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    Bad Decisions - during the downtime before the Aethrennar mission


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    Bad Decisions - during the downtime before the Aethrennar mission

    Post by elanya on 15/05/12, 10:51 pm

    * Vedran is still adjusting to being oin the new place, but is taking a night to try and do so, tooling around with his lite
    * Aleyn arrives at Vedran's apartment one evening, dressed in the suit with the silvery pinstripes and, of course, The Hat.
    <Aleyn> (lute?)
    <Vedran> (err, yes, lute)
    <Vedran> (probably you can kind of hear it a bit through the walls)
    * Aleyn enjoys the music for a moment before knocking.
    <Vedran> . o O ( Did I hear something? )
    * Vedran 's music comes to an uncertain pause
    * Vedran listens
    * Aleyn taps lightly at the door again when the music stops.
    <Vedran> ...
    <Vedran> Just a minute!
    * Vedran calls out, and then goes to grab more clothes quickly
    * Vedran wonders who is calling by, hmmm
    * Vedran answers the door a minute or so later, hastily dressed in an elven house robe over loose fitting silk pants
    <Aleyn> Good evening :)
    <Vedran> Oh, hey!
    <Aleyn> Hope I'm not interrupting.
    * Vedran says, susprised to see Aleyn, but friendly
    <Vedran> You're all dressed up - going somewhere? :)
    <Aleyn> Only if you feel like coming :)
    * Vedran blinks
    <Vedran> oh?
    * Aleyn shrugs, leaning up against the doorframe.
    <Aleyn> I thought I'd see if you wanted to go out somewhere. Seems like everyone's busy tonight...
    <Vedran> Ahh...
    <Vedran> Well, I'm not really, ah, dressed, at the moment @_@
    <Aleyn> If you were planning on a quiet night in, though, I understand.
    <Aleyn> . o O (I can see that @_@)
    <Vedran> Well...I didn't really have plans at all really...
    * Vedran sort of glances around outside
    <Vedran> Well,come in for a moment, anyway
    * Aleyn steps inside, glancing around.
    <Vedran> I'll give you a chance to convince me :)
    <Aleyn> All right.
    <Aleyn> (what's the place like?)
    * Vedran tells himself he is being paranoid, and no one will really care oif there are handsome men turning up at his doorstep, he has a lot of friends, they come visit, its fine @_@
    <Vedran> (good question! probably there is one large-ish main room that is fairly plainly furnished atm, though with a bunch of bookcases and a desk and also apparenlty he was having some wine.... there are a few other doors, one of whish is slightly ajar, but you can't really see much form here I expect?)
    <Aleyn> Good-sized place.
    <Vedran> yeah, I think My neighbours think I'm crazy to live here on my own.
    * Aleyn smiles slightly at that.
    <Aleyn> It's nice, though.
    <Vedran> Thanks - I'm still really not used to it, but I'm starting to get settled.
    <Aleyn> Good, glad to hear it.
    <Vedran> yeah, I've had some friends by to help me unpack some, anyway.
    <Vedran> . o O ( unpacking makes it real though :/ )
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Vedran> ...would you like something to drink?
    <Aleyn> Oh, sure. Thanks :)
    <Vedran> I was just having some wine - it feels rude to just leave it sitting there...
    <Vedran> anything in particular?
    <Aleyn> Uh... whatever you're having is fine.
    <Vedran> The alcohol is all unpacked at least
    * Aleyn chuckles.
    * Vedran says, mostly joking
    <Aleyn> (is there someplace for me to sit? or just the one chair that Vedran was using?)
    <Vedran> (Hmmm.... probably some other chairs at least, and maybe a sofa of some kind?)
    <Vedran> I'll get you a glass, then, and you can tell me what you were thinking...
    * Aleyn takes a seat on the sofa, stretching out his long legs.
    <Vedran> . o O (That didn't sound quite right -_-;)
    * Vedran will fetch said wine, though, and bring it over to you
    <Aleyn> Thanks.
    * Aleyn accepts it from you and takes a sip.
    <Vedran> . o O (Hat @_@)
    * Vedran scurries back to a safer distance, retrieving his own glass
    <Aleyn> Mm, nice.
    * Vedran smiles
    * Aleyn is momentarily lost in contemplation of... wine? you? ;)
    <Vedran> So....
    <Aleyn> Oh, right.
    <Vedran> You said everyone else was busy?
    <Aleyn> Well, Delona and Kallista both had dates, and I couldn't find anyone else.
    <Aleyn> . o O (Not that I looked too hard.)
    * Vedran nods
    <Aleyn> I thought a boys' night out could be fun, though ;)
    <Vedran> . o O (he's tricking you in to a date >.>)
    <Vedran> . o O (he's tricking you in to a date... that should not be so exciting >.>)
    <Vedran> Ahh...
    <Vedran> What about Warryn, and ah, Roscoe?
    * Aleyn just gives a little shrug and smiles.
    <Aleyn> We'll invite them another time.
    <Vedran> mmhmm....
    * Vedran says, taking a long sip... or maybe more than a sip, of wine
    <Aleyn> Besides, most of the places I know, I don't know if they'd have much fun...
    * Vedran has been trying to organize his thoughts, but can't resist continuing down this path at tme moment... "Oh?"
    <Aleyn> Well, Roscoe can have fun anywhere I guess, as long as no one's trying to kill him.
    * Aleyn amends.
    * Vedran flashes a quick smile at that
    <Vedran> true, sometimes you have to keep an eye on him, though @_@
    <Aleyn> Oh?
    <Vedran> Oh, just.. he's Roscoe. His comprehension of situations is not always the most astute.
    <Aleyn> Ahhh.
    <Vedran> His, ah, sense of appropriateness is sometimes...lacking >.>
    * Aleyn smiles at that.
    <Aleyn> So taking him to a gay bar might lead to having to answer some odd questions? ;)
    * Aleyn says lightly.
    <Vedran> Actually I think Dheni has already given him that talk...
    <Aleyn> Phew, good. It was hard enough explaining it to my family ^-^
    <Vedran> of course how you explain things to Roscoe and how he understands them...
    <Aleyn> Heh.
    <Vedran> I bet...
    * Vedran watches you sitting on the couch for a moment
    <Vedran> I can't go to a gay bar with you, Aleyn -_-
    <Vedran> I'm sorry :/
    <Aleyn> Or wherever you want, then - those are just most of the places I know.
    * Vedran runs a hand through his curls, and stops himself.
    <Vedran> mmmph.
    * Vedran sort of sighs
    <Aleyn> I guess it would look bad, though, huh? :/
    <Vedran> . o O (damnit just give him the talk...)
    * Vedran nods
    * Aleyn takes off the hat and sets it on the couch beside him. His hair is sort of sticking up a bit underneath.
    <Vedran> . o O (thgat's not actually any better, damn you, man)
    <Vedran> I am sorry. i just have to be....careful.
    <Aleyn> It's ok.
    <Vedran> Especially right now, and...
    * Vedran shakes his head and sighs.
    <Aleyn> Want to just stay in instead? :)
    * Aleyn offers.
    <Aleyn> It looks like it might rain anyway.
    * Vedran gives you this look, like a deer caught in headlights
    <Vedran> I... don't...know that that's a good idea, either @_@
    <Aleyn> I didn't mean... I just meant, talking. Having a drink or two.
    <Vedran> yeah...
    <Vedran> . o O (What do you think I am made of over here @_@)
    <Vedran> Look.
    * Aleyn looks at you with those big green eyes.
    * Vedran starts, trying to pull himself together, and be mr. well-spoken, but gets derailed again'
    <Vedran> . o O (Damnit @_@)
    <Vedran> I'm.... really not at my best right now.
    * Aleyn nods.
    <Aleyn> I like you. I guess you already figured that out. I like you even if you're not at your best.
    * Aleyn says softly.
    <Vedran> I know :/
    <Vedran> And... you are a really attractive guy.
    <Vedran> But, I'm *not* at my best, and I don't really trust myself, right now.
    <Vedran> And even if things were ....better.... for me... I'm still married.
    <Vedran> . o O (I am such a dick)
    * Aleyn nods, looking aside for a moment.
    <Aleyn> I guess I thought things were... more or less over.
    <Aleyn> I know it's too soon, and I don't want to make you uncomfortable... I didn't mean to, anyway.... I'm sorry :/
    * Aleyn finishes his wine and picks up his hat.
    * Vedran sort of sags a bit, letting the misery show
    <Aleyn> I... do you want me to go?
    * Aleyn asks, uncertain.
    <Vedran> . o O (That's right, Vedran, tell him yes - get used to it. You're goign to be alone forever @_@)
    * Vedran looks back over and opens his mouth, but doesn't manage any actual words.
    <Vedran> :/
    * Aleyn stands, waffling a second over what to do before crossing to you and kneeling before you.
    <Aleyn> <q> I wish I could make things better.
    * Vedran seems to be ...moved... but your concern @_@
    <Aleyn> <q> I know how hard it is... I mean I don't know exactly, but.... I know how it hurts.
    <Vedran> . o O (you are a bad bad man...)
    * Vedran just nods
    * Aleyn puts a hand tentatively on your knee.
    <Aleyn> No questions. No expectations. Just tonight.
    * Aleyn offers.
    <Vedran> ...
    * Vedran looks deeply conflicted
    <Vedran> Aleyn - I-
    <Vedran> really...
    <Vedran> can't... @_@
    <Aleyn> Can't?
    * Vedran reaches out to touch your face
    * Aleyn closes his eyes and turns slightly towards your touch.
    * Aleyn kisses your palm.
    * Vedran closes his eyes, feeling more moved
    * Aleyn takes your wrist in his other hand, the maimed one.
    * Aleyn kisses it too, on the inside, just over your pulse.
    * Vedran 's pulse is racing, in fact
    <Aleyn> Mmm... you want it so much, though.
    * Aleyn murmurs against your skin.
    * Vedran finds himself nodding in agreement
    * Vedran puts his other hand on your shoulder, to pull you up
    * Aleyn goes where you pull him.
    * Vedran leans up to kiss you
    * Aleyn kisses back eagerly, but not too aggressively - letting you set the pace.
    * Vedran hasn't kissed anyone.... not really kissed... in almost two years, and it's bliss @_@
    * Vedran is a little uncertain at first, but regains his confidence
    * Aleyn wraps a hand around the back of your neck, rubbing its tight muscles.
    * Vedran slides a hand down to your hip, drawing you closer @_@
    * Aleyn presses close against you, and... he's definitely enjoying this @_@
    * Vedran is too, until he hears jacinthe's voice at the back of his mind, telling him that he's nothihng but an animal, that he has no self control, that he needs her, because he can't control himself, that he's a very bad pet
    * Aleyn runs his hands down to your shoulders, sliding under your robe to the bare skin beneath.
    * Vedran freezes and pulls away suddenly
    * Aleyn is startled.
    <Aleyn> Sorry.... too fast?
    * Vedran looks tense and shaken
    <Vedran> I can't.
    <Vedran> I really - I can't.
    <Vedran> I shouldn't be so weak D:
    * Aleyn looks confused.
    <Vedran> I'm sorry.
    <Aleyn> It's not weak to want this...
    * Vedran shakes his head
    <Vedran> Wanting.. and acting...
    <Vedran> I told you..
    <Aleyn> It's OK, Vedran.
    * Vedran steps away.
    * Aleyn tries to reassure you.
    <Vedran> It's not okay.
    * Vedran says, trying to regain some measure of calm
    <Vedran> *I*'m not okay.
    <Aleyn> Do you want to talk about it?
    <Vedran> No,.
    <Vedran> I'm sorry. Things just are... how they are.
    <Aleyn> All right.
    <Vedran> I nmeed you to... respect that.
    <Aleyn> Of course.
    <Aleyn> If things change, though, let me know?
    * Vedran 's calm is pretty fragile, but he has at least grasped at the veneer.
    * Vedran nods
    * Aleyn retrieves his hat from wherever he dropped it and puts it back on.
    * Vedran will pour himself some more wine @_@
    <Aleyn> You know... none of us in this line of work are really entirely OK, I think. We all have issues. I'm used to issues. So... if you ever want to talk, or anything - I'm not far away.
    * Aleyn says, heading towards the door.
    <Vedran> . o O (don't look at the eyes @_@)
    * Vedran nods.
    <Vedran> Thanks.
    <Aleyn> Good night, Vedran.
    <Vedran> Good night.
    * Aleyn leaves to walk home in the drizzle.
    <Vedran> (pathetic phallacy ;)
    <Aleyn> (with a ph? :)
    <Vedran> (yes ;)
    <Aleyn> (heh)

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