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    Aleyn's NPCs


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    Aleyn's NPCs

    Post by Curtana on 23/08/12, 08:15 pm

    Dairoth "Roth" Standage (M, human, warlord, age 28). Roth is from a patrician family in Highmark, probably on the lesser end of the scale but with ambitions. High Str and Int, less in the Wis and Cha department. He's got blond hair and hazel eyes. He and Aleyn dated for about five years. They got matching tattoos of one another's initials on the inside of their wrists (Roth on the left, Aleyn on the right). At some point after their breakup, Roth caved in to his family's wishes and got married to a perfectly appropriate girl named Terica whose family would constitute a useful alliance for his in some way. Heather thinks that he is probably the type to occasionally go cruising for anonymous gay sex behind his wife's back, and I can't really disagree with that. He and Aleyn haven't talked for at least a couple of years, things ended badly, there is acrimony, etc. I figure he lives somewhere in Highmark, though, with his pregnant wife.

    Kielly Shatterglass (F, gnome, bard, age 40 or so?). Kielly was born in Aethrennar but moved to Highmark at some point in her childhood. She's got frizzy chestnut-brown hair and blue eyes. She is sweet and kind-hearted but tends to meddle and gossip and matchmake. She's also a bit lazy and scatterbrained. She's a romantic, always wants a happy ending for everyone. She sings, and her voice apparently fits her name. She told Aleyn she was leaving town and that she would keep in touch, but probably forgot his address or got distracted or something, so he hasn't heard from her in almost three years.

    Saffron (F, longtooth shifter, warden, age 28). She was abandoned as a child, and was always looking for information about her family. Tends to be suspicious and cautious, especially untrusting of strangers, takes her a long time to warm up to people, but once she does, she's very loyal and attached to them. Very possibly she is still with one or more of the group in some capacity, I don't see her going off entirely on her own.

    Xyra Levening (F, human, rogue, age 30). Highmark girl from a lower-class background, tough upbringing gave her a bit of an attitude problem and lack of respect for authority. She's also quite casual when it comes to sex. She has light brown hair and brown eyes. She and Aleyn never entirely got along, even before the Incident, I think he found her too abrasive/callous and she thought he was a wuss. She's still in Highmark, as far as Aleyn knows, but they have no reason to socialize.

    Tilma Voruk (F, orc, paladin of Erathis, age 26). Practical, calm and composed, the motherly one in the group. Later in the group's time together she married and had a child, which caused her to take some months off from adventuring, but she had returned by the time of their last adventure together. However, after the fiasco that ensued, she retired completely. She was the 'mom' of the group, tending to look after people, but also keep an eye on them for potential getting into trouble.

    Emmeryn Agathis (M, elf, druid, age 35) He has pale green hair and eyes. Comes from a non-noble family, but nevertheless still a bit on the prissy side for someone so outdoorsy. Still, he was a nice guy, thoughtful, perceptive, generally concerned about issues having to do with AW's particular problems around land use and management. He's actually the kind of person I could see working for Jesseryn in some capacity >.>

    Shargh (M, bugbear, barbarian, age 25). Enjoyed confounding the expectations most people would have for a bugbear barbarian by being quite well-spoken and polite when not tearing limbs off in a fight. Did much of the cooking for the group during their travels. I think everyone in the group kind of considered him a confidant, he must have been fairly easy to talk to and a good listener.

    Lila Deverel (F, human, 31). Aleyn's neighbor growing up and close friend. Also his only attempted girlfriend. They dated for a while, which made their parents very happy, and both of them kind of confused and ultimately unhappy. Fortunately they were able to recognize this and say "hey, maybe we should just be friends again" and that worked much better. She is now married and has kids.

    Lystra Haden (f, 28). The dry, cynical, sharp-tongued sister. She married Tomas Haden, who was her mother's star apprentice, and together they do most of the actual glassmaking these days. They live in the family home with their two daughters, Alynna (4) and Teyra (2). She means well, but she can be strongly opinionated and vocal.

    Maynard Harrowden (m, 27). The brusque, businesslike brother. He is serious and kind of stern and practical. I envision him doing a lot of the more business side of the shop, dealing with customers and book-keeping and that sort of thing, more than the hands-on glassmaking these days. He is married to Korrine and they have a baby son named Veryk.

    Ciryl Harrowden (m, 24). The shy, quiet brother. Consequently, I don't know much about him! He hardly talks, especially around strangers. He works in glass-making in the family shop, but wants to open his own shop at some point, maybe in some other area of the glass trade, like window glass.

    Bretyn Harrowden (m, 22). The charming, suave, handsome brother, or at least thinks he is. Long hair, about which he is apparently very vain. Doesn't work in the glass-making business, I think he might be something literary - not sure what the options are there, maybe works for a newspaper if there is such a thing, or at a printer's, or maybe as a scribe/translator/copyist. Something that required some more specialized education, at least, because I think Aleyn pretty much funded his schooling with some of his earlier adventuring profits.

    Tavya Harrowden (f, 20). The pretty sister. Works as a barmaid at the Rack of Antlers. Flirty, has at least a couple of boyfriends (one a sailor, one who works for one of the city's councillors in some relatively unspecified capacity), plus I guess Kallista now @_@. She's easy-going and has a good sense of humor. Her career goal, such as it is, is to marry someone rich and get out of being a barmaid. Out of all the siblings, she's the only one who looks much like their mother, being short and curvy and having curly hair.

    Lenyard Harrowden (m, 17). The baby of the family. Wants to be an adventurer, train as a rogue, join the Union, but his mother objects to losing another kid to that particular life path. He's idealistic, cheerful, kind of naive, enthusiastic. Oh, and now he probably has a thorough crush on Kallista.

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