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    Aleyn's accounting


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    Aleyn's accounting

    Post by Curtana on 03/09/12, 09:21 am


    Previous savings (aka start-up money I didn't spend): 320 gp
    Verbeeg monies: 230 gp
    Payment from Brenn for behir: 400 gp
    Elemental Chaos loot: 688 gp
    Fire elemental thingy: 150 gp
    Minor magic item cash: 500 gp
    Murder investigation from House Machel: 100 gp
    Ahkas loot: 1675 gp


    Donations to orphanage/temple: 50 gp
    Funds to assorted family members: 300 gp
    Clothes (gifts for Vedran and Kallista): 40 gp
    More fancy party clothes: 50 gp
    Fire resistance potion: 40 gp
    Alchemical formulas: 290 gp (Tanglefoot Bag, Alchemist's Frost, Flamebane Bomb)
    More alchemical formulas: 150 gp (Holy Water, Primal Element)
    Reading Spectacles: 520 gp
    Resplendent Gloves: 1000 gp
    Portals: 20 gp

    Total: 1603 gp

    (minus some amount for alchemy crap we've used? Several Drowsy Dusts for subdual and mercy killing purposes, some Alchemist's Fire for blowing things up at the fort during our escape...)

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