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    Lady Melissa FitzWalter


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    Lady Melissa FitzWalter

    Post by Kitrazzle on 02/06/12, 03:43 am

    Lady Melissa FitzWalter is the second daughter and fifth child of Julius FitzWalter, 17th Earl of Sussex, 7th Viscount Harwick, 26th Baron FitzWalter. She is 25, born in October of 1867, minutes before her twin brother Michael. Her primary residence is Griffins Park, the ancestral estate in Dover, though she accompanies her parents to their London house during the Season.

    Having completed her degree in Chemistry and and been given an honorary degree in Applied Philosophy, Lady Melissa has published two papers in conjunction with her brother exploring the interactions of science and magic in the field of medicine. This focus on intellectualism has made her something of an oddity in Polite Society. She is far more likely to be seen in similarly intellectual mixed company than with women of her own age and social standing, which has led to several quiet rumors of impending engagements. Sharing an interest in medicine with Michael has made her an active supporter of dress reform. It is not uncommon to see her in athletic costume with Turkish trousers, particularly in the laboratory.

    Lady Melissa has blond hair and brown eyes. She is somewhat pretty when she can be bothered to wash off the soot smudges and do something with her hair and clothes.

    Given the family's long history of prodigious magical ability, it is interesting that so many members of the recent generations have turned to science.
    The current Earl is a canny politician and devoted patron of technological innovation, as was his brother George (now deceased).
    The Countess, Samantha FitzWalter nee Lewis, is a mage of considerable skill from a family with a strong reputation for training. She has taken great pains to test each of her children for potential and train each one in the traditional methods so that they would never find themselves overpowered by their abilities.
    Ethan, the eldest son (born '51), turned his mind towards the new combustion engine. He was considered to be a thrill seeker and general layabout, and died in '76 in a tragic boating accident one year after his marriage to a glamorous American woman.
    William, the second eldest (born '56), is a Commander in the Royal Naval Air Corps. He prefers to be referred to by his military rank then by the courtesy title of Viscount Harwick as is his due. He is recently married to a young lady named Alice.
    Georgiana McCordle (born '59), Lady Trentham, was married to Viscount Trentham when she was 20. She is acknowledged to be one of the most capable mages in Great Britain, combining the power of the FitzWalters with the precise control of the Lewis line, though most of her effort is spent managing her household, raising and training her own two children, and maneuvering through Polite Society in support of her husband's political career.
    Benjamin (born '64) has devoted himself to the study of automatonics. Possessing several degrees related to the subject, his current obsession is intelligent humanoid automatons. While he has published a few short papers with the results of various experiments, he has yet to unveil a successful creation. He does not travel much outside of specific scientific circles, being socially awkward to an almost crippling extreme.
    Michael, the youngest (born '67), is the golden boy of the family, as congenial and gentlemanly as can be. He holds an honorary degree in Applied Philosophy and will be obtaining his medical license very shortly. He is being somewhat radical in that he also studied surgery, looking to become a General Practitioner instead of merely either a surgeon or a physician.

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