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    Immovable Object


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    Immovable Object

    Post by Kitrazzle on 05/03/12, 05:51 pm

    This had not been a good day, Delona mused as she sat on the cold stone and glowered at the bars of her little cell. This had been pretty much the opposite of a good day. This had been a terrible horrible no good very bad day. She could just kick Kay and Tze and Dheni for popping onto the other ships, but she was pretty sure they were already kicking themselves. No point in it when the energy could be better expended kicking pirates.

    Del was having trouble seeing the point in spending the energy to do much of anything, now that she thought about it. She had roared and thrashed when she'd woken to find herself stripped of armor and chained, but had gradually withdrawn into a growling tattooed mass of bared teeth and defensively hunched shoulders.

    She knew the feeling this monochromatic world was pushing on her. The depression had never seemed this strong before, but she recognized it all the same. Delona crossed her legs and let her focus settle on the empty spaces, slipping into meditation with disquieting ease. She needed equipoise. Everything would be alright once she had her equipoise. If she kept telling herself that then eventually she would believe it.

    Well, equipoise and a warm butt. The warm neck was nice, but that wasn't the cold part, and why hadn't she noticed that faulty hinge before? Delona smiled, baring teeth in anticipation of the ass-kicking to come. Oh yes, everything was going to be just fine.

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