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    Action Shot


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    Action Shot

    Post by elanya on 01/06/12, 04:10 pm

    Story Link

    Title: Action Shot
    Fandom: Adventure World/Dungeons and Dragons
    Characters: Tzesira Rhob, Master Dzen
    Rating: General Audiences
    Length: 3311 words
    Author's notes: I would love suggestions for a better title, but I'm stumped for the moment and want to get it posted! Also.... I think Dzen may look a little like Ron Perlman's character from Bunraku, but it may be the hugeness and the scars and the dreds @_@ Also the lack of giving a fuck.
    Summary: Tzesira has returned to her monastery in the Shadowfell to seek guidance from her masters after travels in Nerath. After her recent experiences, she wants to know if she is on the right path, but her masters' advice has not been forthcoming....

    Another Fan-Flashworks offering!

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