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    Ada Mae Jones


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    Ada Mae Jones

    Post by ArtemisPrime on 29/05/12, 02:03 pm

    Ada Mae Jones is the proprietor of a saloon called The Silver Cog near the red-light district of Salt Lake City in Utah Territory. The townspeople hear tell that odd folk frequent Ada Mae’s place, and locals (being mostly Mormon) typically steer clear of the place except on occasions when they need to drag their sons and daughters away from peeping in the darkish windows.

    Patrons of The Silver Cog seem to be various and sundry folks from all over the world, mingling in this relaxing spot where saloon becomes salon. Some people come for the turpentine-cut whiskey; others stop by to chat about the mysterious and wonderful. Whispers about Ada Mae’s tavern indicate that many of the regulars dabble and trade in magic. Only a precious few, however, are invited to the conversations in the back of the saloon – a place rumored to be anything from tea room to opium den to site for séances.

    Ada Mae is known as a tough-talking, shrewd but amiable businesswoman who plays her cards close to her chest. (If you care to take in a game of cards with her, you and your coin will soon find she plays mighty well.) Ada Mae’s friends and correspondents know her as a queen bee in a lively network of thinkers and dreamers, though what exactly she gets up to in her personal time is anybody’s guess.

    As a point of interest, Ada Mae’s friend Eugenie Rose owns The Clockwork Corset, a brothel in the red-light district that caters to a patronage similar to that of The Silver Cog. The two originally met in Provo where they owned tamer versions of their current establishments, but they were run out of town for “depravity.” They moved to Salt Lake City to start a new life and decided that if they were going to be labeled as depraved sinners anyway, they might as well earn it. People wonder and gossip about what kind of terrible, unnatural things loose women like Ada Mae and Eugenie Rose might get up to together.

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