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    League Profile- Lady Macabre


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    League Profile- Lady Macabre

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 09/03/10, 01:07 am

    Lady Elaine was born several centuries ago in France, the eldest child of a wealthy Comte. She grew up pampered, given every luxury a child of the era could hope for, and she grew up contented and happy. As she grew older, she grew beautiful, and she was a popular prospect for marriage at court.
    Her father saw an opportunity to improve his station by marrying her off to a Vicomte with multiple children and multiple dead wives.
    There were rumors that he'd had something to do with their deaths, and when Elaine became his wife she found that those rumors were all true. He was in fact dabbling in the blackest arts, and his wives had been murdered when they balked upon learning that fact.
    Elaine was not scared in the least, however. The arts appealed to her greatly, and her husband found her an eager student. They made a dark and passionate life together, as far from court as they could manage. The husband, being much older than her, died fifteen years later, and left Elaine wealthy and empowered. Now only one thing remained, and that was to secure a way to avoid her own death.
    She devoted all of her vast wealth to the project, and within five years she was running dangerously low on funds if she wanted to continue her lifestyle. As such, she went to visit a small, out of the way fief way out in the country that she knew had a marriageable son and sufficient income to continue her lifestyle.
    Unfortunately, she was thwarted by the son himself, and some hapless girl he'd fallen in love with. She destroyed the village and killed everyone in it except for that girl. Her she took back with her and used for her experiments, until one day she found the answer she sought. Sadly for the girl, it did not react well with the other variants that had already been used on her, and it left her scarred and mangled. Elaine used the spell on herself before letting the girl think she killed her.
    She laid low for many years after that, knowing the girl would come back to finish the job if she knew Elaine was still alive. It wasn't until the modern era, where it no longer suited her to be confined to her castle, that she made the move to America and joined the League to give her better scope for her talents.

    Power: Manipulation of darkness and zombie control
    Nemesis: Rachiel

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