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    Date night, part 2: Sexytimes


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    Date night, part 2: Sexytimes

    Post by Curtana on 20/10/12, 01:03 pm

    [Context/background notes taken from email conversations, lightly edited for coherency Smile

    H: I think probably 2 dates a week is more normal when Macen is there, and more when he isn't - I do think probably he has to give him back for a few weeks somewhere in that month, which would make for more opportunities for alone times (but probably 3 nights over/week is well more than enough to get the neighbours talking >.>) if Aleyn is willing to sleep over (yeah, big chore I'm sure Wink

    I think they could definitely work up to nakedness in that time, and more talking, especially, I think is important, because the more Aleyn knows the better he can help V work on the rest of it (knowing what to say, understanding why he doesn't like to be touched in certain ways, why things are hard for him, etc).

    J: I think Aleyn would want to hear about the basics of their relationship, like how they got together, how things work with Macen's care, so maybe we can assume that is already covered? Why they split up is a big topic, and maybe not entirely explored yet? He is also generally trying to explore V's issues and how to best handle them - like I think at first he thought "V needs ALL the autonomy!" so he would offer V the choice of everything - do I sleep in the bed or on the couch, do I stay over or go home, whatever - but I think now he is realizing V finds that overwhelming, and he needs to be a bit more forceful/opinionated in stating his wants and letting V respond to that, rather than placing the burden on V to decide for both of them. So exploring those sorts of issues around control and consent and asking and giving - finding out V's boundaries so that he knows where to start gently trying to expand them, that sort of thing.

    H: I think Aleyn would know by now that it is really hard to get V to talk about things if he is already worked up, and that it is more likely to go badly, but if he approaches him when he's feeling more stable, they're more likely to make progress before V feels too vulnerable to proceed (but that is more likely going to be something he can vocalize, still, which is still an improvement).

    I think at this point Aleyn would certainly know that a lot of V's issues are related to the fact that he is scared of his own sexual desire and doesn't feel like he can or should be trusted to control that on his own, but the exact reasons for that are not clear, other than that they stem from things that happened during his relationship. Aleyn may have a sense that this is directly related to their break up, but also has roots reaching further back.

    I think he would know that Jacinthe (for the most part) never initiated sex, that she was never interested in Vedran sexually, that she made him feel bad for wanting it, and that she would make him try and earn it - and that is probably the last big breakthrough that they'd have had.

    ...and now, on to the porn!]

    * Aleyn licks his fingers off.
    * Aleyn perhaps makes slightly more of a show of it than is strictly necessary.
    * Vedran disposes of the wing bones by the rest of the chicken
    <Vedran> you looking for some help with that?
    <Aleyn> only if I can help you back.
    <Vedran> okay
    <Vedran> well
    <Vedran> can suck my fingers
    * Vedran offers
    <Vedran> but they're not greasy
    <Aleyn> not even a little?
    <Aleyn> man, you are way neater than me.
    <Vedran> magic :p
    <Aleyn> cheating, I call it Wink
    * Aleyn takes your hand anyway
    * Aleyn sucks your index finger into his mouth, watching your face as he does it
    * Vedran 's breath catches a little, and his eyes fall half closed
    * Aleyn 's tongue is very ... practiced >.>
    <Vedran> mmph
    <Aleyn> your turn
    * Aleyn says when he finally draws his mouth off you.
    * Vedran nods
    * Vedran takes your hand and uncurls your palm
    * Aleyn watches you intently
    * Vedran trails a finger through the lines of your hand, and then licks it
    * Aleyn bites his lip
    <Vedran> (I meant his finger, actually :3)
    * Vedran kisses your palm
    <Aleyn> (oh, ok. I still stand by my lip-biting)
    <Vedran> ...I don't think I can.
    <Aleyn> hm?
    * Vedran says apologetically
    <Aleyn> oh... okay.
    <Vedran> Can I just kiss your scars instead?
    <Aleyn> yes.
    * Vedran smiles and will do that, kissing the scar over yout old tattoo first, working his way around the mess of tissue towards the stumps of your fingers, ocasionaly slipping some tongue in as well.
    * Aleyn 's breath quickens a little
    <Aleyn> mmmph...
    <Aleyn> I didn't know, until you, how amazing that could feel.
    <Vedran> mmm.
    <Vedran> That's something else you have to thank Agi for.
    <Vedran> Agizul
    <Aleyn> oh?
    * Vedran clarifies quickly
    <Vedran> he lost most of his right leg in the war
    <Aleyn> ..oh..
    * Aleyn nods
    <Aleyn> lots of scars?
    * Vedran nods
    <Vedran> Alchemical acid
    <Aleyn> ouch.
    <Vedran> yeah
    <Vedran> I think he must have been like... 13-14?
    <Vedran> anyway
    <Vedran> scars
    * Vedran licks your hand again
    <Vedran> (well your stumps)
    <Aleyn> gods @_@
    * Vedran can do that without feeling too much like he is cleaning you >.>
    <Aleyn> would you suck on them too?
    * Vedran will do so happily
    * Vedran watches your face
    * Aleyn looks flushed, eyes bright and mouth open a little
    * Vedran turns to face you a little more
    <Aleyn> ...
    * Vedran looks up at you with yearning
    <Aleyn> bedroom?
    * Vedran nods
    * Aleyn suggests
    * Vedran keeps hold of your hand and will head tat way with you
    * Aleyn gets up, topping up his glass of wine and taking it with him
    <Aleyn> might need refreshment Wink
    <Aleyn> oh, and we never got those berries!
    <Vedran> right, berries @_@
    <Vedran> you want them?
    <Aleyn> if you want to feed them to each other in bed, I am all for that.
    <Vedran> Oh, okay..
    * Vedran will go fetch them then - they are in a pretty little dish and everything
    <Aleyn> looks delicious
    * Aleyn says, looking more at you than the berries
    * Vedran smiles, a little flushed
    * Vedran will set them on his nightstand
    * Vedran will also bring his wine in
    * Aleyn puts his wine down there too, and starts working on undressing. Leaving the hat for last.
    * Vedran watches you
    <Aleyn> (sitting on the edge of the bed?)
    <Vedran> you really are so sexy...
    <Vedran> (yeah, maybe leaning back a bit)
    <Aleyn> thanks
    * Aleyn comes over in his underwear to stand in front of you.
    <Aleyn> (well, underwear and hat Wink
    * Vedran sits up so that you are almost touching
    * Aleyn rubs himself lightly over the fabric
    <Vedran> I want to kiss your stomach
    <Aleyn> all right Smile
    * Vedran pults his arms around your hips and pulls you to him, then, kissing yur stomach and leaning his face against you
    <Aleyn> mmm.
    * Vedran 's definitiong of 'kissin' often involves a little tongue >.>
    * Aleyn rests his hands on your shoulders
    * Vedran looks back up at you, lips still pressed to your skin
    <Aleyn> ... can I help get your clothes off?
    <Vedran> one at a time?
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Vedran> okay
    * Aleyn unbuttons the top button of your shirt
    * Vedran sits back up so you can get at it more easily
    <Vedran> I should have worn a robe...
    * Aleyn chuckles.
    <Aleyn> are you feeling impatient?
    <Aleyn> I can go faster Wink
    <Vedran> okay
    * Aleyn gets the rest of your buttons undone, then, and pushes your shirt open.
    * Vedran smiles
    * Vedran will struggle out of it
    * Vedran also kicks off his socks >.>
    <Aleyn> mm... you're so gorgeous.
    * Vedran leans back on the bed, and pats it for you to lie down beside him
    * Aleyn joins you there
    <Aleyn> can I kiss your nipples?
    <Vedran> ...just kiss.
    <Aleyn> okay.
    * Aleyn gives each of them a light kiss
    <Vedran> mph
    * Vedran arches his back, his body so desperate for more more more than he gives it
    <Aleyn> can I put my hand on your stomach?
    * Vedran nods
    * Aleyn slides it to rest there.
    <Vedran> kisses?
    <Aleyn> yes, please
    * Aleyn tilts his head to make it easier with the hat still on
    * Vedran turns to kiss you then
    * Aleyn 's fingers stroke lightly against the skin of your stomach, the fine hairs there...
    * Vedran 's levels of turned-on-edness is easily judged by his kisses... you'd say pretty high right now
    * Vedran moans against your mouth
    * Aleyn is plainly amazingly turned on too
    * Vedran tenses, and after another moment will reach for your hand and draw it away
    * Aleyn lets you
    <Vedran> lower?
    <Vedran> ...
    <Vedran> Can I kiss you lower
    <Aleyn> lower where?
    * Vedran clarifies, anxiuosly
    <Vedran> neck?
    <Aleyn> yes.
    * Aleyn is shaved, or at least, was this morning, so only a little stubble.
    * Vedran licks his way down for some neck kissing
    <Aleyn> mmm
    * Aleyn 's throat vibrates a little with his moan
    <Vedran> ...nipples?
    <Aleyn> yes
    * Aleyn says immediately
    * Vedran licks along your throat as you answer then kisses your adam's apple
    * Vedran leans across you as he works his way down yout chest, licking and kissing along your collar bones
    * Aleyn wraps an arm lightly around your shoulders as you do
    * Vedran finally makes it to your nipples, sucking on one, rolling his tongue around it
    <Aleyn> nhh.
    <Vedran> mmmmmmh, Aleyn..
    <Aleyn> yes?
    * Vedran moans against you as he travels across your chest
    <Vedran> lower?
    <Aleyn> lower where?
    * Aleyn asks again
    * Vedran takes a breath, looking up at you
    <Vedran> stomach?
    <Aleyn> yes...
    <Vedran> ...
    * Vedran kisses his way down even further
    <Aleyn> if you want more, you can have it... as long as you can use the words for what you want.
    * Vedran kisses above the waistband of your underwear
    * Aleyn 's stomach trembles a little with his tension
    * Vedran slips all the way off the bed so he is kneeling before you
    * Aleyn sits up, propping himself up to watch you
    <Vedran> ...can I...
    * Vedran looks up at you, and bites his lip
    <Vedran> touch...
    * Aleyn smiles encouragingly.
    * Vedran reaches up to your thigh and then curls his fingers back
    <Aleyn> <q> you can do it.
    <Vedran> I... you
    <Vedran> until
    <Vedran> we both
    <Vedran> want it so bad..
    <Vedran> and then
    <Vedran> lick you... everywhere
    <Aleyn> here?
    * Aleyn asks, stroking his cock over his underwear
    <Vedran> mmph
    <Vedran> yes
    <Vedran> and...
    <Vedran> around
    <Aleyn> around where?
    * Aleyn asks, even though he knows perfectly well what you mean
    * Vedran looks down away from you a moment, frustrated, pulling his fists into his body
    * Vedran looks up after a moment though, into your eyes
    <Vedran> all around your huge, sexy, cock
    * Aleyn 's eyes are soft and smiling
    <Aleyn> ...yes, Vedran. I want that.
    * Aleyn stands up, then, and slides his underwear off for you.
    * Vedran nods then, flushed, eyes shining
    <Aleyn> this huge sexy cock? this is what you want so bad?
    * Aleyn asks, stroking it for you
    * Vedran nods
    <Aleyn> then tease me.
    * Vedran reaches up to put his hands on your thighs
    <Aleyn> tease me until I'm ready to burst.
    <Aleyn> and then longer Wink
    * Vedran will do so then, pushing you gently back down to the bed
    * Aleyn reclines again
    * Aleyn sets the hat aside as he does so, but leaves it on the bed beside him
    * Vedran strokes your thighs and stomach
    * Aleyn moans softly
    * Vedran will kiss your stomach again, stroking closer to you with his thumbs but not actually touching your cock
    * Vedran licks an outline allll around it on your stomqach and lower as well
    <Aleyn> nnnnhg.
    <Aleyn> <q> I've been waiting for this all day.
    * Vedran 's thumbs graze the hair on your balls
    <Aleyn> ahh, fuck @_@
    <Vedran> mmm
    * Vedran nuzzles against your thigh now
    * Aleyn opens his legs wider
    * Vedran brushes up against your cock incidentally
    * Aleyn 's cock twitches eagerly at your accidental touch
    * Vedran brushes careful fingers along the flesh of your stomach below your straining cock, tickling through that hair as well
    <Aleyn> oh, gods...
    <Aleyn> we *both* want it so much? that's what you asked for...
    * Aleyn props up on his elbows to look at you
    <Vedran> ...
    * Vedran pauses where he was licking your inner thigh
    <Vedran> ...yes?
    <Aleyn> mmm, good
    <Aleyn> I know I do, but I wanted to be sure you did too @_@
    * Vedran nods
    <Vedran> yes
    * Vedran kisses your thigh again, then shifts his head to rub his cheek against your cock
    * Aleyn gives a sort of strangled moan
    <Vedran> more teasing?
    <Aleyn> ...I can take as much as you can give @_@
    * Vedran mumurs with his head buried in your hip
    * Vedran kisses and licks you there for a while then
    * Aleyn lies back again, squirming against your sheets
    * Vedran brushes down along your inner thigh on the other side with the back of his hand, raking back up the other way with his fingernails
    * Aleyn shivers with his entire body
    * Vedran keeps doing that, and will turn his head to kiss the very root of your cock, where it joins your body
    <Aleyn> ohh!
    * Vedran smiles and looks up at you
    * Vedran licks just behind that point
    * Aleyn gasps, balling his fists up in need/frustration/desire
    <Vedran> mmph
    * Vedran licks lower, tangling his tongue in your hair
    <Aleyn> gooood, yeah...
    * Vedran works is way back to your stomach
    <Vedran> want more..
    <Aleyn> yes, please Vedran
    * Vedran whispers his chin resting above the head of your cock
    * Vedran kisses your head then, and licks his lips
    <Aleyn> please suck my cock, ohhhh
    * Vedran trails his tongue around your head
    <Vedran> mmm, Aleyn.....
    * Aleyn 's leaking precum, so very ready @_@
    * Vedran sucks it into his mouth
    * Vedran laps it up, sucking it out of you
    * Aleyn arches up to meet you, urgent and needy
    * Vedran sucks you further in, working you into his throat
    * Aleyn 's mouth opens but no sound comes out, just desperate gasping
    * Vedran 's hand continue to massage the sensitized skin of your thighs
    <Aleyn> oh, you're so good, so fucking sexy...
    * Aleyn manages to say
    * Vedran will slowly work into a good rhytym
    * Aleyn works hard to hold back, keep from thrusting into you too roughly
    * Vedran works at getting you even more worked up ^-^
    * Aleyn is whimpering and gasping with every stroke by this point
    * Vedran massages your balls lightly
    <Aleyn> unghh, yeah..
    <Aleyn> gotta come soon @_@
    * Vedran 's fingers rake through your hair gently as his head bobs along your cock, and he nods as much as he can with his mouth full of cock
    <Vedran> mmmmmm
    <Aleyn> right down your throat? you want that?
    <Vedran> mm
    <Aleyn> you wanna drink my come, Vedran?
    <Vedran> mmhmmm!
    * Vedran look up at you with need and lust
    * Aleyn 's body contracts and shakes as his orgasm explodes out of him, flooding your mouth with his come.
    * Vedran swallows compulsively
    <Aleyn> guh...good...
    * Aleyn shivers and twitches for a good long time after
    * Vedran coughs a little, though, licking up the last of your come from the head of your penis
    <Aleyn> ...hold me?
    * Vedran will then crawl up beside you
    * Vedran is as hard as a rock
    * Aleyn curls up against you, still trembling a bit
    * Vedran holds you as requested, getting his own breath back
    <Aleyn> amazing @_@
    * Vedran kisses the back of your neck
    <Vedran> yeah
    * Aleyn is sweating and hot to the touch
    * Vedran is warm but not sweaty, of course
    * Aleyn rolls to face you after a little while
    <Aleyn> kiss?
    * Vedran obliges hapily
    * Aleyn tastes himself on your tongue, and smiles
    * Vedran is also smiling
    <Aleyn> I could use that drink now
    <Vedran> oh right

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