful there, bud >.>
    * Aleyn puts his hands out to catch them, just to be on the safe side >.>
    * Aleyn gives Vedran a little smile at that, though
    <Aleyn> it's thoughtful of you to look out for me ;)
    <Vedran> I have a vested interest ^-^
    <Aleyn> mm, good.
    * Aleyn lets his hand rest on your knee for just a little bit.
    * Macen smiles
    * Vedran does too :V

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