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    Bathrubs! Aleyn and Vedran reunion continued


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    Bathrubs! Aleyn and Vedran reunion continued

    Post by elanya on 16/10/12, 06:49 pm

    (Picking up from V, still fully dressed, getting into the tub with Aleyn at the bath house)

    * Aleyn is surprised, and laughs a bit.
    * Vedran straddles your legs, facing you
    <Vedran> ...
    * Vedran sits back on his knees and looks down
    * Aleyn is not complaining
    <Vedran> sorry
    * Aleyn shakes his head
    <Aleyn> no, it's okay.. I just had a moment of 'oh crap, your clothes!' before I remembered.
    * Aleyn runs his hand over the front of your shirt/waistcoat.
    <Vedran> oh, right...
    <Aleyn> so, out of purely academic curiosity...
    * Vedran seems more nervous again now that he is in here with you
    <Vedran> hmm?
    <Aleyn> how does the ritual work if you take off the clothes? like, would they then get wet?
    <Vedran> yeah
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Vedran> if I put them back on
    <Vedran> ...actually i don't know
    <Aleyn> heh.
    <Vedran> I think the water would go away
    <Vedran> but they migfht still be stained
    <Aleyn> well, we wouldn't want that
    <Vedran> no.
    <Aleyn> so if you take them off, make sure you get out of the tub first?
    <Vedran> right.
    * Aleyn smiles.
    <Aleyn> but in theory...
    <Aleyn> ...I could unbutton your shirt, and it would still stay dry?
    <Vedran> ...
    <Vedran> Aleyn... I..
    <Aleyn> .. would that be okay?
    * Vedran looks pained but shakes his head
    <Aleyn> oh... okay.
    <Vedran> I'ms sorry, I shouldn't... I
    <Aleyn> why shouldn't you?
    * Aleyn asks gently.
    * Vedran covered his face with his hands, but you can still see he's gone a little pale
    <Vedran> Please, not now
    <Aleyn> I'm sorry.
    <Aleyn> I thought...
    <Vedran> No,
    <Vedran> I
    <Vedran> I want to be close to you
    <Vedran> is that okay?
    * Aleyn nods
    <Aleyn> of course. it's what I want too.
    * Aleyn wraps his arms around your waist.
    <Aleyn> is it okay if I hold you like this?
    * Vedran nods, uncovering his face
    <Vedran> I...want that, I want... more, just...
    * Aleyn looks up at you, worried and hopeful and confused and caring.
    <Vedran> It's just you're finally here, and I'm sti.. I don't.... Can I just kiss you again?
    <Vedran> please?
    <Aleyn> whenever you want.
    <Aleyn> yes, right now.
    * Vedran will lean forward to do that then
    * Aleyn holds you close and kisses back.
    * Aleyn is happy to do that for as long as you want.
    * Vedran relaxes again after some kissing, that checked passion rising to the fore again, kisses turning hungrier
    * Aleyn 's hands move lightly over your back, not going too far astray though.
    * Vedran rests his hands on your chest as he gets more worked up
    * Aleyn tries to let you lead the way, moving at your pace.
    <Vedran> ...<q>can i touch you?
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Aleyn> please, yes.
    * Vedran nods again, kissing your neck, his hands sliding lower, fingertips playing lightly against the muscles of your stomach
    * Aleyn shivers
    * Aleyn 's cockhead sticks up just above the level of the water.
    * Vedran 's hands slide lower beneath the surface of the water, slowly
    <Aleyn> ( ^-^)
    * Vedran looks up at you as he finally slides one hand down through the hair on your stomach to the shaft of your cock
    * Aleyn stays very still, letting you find your level of comfort.
    * Aleyn 's eyes flutter closed lightly when you touch him.
    <Aleyn> ...that's right...
    * Vedran sighs a little
    * Vedran nods, stroking you gently for now
    * Vedran leans in to kiss you again
    * Aleyn kisses back eagerly
    <Aleyn> ..just slow like that... it's been so long... mmmf. if you went faster I'd just lose it right now, and I want this to last...
    * Aleyn murmurs against your lips
    * Vedran works up his rhtyhm slowly, savouring the intimacy
    * Vedran nods
    <Aleyn> ...wasn't much...privacy there >.>
    * Vedran nods again
    <Vedran> ...tell me more?
    <Aleyn> Imean, a little...
    <Aleyn> unhh... bout what?
    * Aleyn gasps
    <Vedran> you missed me?
    * Aleyn nods
    <Aleyn> I dreamed about you... about us, together...
    <Aleyn> about... ohhh... holding you close, like this, and your smile when you look at me sometimes...
    <Vedran> ...
    <Aleyn> about your eyes, and your freckles...
    * Aleyn lifts one hand gently to your face, running his fingers over your cheek
    * Vedran smiles, and is flushed
    * Vedran turns is face into your hand
    <Vedran> That's...
    <Vedran> if you still want...
    <Vedran> my shirt
    <Aleyn> oh... yes. I do.
    <Vedran> Just.... slow
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Aleyn> one button at a time.
    * Vedran nods too, and kisses your hand nervously
    <Aleyn> you can tell me when to undo another one.
    <Aleyn> if you want.
    * Aleyn carefully unfastens the top button of your shirt, but stops there.
    <Aleyn> whenever I got some time to myself... I'd let myself think more about you...more...
    * Vedran nods, tense again, but really wanting something more.... something *better* from this reunion than just to still be broken
    * Aleyn blushes
    <Aleyn> you wanna hear more about that?
    * Aleyn asks, unsure
    <Vedran> ...
    <Vedran> okay
    * Aleyn smiles shyly.
    <Vedran> and...
    * Vedran just leans forward to kiss you again though
    * Aleyn 's tongue teases against your lips
    <Aleyn> ...another button?
    * Vedran 's mouth opens for you, and he nods
    * Aleyn finds the next button and slips it open.
    * Vedran pauses his kissing, though not his steady gentle cock-stroking, and just leans against you for a bit as he does it
    <Aleyn> ...sometimes I'd start by thinking about the...the time at your apartment, just before I left... about you getting down in front of me, sucking my cock...
    <Aleyn> about how amazing that felt, and ...
    <Aleyn> and how beautiful you looked
    * Aleyn kisses your forehead as you lean against him.
    * Vedran kisses your chest - the way he is leaning against you, there is no question how turned on he is right now
    <Aleyn> and sometimes it would almost seeem like a dream, that you could be ... that you could want me.
    * Aleyn still sounds a little awestruck.
    * Vedran 's empty hand comes to res on your upper thigh
    * Vedran looks up
    <Vedran> I do
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Aleyn> I want you too.
    * Vedran manages not to apologize again, and just nods
    <Aleyn> I.. I want to help, if I can... to make it okay...
    <Vedran> Not now
    * Aleyn nods again.
    * Vedran pleads again
    <Aleyn> okay.
    <Vedran> more?
    * Vedran offers instead
    <Aleyn> I...uh... what should I tell you about now?
    * Aleyn asks as he unfastens the next button with slightly trembling hands.
    * Vedran shakes his head
    <Vedran> kiss me?
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Vedran> please?
    * Aleyn tilts his head up to kiss you
    * Vedran moves his head away to bare his neck to you
    * Aleyn kisses lower, lips against your neck, beard gently rubbing against your skin
    * Aleyn asks, just at the hollow of your throat
    * Vedran nods, heart hammering
    * Vedran 's breathing is pretty shallow and rapid too
    * Aleyn licks your adam's apple
    * Vedran sighs/whimpers, alll nerves and wanting
    * Aleyn kisses lower, moving down to your collarbone.
    * Aleyn spreads your shirt open gently, to expose more skin within the limits of the buttons undone so far...
    * Vedran moans
    * Vedran 's stroking is a little more erratic too, his eyes closed
    * Aleyn is ok with erratic... helps keep him from losing it right away
    * Aleyn keeps kissing along your shoulders as far as he can go
    * Vedran 's grip on your thigh is getting a little tighter the longer this goes on
    * Aleyn works his way back once he reaches the limits of the shirt
    * Vedran pulls back a little once you get back up to his neck
    * Aleyn 's breath is warm and fast against your skin
    <Vedran> ...Aleyn...
    <Aleyn> yes?
    * Vedran looks you in the eye, and will then kiss you again, fierce and deep
    * Aleyn moans against your mouth
    <Vedran> ...can I ...touch you more?
    <Aleyn> yesss
    * Aleyn gasps
    * Vedran nods, kissing you again as the hand that vwas resting on your thigh slips lower, brushing across your balls, then slipping back between your leges, probing gently for the opening to your ass
    <Aleyn> ahh, Vedran, ohhhhgods!
    * Aleyn squirms to give you better access, spreading his legs
    * Vedran kisses you harder, teasing your asshole with one finger, testing it a little, stroking growing a little more insistant
    * Aleyn 's breathing is growing more ragged, needy
    <Aleyn> please, yes...
    * Aleyn manages between kisses
    * Vedran nods into his kisses, knowing what you need
    * Vedran pushes the digit into you carefully
    * Aleyn gasps, pushing himself down onto your finger, not quite as patient as before...
    * Vedran smiles into his kiss at that, and know just where to stroke you inside...
    <Aleyn> oh, oh yes, right like that, so good...
    * Aleyn babbles desperately
    * Vedran mufles your cries against his lips, stroking you faster inside and out
    * Aleyn 's cock throbs in your hand
    <Vedran> ...yes?
    * Aleyn 's hands run up your back, come around your shoulders, down the bare V of skin of your half-bared chest
    * Vedran manages to ask
    <Aleyn> yesyesyes
    * Aleyn begs
    * Vedran will dedicate his skill to brinigng you off, finally, then @_@
    * Aleyn 's back arches off the wall of the tub as he comes, spurting come onto your hand and his own stomach and a few drops on your lovely cream-coloured waistcoat
    * Vedran 's waistcoat is none the worse for wear, fortunately Wink
    <Aleyn> ohHHhhh..
    <Aleyn> ...Vedran...
    * Vedran leans against you again
    * Aleyn gasps your name, touching your face with his scarred hand.
    * Aleyn wraps the other arm loosely around you, holding you.
    * Vedran will withdraw his hand slowly after you've hada chance to come down... so to speak
    * Aleyn moans and just sinks back in the warm water.
    <Aleyn> ...thank you..
    * Vedran nods, nestling gainst you
    <Aleyn> ...did you... like that too?
    * Vedran nods
    <Aleyn> okay. I'm glad.
    * Vedran hesitates a little befors doing so, but burrows closer against you.
    * Vedran is still rock hard, himself
    * Aleyn brings his hand to the back of your neck, feeling the tension still there.
    <Aleyn> can I rub your neck?
    * Vedran nods
    * Aleyn does so, then, starting gently
    * Aleyn can feel how hard you are, but doesn't push or try to rub up against you... just ... is aware of it >.>
    * Aleyn digs his fingers into the tense muscles of your neck a little more firmly though
    * Vedran will let you do that for a while, happy to stay where he is, trying to keep his thoughts from getting out of control

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