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    Phoenix Force Profile- Rachiel


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    Phoenix Force Profile- Rachiel

    Post by Queenofinsanity6 on 06/03/10, 04:30 am

    Rachiel was born Rachel several centuries ago in a small town that had grown around a castle in France. She lived an average life for a miller's daughter, working hard and growing up to be the town beauty.
    She was a very popular prospect for marriage, not just among the men of the town but among the visiting nobles and even the Heir of the castle himself. One day a beautiful woman claiming to be a nobleman's widow from a nearby holding arrived from out of the blue. She appeared to be the perfect woman-beautiful, charming, graceful, and well titled. After staying for two days and two nights she asked the family to allow her to marry their son. They were thrilled with such a fine match, but he refused, saying he had fallen in love with Rachel instead, and wanted to marry her. The woman was furious, and it was soon revealed that she was a terrible enchantress. She summoned a hoard of undead that killed everyone in the town and the castle, except for Rachel. She explained to the terrified girl that she was planning to live forever and needed someone to experiment on. Over the next several years Rachel was her prisoner as she cast all manner of spells on her and left her without food and water to test them.
    Eventually one spell had disastrous side affects, leaving her with terrible scars and a newfound ability to manipulate the same dark forces as the Lady who enslaved her. She used these abilities to break free and attempt to kill her captor.
    For many years she believed her to be dead, and she lived as peacefully as possible. It turned out that the Lady's experiment had worked, and that she seemingly could not die. She fell into despair, until one day she discovered that the enchantress had not died.
    Her life suddenly had a purpose, and she dedicated herself to stopping the woman before she destroyed any more lives. This lead her to the Phoenix Force when the enchantress, calling herself Lady Macabre, joined the League.

    Powers- Darkness manipulation
    Nemesis: Lady Macabre

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